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  1. Danish_Beer

    The wild Geese is hiring

    we are looking for new members. And we are a brand new clan. We dont care bout stats. we will play a lot of divisions will do clanwars when we are ready and enough members to do so since there is something called real life you can in this clan have up to 2months of game if its needes Language english ONLY Discord YES Teamspeak NO so all in all lets play and have e fecking lot of fun
  2. Danish_Beer

    Brand new clan is hiring

    Tags is Birds clan name The wild Geese we are looking for new members your age is 25+ youre at least t8 ship for rente ships in cb willing to clan wars when we are getting there speak english for discord we dont care bout stats most time we are playing for fun behave in game and dont be a com warrior
  3. Danish_Beer

    DSNF looking for new members

    we are a new nordic clan!! We are looking for new members from Denmark Sweden Norway Findland. Our rules!!! actually none we are playing to have fun. Means no teamspeak either. World of warship EU only come and join the new group, members only from EU