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  1. one thing to remember, is people that often run bots, dont ONLY run bots, they will still play ships so i would suggest that 43k is the PLAYER skill, whiile 3k is the BOT skill, he could be better in Assashio, but using the bot brings his stats down
  2. do you remember the entire clan of bot accounts, an ENTIRE clan which was reported dozens of times in game, then had a thread opened up about them on this very forum, and it STILL took WG well over a year and the thread going to 10+ pages before WG....reset all their stats ?
  3. Was convinced to install and play the game after not playing since Xmas... Joined in T6 with two friends - only T6's in a T8 match both enemy Div's were full T8, we had T6 and T7 Div Spent the game being kicked to death by the T8 Div and hunted by the T8 CV fun and engaging mechanics After match get the 'How satisfied were you with the battle' Click Extremely unsatisfied - Game crashes Gaming Achievement of the day - uninstalling WOWS after one single battle
  4. i seem to remember a post from WG stating that the OP re-work would take 3/6 months and then ALL the operations would be returning about that...
  5. WG be like ''Hear me out here, 2 of the 3 players in this encounter had fun, therefore BIG SUCSESS''
  6. lilgoth

    USS "Sad Diego" - "AA cruiser by the way"

    well Both the people i have introduced to this game got to T4 / T5 and then stopped playing, and CV's were a REALLY big part of that so it cost them 2 potentially paying customers right there
  7. yeah i went through a phase of not getting drops...for no reason at all i emailed Wargaming, they blamed Twich, so i emailed Twich...who promptly blamed Wargaming and then a few months later it just suddenly started working again with no explanation
  8. lilgoth

    Please fix the poor bots

    Do bots make the game money ??? No then ignore it comrade MOAR FANTASY PREMIUMS!!! Translation from another vodka fuelled party at WG headquarters
  9. lilgoth

    shells falling far too short

    i remember people complaining about this bug WAY back in the Closed Beta, and WG keep flip flopping between 'there is no bug' to 'we are aware and investigating' to 'we fixed it ' every few patches or so
  10. the Strategy is VERY simple and the same for Superships and Submarines we invested all this time and money developing something and we WILL see a return on that investment, we will simply keep buffing it until its popular enough to justify the investment we made all the more bonus points if we make them so unprofitable only the ultra whales will be able to afford them, because there is no shortage of 'lesser gifted' players with pockets to empty in WG's direction for the chance to basically be top tier all the time
  11. lilgoth

    Physics Flags Please

    i thought he wanted a flag so you dont experience all the physics when WG decides to bounce you off a rock by throwing your ship 200 feet into the air in some move that would score highly in a ballet contest
  12. ive noticed teams be noticably worse, despite my average damage being fairly consistant, my win ratio over the past 7 days has been about 20%, including me going 0-8 the day before Yday DD's seem intent on winning the suicide lottery, including a Shima who decided to CHARGE a smoke with a Desmo and Mino in it, not fire torps into it, charge it. and DD's who abandon entire flanks to go chase damage on the opposite flanks Cruisers seem intent on being the nice guy and letting the enemy farm Citidels on them by sailing around broadside Battleships whose furthest forward position all game, is the spot they spawned in, and seem to spend all game trying to dry hump the map boarder CV's who are unaware they have fighters, or engines, and inevitably eat of wall of predictable torpedo's and a few post battle stat checks reveal that YUP, im expected to be the zookeeper
  13. lilgoth

    Hey! WG! BREAKING: Tiers 1-9 exist!

    i think in WG's eyes Tier 1-9 are just tiers you have to grind through ( or pay to skip ) to get to the endgame content which is a shame as the gameplay at T10 ( and soon to be T11 ) feels boring and kinda stale, its just a boring campfest half the time, waiting to see which teams DD's win the suicide lottery and cost their team the win, and hoping the CV doesnt take a keen interest in you
  14. This, im not sure why everyone missed the point the OP was trying to make the Matchmaker also does it alot with CV's you will often see a queue with the usual 3 classes ( of DD, CL/CA and BB ) and no players in CV's and there are more than enough players to fill a team with humans but the MM decides to keep a player in the queue for a different match, just so it can free up a slot to chuck in a Bot in a CV which IMO is more egregious because while the AI suck in general no matter what ship they play, Bot CV's often artificially extend a battle as you have to chase them to their spawn, where a Supership would of got wiped out in the middle melee.
  15. 100% this ive noticed several streamers on twitch get a sponsorship to bring new players into the game, and a couple of youtubers getting sponsored Essentially they have moved from trying to appeal to long term players, players who have been their bread and butter since the release of the game, and putting all their focus on Pump and dump gamers, players who join, spend some money, play a few games and then leave