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  1. Croatian Navy - Salvage Ship

    Matevz96, on 11 November 2013 - 05:20 PM, said: Nice article, can you tell me what are those 'tubes' on sides? I don't know but I will try to find answer. On the first look it doesn't look like it's something important
  2. Croatian Navy - Salvage Ship

    BS-73 Faust Vrančić BS-73 Faust Vrančić is a warship in Croatian navy. Classified as a "Salvage - rescue" ship. Built in 1976 in the Tito shipyard in Belgrade. Entered then Yugoslavian navy as PS-12 Spasilac. Two more ships are made in same class. In 1991, ship was inpounded from the serbians and entered in the Croatian navy as a BS-73 Faust Vrančić. BS-73 is the command vessel in the Croatian navy. Primary role is saving submarine crew and also equipped for firefighting on ships and executing underwater diver tasks. For saving submarine crew it was equipped with decompression chamber and small rescue submarine. It's also in the Croatian Coast Guard, and only ship in Croatian navy that meets requirements to control ZERP. Displacement: 1.590 t Lenght: 55,5 m Beam: 12 m Draught: 3,8 m Propulsion: 2 diesel engines of total 4340 HP, 2 shafts Speed: 13 knots Capacity: 250 t of deck cargo, 490 t fuel, 48 t water, 5 t grease Crew: 53 (up to 72) Radar and sonar: Kelvin Hughnes Nucleus 5000R Armament: Capable of carrying two M-71 20 mm cannons and quad M-75 20 mm cannon
  3. Cyprus Navy

    Weird looking ship, but well explained post. +1
  4. USS Gerald R. Ford

    Nicely done ship, but you could have done more than just posting a link
  5. Slovenian patrol boat Triglav

    Nice post, although i have thought that slovenians have more ships.
  6. The "Navygaming" Magazine

    I'm very interested to see how will this magazine look like. Another thing I would like to know is what kind of articles can make it into the magazine? BTW. this is very good idea
  7. I believe that there is another post on "Piorun" posted a couple days ago, if i'm not wrong :hiding:
  8. Tarantul-class corvette

    Nice post, nice ship and well explained
  9. HMS Venerable (R63)

    Really durable ship, was surprised about the duration of it's service. Also quite interesting, would definitely like to see it in game
  10. Some Modern Navy Ships

    Nice pics. If you manage to get any info relevant to the pictures, that would make this post even better
  11. Kirov-Class Cruiser (Project 26)

    Nice. Always thought why some of the russian ships looks somewheat similar to the other nations' ships, and here is the answer
  12. Greek Destroyer Vasilissa Olga D-15

    I didn't know much of the greek navy. This was very educating for me
  13. FN - Bourrasque class destroyer

    Interesting stuff. Always like to read those stories
  14. WWII Floating Gun platform

    That crap looks insane. If that gets in WoWs.....
  15. Croatian Navy - Missle boats

    Raider_, on 07 November 2013 - 04:42 PM, said: Good post, lots of info there! I also love your avatar, the sheep with the missile pack. +1 Made for WoT, and could be useful in WoWs