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  1. Vaya noticia tan deprimente. Se podría colgar y dejar clavado un hilo en español en cada sección al menos para que los hispano parlantes pudiesen seguir compartiendo comentarios? Está claro que no es ninguna conspiración y es simplemente números. Lo que está claro es que este enfoque de erradicación no ayudará a revertir esa situación. Lo siento por el equipo español de WG que no se merecen esto.
  2. Ebusus

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    Sometimes you just have to accept that for a given time period the Gods just hate you and want you to sink along with your team. I have also had a very terrible winrate the last couple of days. Way beyond the usual. Good games and decent results but losses nevertheless. I just stopped taking it personally. Pure chance weights to much to get worked up about it.
  3. Ebusus


    Is the apearance of french Battleships purely random or do you need to have activated the previous tier before being able to start the next?
  4. Ebusus

    To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    Many are correct here, selling the Bismarck as being a painful step but what are you to do if moving up to the F.der Grosse? You cannot prentend to use such a Tier IX ship with a n00b Skipper. Therefore you need to retrain your Bismarck Captain. Only chance to keep enjoying the Bismarck/Tripitz Tier is to actually have the premium Tripitz where the captain might transfer without the pesky retraining.
  5. Ahoi! Help me out here oh wise ones. I am a very happy Bismarck owner. I have adapted to its playstyle and I am quite confident in its pluses and minuses. I personally like its AA power and the long range secondaries that open up for me at 11.3kms. Ages ago I already paid for the experience required to move up to the F. der Grosse. Thing is, I am very weary to loose my comfort zone here with my trained Skipper. If I move up to Tier IX I would have to retrain my Bismarck Captain and there is no way back. Unless...I get me the Tripitz and while moving up to Tier IX I could still take my old Captain to get me the "Bismarck bug" out before returning to the F.der Grosse. What do you say? Is it worth it? I hear the Tripitz is nowhere near the Bismarck's output save for the usefull Torpedos. Is the Tripitz good, all buffed up, as secondary range materiel? Many thanks in advance
  6. Ebusus

    Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    I am a big Bismark fan and while I have gathered enough experience to move to Tier IX I just cannot go over leaving the Bismark behind. Is the Tripitz a worthwhile exchange for her? Should I eventually buy the Tripitz, retrain my Bismark captain for Tier IX and go back and forth to the Tripitz for my daily Bismark fix? Thanks
  7. Ebusus

    Códigos a tutiplen.

    Pensaba que saldrían nuevas misiones de estas secretas. Habrá más?
  8. Ebusus

    Misiones francesas

    Yo hasta ahora solo he conseguido que me saliese la misión para el acorazado francés nivel 5. Como salen las misiones para los siguientes acorazados, puramente de forma aleatoria? Conseguir el destructor francés me parece imposible visto los días que quedan y las pocas misiones (comenzé las misiones el día 9 y ya es imposible).
  9. Ebusus

    Códigos a tutiplen.

    Muchas gracias, no sabría ni donde haber buscado por ellos. En el video???
  10. Ebusus

    Misiones francesas

    Menos mal, Ya pensaba que me estaba volviendo loco porque no me salían las cuentas con las colecciones. La del norte no la pude terminar aun que se me acumulaban los duplicados cosa mala. Algunas de las misiones del maratón francés son bastante jodidas de conseguir sin una muy buena dosis de suerte en tan pocos días que se habilitan por misión. Vamos, hechos para que los falles, se te ajusten las posibilidades de hacer las 18 misiones y tengas que acabar comprando baules si la quieres acabar. Vamos pues!
  11. Ebusus

    How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    I have 8 Items and 8 duplicates. Its clear to me that RNG has not much to do with that. WoW just wants us to get desperate and end up buying that Gallant thing.
  12. Ebusus

    Dunkirk Flag

    Same here...nothing there
  13. Ebusus

    Hunt for Bismarck - Early Finish

    I found this actually quite dirty. I got me the Bismark skins which were my main aim but I also wanted the Hood ones in case one day I decide to buy the ship. I managed to open the get all stars to open the Final task that was to give me said skins. It was late night and decided that I would do those easy 180.000 damage in the morning. In the morning everything was gone. Not happy here at all.
  14. Ebusus

    Couldn't update and now can't download installer

    Hi, I am having the same issue but I am rather afraid to play around with this without knowing my way fully around. Could someone give some pointers/steps as not to melt something in my rig? I am running Windows 7 Thanks in advance