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  1. lilgoth

    So I made a support ticket......

    i was referring to T5 carriers just pressing the W key and seemingly going afk for the rest of the battle, usually without launching aircraft back when i was in the Omaha i saw carriers wiping themselves out a fair bit if they didnt like the MM / Team / Day of the week / flavour of their coffee i still see carriers doing it at T6 and beyond, especially if they are last alive on their team ( WOT swimming arty style ) and expect it if i ever see a pink Carrier on my team
  2. lilgoth

    So I made a support ticket......

    ^^ you must of read it somewhere... yeah that must be it right ?
  3. lilgoth

    So I made a support ticket......

    i have often wondered, with the team damage getting reflected, who would it reflect to ? his torp bombers ? or would he take the reflected damage... does it even count as team damage if it is self inflicted either way its a very lame thing to do, although i have seen it quite a bit at lower teirs ( teir 5 carriers that get pulled into teir 7 games most of all )
  4. lilgoth

    Bringing Kitakami back - with deepwater torpedos

    the problem with it would be it would get nerfed into oblivion by all the complaining from the BBabies
  5. lilgoth

    Matchmaking Chart

    8 games played today at T5... 7 of them have been vs T7... this is beyond a joke
  6. lilgoth

    Matchmaking Chart

    the problem with that, is the enemy T5's have it just as bad, the moment they are spotted all the BB's on the team drop what they are doing and salivate at all the potential citadels i literally just came out of a match where i decided to stay with the BB's... the moment i got spotted the notification that 5! enemy players were now targeting me followed soon after, even though there was a much bigger, juicer battleship AND a teir7 german cruiser closer to them than i was, and i was more angled towards them than the other ships ( the cruiser was almost full broadside ), i was focused and taken out in a salvo from all 5... because why bother shooting a teir7 ship with better armour, you have less chance for citidels... when you can stomp a stock teir5 and pad your k/d Althogh i lived longer than the enemy T5, he was spotted by our carrier...and 4 of our battleships hurled salvo's in his direction, he didnt even get to fire his guns... i did 2k damage fun and engaging game mechanics
  7. lilgoth

    Finally got a supercontainer.....

    i got one today... my first... and i got... spotting aircraft Mod 1... FUUUU
  8. lilgoth

    Matchmaking Chart

    yeah teir 5 MM is appalling.... 7 matches today in my stock Fury Taco.... 5 have been vs teir 7s, and the last two have been VERY HEAVY teir 6 match id like to face my own teir... or heaven forbid be top teir for once...
  9. lilgoth

    Most Satisying Moment in WoW?

    i was in a battle in my Nicholas i saw an Opening and Darted for the enemy Fuso... hurtled round the corner to find a New Mex with him Engaged Man mode, speed boost put the man pants on charged between them, on fire in two places due to their secondaries before unloading on the FUSO with the Starboard Torpedo tubes...fired the Port side side tubes at the New mex after crossing his bows felt like an absolute legend i only wish the enemy BB congratulated me on the play, instead i got a torrent of abuse and hack reports
  10. lilgoth

    Is it time for DD to receive some love?

    We cant upset the BBabies now can we ?
  11. lilgoth

    Motivation Killer

    biggest motivation killer for me was during my last gaming session after 4 loss's ( mainly due to border hugging BBabies not moving up to support the team, then crying like little girls when the team folds ) i said i would play one match, noticing the enemy team had a Carrier i decided to support one of the BB's on my team, apparently he got spotted as i was overtaking him, as without getting spotted i was hit 4 times with a pair of citadels, pretty much putting me out of action before i had fired my guns.our Carrier lost the initial air battle and took some damage from a snipe attempt, and was set on fire he promptly called 'Noob Team' and i think he torpedo'd himself dying to the the fire a few seconds later... LOSS ok one more, i cannot possilby have any worse luck than that so Sims it is make an early push to help capping and engage enemy destroyers, friendly destoyer lays smoke so i take cover behind it, when a blind shot ( well he could see me shooting but not my exact position ) fly's through the smokescreen and BOOM! Detonates me with a pair of hits. My total damage done ZERO. Of course we won that match... so i figured RNGesus wasnt my friend that day and stopped playing for a while
  12. because an overabundance of players here are BB captains that whine about the counter to their class ? ? remember, Scissors thinks Rock is OP, but thinks Paper is well balanced ;)
  13. lilgoth

    I thought 5 BB's per side was the hardcap on EU...

    yeah i basically walked away from the game till the Teir6 mm is fixed being fed to a match full of teir 8 BB's in my teir6 cruiser all day isnt my idea of fun that said looking at the Op's post i bet that was a gloriously boring match as all the BB's cuddle up with the map boarder demanding the cruisers spot for them and the cruisers to scared of being insta-deleted if they do advance
  14. i dont think carriers should be punished for the other carrier being afk...its VERY counter productive. I do like the idea of a Bot taking over if the player doesnt do anything mind...at least the Bot wont suicide by their own torp bombers when they feel the match is lost
  15. lilgoth

    Epic graphics glitch

    them pixels though...