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  1. Most Satisying Moment in WoW?

    i was in a battle in my Nicholas i saw an Opening and Darted for the enemy Fuso... hurtled round the corner to find a New Mex with him Engaged Man mode, speed boost put the man pants on charged between them, on fire in two places due to their secondaries before unloading on the FUSO with the Starboard Torpedo tubes...fired the Port side side tubes at the New mex after crossing his bows felt like an absolute legend i only wish the enemy BB congratulated me on the play, instead i got a torrent of abuse and hack reports
  2. We cant upset the BBabies now can we ?
  3. Motivation Killer

    biggest motivation killer for me was during my last gaming session after 4 loss's ( mainly due to border hugging BBabies not moving up to support the team, then crying like little girls when the team folds ) i said i would play one match, noticing the enemy team had a Carrier i decided to support one of the BB's on my team, apparently he got spotted as i was overtaking him, as without getting spotted i was hit 4 times with a pair of citadels, pretty much putting me out of action before i had fired my guns.our Carrier lost the initial air battle and took some damage from a snipe attempt, and was set on fire he promptly called 'Noob Team' and i think he torpedo'd himself dying to the the fire a few seconds later... LOSS ok one more, i cannot possilby have any worse luck than that so Sims it is make an early push to help capping and engage enemy destroyers, friendly destoyer lays smoke so i take cover behind it, when a blind shot ( well he could see me shooting but not my exact position ) fly's through the smokescreen and BOOM! Detonates me with a pair of hits. My total damage done ZERO. Of course we won that match... so i figured RNGesus wasnt my friend that day and stopped playing for a while
  4. because an overabundance of players here are BB captains that whine about the counter to their class ? ? remember, Scissors thinks Rock is OP, but thinks Paper is well balanced ;)
  5. yeah i basically walked away from the game till the Teir6 mm is fixed being fed to a match full of teir 8 BB's in my teir6 cruiser all day isnt my idea of fun that said looking at the Op's post i bet that was a gloriously boring match as all the BB's cuddle up with the map boarder demanding the cruisers spot for them and the cruisers to scared of being insta-deleted if they do advance
  6. i dont think carriers should be punished for the other carrier being afk...its VERY counter productive. I do like the idea of a Bot taking over if the player doesnt do anything mind...at least the Bot wont suicide by their own torp bombers when they feel the match is lost
  7. Epic graphics glitch

    them pixels though...
  8. Torpedo damage of the roof?

    the crew found it lying on the deck, and carried it to the magazine to increase their ammo supply...where the fuse promptly went off i hear it happened next to the chap frantically polishing his torpedo
  9. BOTS - Are they WG Employees?

    Bots do not exist in this game, Do not Discuss them further, any such discussion will result in a ban - BBV
  10. Co-op can be harder than some random battles at times. The bots 1) are never AFK during a match 2) tend to bow on to their target 3) drop everything they are doing the moment a DD is spotted ( even a BB will try to max range snipe a DD rather than engage a cruiser closing in for a torpedo salvo 4) push for caps instead of cowering at max range trying to snipe The AI Carriers also got a buff in that they will now send out fighters to intercept your bombers, where previous the fighters would just circle the enemy carrier all match That said it is still a little to easy. i would love to see the matches being made harder ( with rewards scaling to match )
  11. Co op

    oh, ignore that part of my post then, that was how the Damage was explained to me working Even still a 12 v 12 would make the battles bigger, and they could boost the XP income to equalise the change, or give us the option to gain flags you can only use in PVE ( perhaps a 5% xp / silver boost that locks the ship into PVE mode, then the PVE crowd get a small bonus, and the ships are locked out from PVP, meaning fewer players 'ruining' pvp. Both sides of the coin win )
  12. Co op

    unfortunately, your calls for improved PVE will fall mostly on deaf ears here. Most people who frequent the forums are PVP only players who enjoy feeling morally superior over people playing a different gamemode, to the point where bashing the PVE crowd is something undertaken pretty regularly. I think this is in large part to an unfair assumption that people use PVE to get to high teirs, then play PVP. WOT has a very similar issue of clueless numpties in high teir tanks ( but of course all those people ebay'd their accounts or botted ) there are dozens of simple things WG could do for PVE, a simple increase to 15v15 would be a very welcome change and require very little work, it would also boost income for the PVE players as there would be more damage to go around, and more of the bonus XP you get when an ally damages an enemy ship. Or indroduction of PVE only flags etc Unfortunately i believe the only solution for 'pve scrubs ruining pvp cry cry cry' mentality would be separating the game into PVE / PVP clients, but that would cause PVP work to be shifted into the split, and the PVP crowd would complain so WG really cannot win... leaving PVE as a gamemode with so much wasted potential. The fact of the recent halloween event is a ray of hope however for more Gamemodes and improvements to the PVE side of this game
  13. so my and my girlfriend have been playing recently and when we get this map, our ships spawn in WAY to close to each other When the game starts we both take damage and get a team-damage warning
  14. a Little To close ?

    so i was playing some WOWS with the GF and i assume WOWS also knew we were together because of it spawning us almost 'inside' each other and everything was ok until the match started, she was bumped out of the way, we both took damage and received a warning for teamdamage perhaps the spawning mechanic on this map needs a look ? ( also YES this is in Co-op battle )
  15. An interesting one...

    so i was playing a game a while ago, and in the middle of a pretty crushing defeat our carrier decided he didnt want to fight on, he did the usual rage in chat while putting his torp bombers up then torpedo'd HIMSELF and then sank... i was stunned, i had seen it multiple times in World Of Tanks where artillery drown themselves but never in WOWS. Fast forward a few weeks and i was discussing it with a couple of friends over teamspeak about it and we couldnt figure out a number of questions Does it count as 'Team' Damage as you are hitting yourself ? ( i dont think Artillery splashing themselves by shooting a building are classed as teamkilling ) If the person doing it was purple. Now the damage gets 'reflected' back onto the attacker, how would that work if you are teamkilling yourself ? would the planes take the damage or the carrier itself ?