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  1. What! You are wrong - just check out various CC YouTubers and you will see that even with the booster its still an unrealistic grind for the average player. WG need a kick up the backside! I suggest that everyone who feels this way boycotts the game for a couple of weeks sya Jan 1-14 and see how they like that!
  2. Here is my view: 1. An apology for poor communication is just that - an apology they didn't think before speaking. It does nothing to right a massive wrong and is therefore pretty much worthless. 2. This game lost its way ages ago and needs a radical overhaul ASAP. I set out my suggestions below but I seriously doubt WG will pay any real attention to any of this feedback (not just mine). 3. Sooner or later folk will vote with their feet and stop playing and stop paying real cash for virtual goods that are worthless in oh so many ways. My suggestions: 1. Amend the directive IMMEDIATELY to make it more easily achievable by dedicated player who have win rates say between 45 - 55% and not just the elite players. 2. Compensate everyone with some doubloons (and especially those who sheeld out thousands under the misconception they could get the PR much easier by doing so but can't due to unrealistic directives). 3. Improve the stats of the Gorizia as right now its worthless and unattractive as hell. 4. In more general terms WG needs to radically rethink the whole game in this sense: Too many things to do - Clan battles (T10 was a very bad move), Naval Battles, Directives, Ranked, Ranked Sprint, Combat Missions, special events... etc etc Clan battles are impossible to do for small clans... T10 means many can't compete as few members have T10 ships; numbers required impossible for small clans (3v3 or 4v4 would be a big help). STOP introducing ships that are essentially paper ships that are similar to ships already in game and are basically a means of milking players for even more money! Please DO NOT bring in submarines until other issues are sorted. IMHO Naval Battles and Clan Battles should be replaced by a rolling tournament along the lines of ShipStorm in the sense that teams of 3 players from clans can play in a tournament to earn rewards (better rewards for progressing further in each mini-tournament). EG: Divisions: These are based on teams being matched on basis of average Win rate for last 100 battles of each player (NOT OVERALL WR). So say there are 5 Divisions, could be as follows: Division 5: Average WR of 5 players (inc 2 spares) is between 40 -45% Division 4: Avg WR 45.1 - 48% Division 3: Avg WR 48.1 - 50% Division 2: Avg WR 50.1 - 53% Division 1: Avg WR >53% Actual algorithm decided by WG after crunching player database numbers for clans. In each Division there would be rounds played be teams who signed up at start of week (al la Naval Battles). Round 1: a. 4 teams in a group play against each other - top 2 go though to next round. Have 8 groups of 4 players in each mini-tournament and have as many mini-tournament slots as needed to accomodate all those who sign up at start of week. Allow each team to have 2 spares in case a player is unable to play on a specific day. b. Rewards for each battle in first round could be some flags and small amount of Steel (say 50) for a win, nothing for a loss and something for the rare draw.. Round 2: a. Group made up of two sets of two top players from Round 1. Again players play each other and top 2 go though to Round 3. Again rewards for a win etc but better than in Round 1. b. Played on day after Round 1 (so Round 1 could be Friday, Round 2 Saturday). Round 3: a. Top 2 from previous round are now split across other 'sets' so Team A now plays Team C and Team B now plays Team D etc. b. Sudden death - if you lose you are out, if you win you not only get Steel (say 250) but go through to next Round - of these there will be as many as needed to ensure numbers whittled down until there are say 20 teams left who get an award and move up a Division in next mini-tournament the following week. Note: 1. Those teams that don't get through to final round don't move up a Division in following week but either drop down a Division (Except those in Division 1 who would start there again) or stay in same Division following week if they reach final round but don't actually win it. 2. Winners of final round in each Division get rewards of more Steel plus other rewards such as Doubloons, premium etc. 3. Grand winners (top 20 teams who win their final rounds in their Division) not only get promoted to next Division up but get entered into a draw for containers with chance of a Premium Ship. 4. At end of year (or season) all winners of each Divisional mini-tournament get accepted into a Grand Final with similar rounds but better prizes with Grand Final Winners and two runners-up get special prizes. What does everyone else think? Please note I see this as replaced Naval Battles, Clan Battles and Ranked.