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  1. newbeltane

    Bug Reports

    Same here:
  2. newbeltane

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Hi The game has crashed twice this morning and repeatedly says server is overloaded so can't get in a game. First game client crashed and so I died! This update is sooooo buggy folks! Please please please fix it soon!
  3. newbeltane

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    Hi folks! Not sure what the Florins and Crowns can be used for? Any info would be appreciated. Also, wondering where the British CVs are and how we can complete the parts of the Directive that require Vanguard etc. Still feel the whole CV meta is broken as is AA now. DDs suffer unfairly from attack planes (OP) and concealment is now useless as a skill! Hope u can fix it soon. Thanks
  4. newbeltane

    Bug Reports

    Hi We had a division in scenario and the game crashed several times for several of us. By time I got in I was dead and we failed the scenario! Not happy!!
  5. newbeltane

    EU server down?

    Yep. Ditto here. Any update Wargaming - the silence is deafening!
  6. Game Center says it has updated the beta (assume they have fixed the bugs - hence the update) but still can't connect even though I have my login credentials. Any update on when it will be up and running? Steve
  7. newbeltane

    Server connection issues

    At the moment I can't connect to server for Round 2. All it says is technical issues and I have been disconnected from server. The Game Center says I have latest update and nothing else has changed since Round 1, which I played fine. Not sure what is going on and wondered if anyone else had same issues on EU server? BTW I am running integrity check so will see what that says. UPDATE: OK I ran the integrity check - didn't say anything was wrong and so I tried again and now I am connected! Not sure wqhat happened there.
  8. newbeltane

    Invisible Cursor

    Have to say this is happening again with latest update! Time they got this issue sorted as its a pain after every update trying to iron out the bugs for them. Until its sorted game is unplayable in full-screen and my premium is going to waste. Doubt they will compensate me for the loss of that due to lost playing time as a result of this bug. *********************EDIT************* One solution just found is to change settings (use TAB key and ARROW keys to select options plus Spacebar to choose dropdown choices) to use full screen windowed. Worked for me.