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  1. samuli_91

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'm reporting in the raffle! Prize #1: Kii Prize #2: Doubloons Prize #3: Premium And MERRY XMAS TO EVERYONE
  2. samuli_91

    all voiceovers gone?

    Now they show correctly in options but when voiceover is set to national they still don't play correctly. Need to change from options everytime when i want correct voiceover matching to commander
  3. samuli_91

    all voiceovers gone?

    Thanks mate. you just saved a day and life of lonely finnish anime loving weeaboo
  4. samuli_91

    all voiceovers gone?

    Hi. Did little searching an didn't find topic about voiceover problem. I recently noticed that ARP, HSF and Seagal commanders doesn't have working voiceovers and they don't even appear in audio options anymore. Anyone knows is it bug or is it intentional act from WG?