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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHA Manfriends trying to snipe each other... thats a good one most of the time i see CV's just in a race to see who can farm the most damage, almost gone are the days of trying to snipe the enemy CV in the opening of the match
  2. lilgoth

    Yours worst and best premium purchases of the 2020

    picked up Strasbourg, 7 battles played, 7 losses, 7 teir9 battles someone tell me it gets better ? getting lolpenned from any angle from Musashis and Russian fantasy boats isnt terribly fun
  3. but Remember, Wargaming loves disabled players, they made the whole PR grind for us last Christmas .... or something
  4. lilgoth

    High tier state of the game not strategical anymore

    i led this lemming train, and sold my life to spot for them once they stopped and they didnt move all battle, oddly we lost
  5. part of the problem is WG have shot themselves in the foot with Hyper inflation caused by too many camos and flags, so people are sitting on tens of millions of Captain XP the same happened with Free XP
  6. lilgoth

    High tier state of the game not strategical anymore

    i would also put forth for consideration a radio jamming consumable, where you can prevent or delay the enemy carrier reporting your position for a few extra seconds as often against 'lesser skilled' Cv players the greater danger isnt the aircraft, but the Barrage of shells that arrive shortly afterwards
  7. lilgoth

    Can we cash in our accounts and doubloons?

    Unforuntalty Not, there is no way to get any cash back out of the game. and selling your account violates the user agreement and thus will be banned
  8. lilgoth

    I am impressed how buggy the server is

    Even then, fixing the bugs still costs money to fix, paid programmers will still need to go through the codes and rectify the bugs. its just that WG will lose more money though lost sales in the Armoury, thus they have the financial incentive to pay to have the bugs investigated
  9. lilgoth

    I am impressed how buggy the server is

    indeed, Quite the opposite in fact, Fixing bugs generally costs money
  10. lilgoth

    I am impressed how buggy the server is

    i had this in an OP, the turrets on the Dunk decided to rotate through the superstructure to the wrong side of the ship, then had to make their way back round the long way, and thus i died, and we failed the mission because of it ( Aoba on low HP, one more salvo would of killed it, but i was no longer able to fire, and it managed to get torps off while my guns were turning and it sank Raptor )
  11. lilgoth

    lemme guess: chat server/forum....

    Havent been able to Div up, chat hasnt been working all day, people havent been appearing online even when they are... today has been a cluserfudge for the EU server
  12. lilgoth

    Worst Team I've ever Met in Narai

    i failed Raptor Rescue twice as Rapter iteself gets to the point where it sits for a while before the final push to the exit, then waits WAY to long before moving, and we fail the mission because we run out of time, despite having killed everything
  13. lilgoth

    Official statment

    i picked up a few Megacontainers for the answer, but all i got was 'working as intended' from the Shortlist
  14. lilgoth

    Gulag censorship XD

    i genuinely thought there wasnt a way they could top the PR disaster from last year, especially after they said ' the PR grind is for disabled gamers BS' but WG outdid themselves again, and seem REALLY interested in keeping my wallet closed with the constant Screwups
  15. lilgoth

    New operations for higher tiers?

    PVE is in a very bad way, and in somewhat of a downward spiral less popular than PVP - less effort put into it less effort put in - things break and / or become stale things stale / broken - players dont play players not playing - even less effort on behalf of WG round and round the merry go round we go its a real shame as originally we were promised ops from T6-T8 with various difficulty levels ( the only one with difficulty levels is Aegis and thats mostly random ) by now with all the data they have on carriers in Co-op should easily enable them to restore the other ops, but its investment into what they see as a failing gamemode ( even if its failing due to negligence on their part )