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  1. You could say that you already got it, as Tallin, Riga and Petro........... Difficult to see something more
  2. interesting that now the ranked game mode looks like a test game mode.... As it is stated in the news.
  3. Gorenor

    ST 0.10.9, Novorossiysk (DB 205)

    or hidden plating inside the hull... Like they haven't done it yet
  4. Gorenor

    ST 0.10.9, Novorossiysk (DB 205)

    Maybe they do the trick with the RU BBs no vertical dispersion, only orizontal, so terrible sigma mean that they keep hitting a lot in a short range with almost not possibilieties to go further the ship or shorter the ship.......... Basically a shotgun with ability to put shot only orizontally but not vertically dispersed....
  5. Gorenor

    ST 0.10.9, Novorossiysk (DB 205)

    I'd like to point out that they never show us the dispersion ellipse....... sounds like imperator nikolai dispersion to me......... Or they will improve sigma and change the dispersion ellipse
  6. Sorry to repeat myself i'like to add something interesting to this type of conversation about team play needed to be able to deal with the SUB . in the link above it is shown how the team play meant by WG is usefull in a game. Disclaimer this game was played in Novemeber 2020 the video is on the channel of 1 of the WG's CC That is an evidence that what is stated in your post is not happening in the game. At this link You can hear that the same CC explaining that nothing was done and there were nothing planned to do to improve the team play by WG. I'm aware that none of the recent patches haven't addressed this topic. Could you please explain how is even possible think about WG doing something with the team play in mind? There is nothing that pointing in that direction.
  7. Interesting that WG never ever want to improve the teamplay reward ........ Looks like your statement is a mismanage aproach to this particular class of ships.
  8. was a ban for alaskas to be in clan battle?
  9. What is it happened to the previous limit.. is no more in place?
  10. usually my clan Leader stays as MIA or worse come back to improve the thing that he likes........
  11. Gorenor

    WG OP ships strategy only punishes new players

    Some of LU were better than the normal ship upgrades. Unfotunate WG decides that those were too much impactful on the game (ZAO player used moe than 60% _OLD_ Legendary Upgrade; so WG decide to -BALANCE- it)
  12. Gorenor

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    So we remove dead eye and try to put it back in a different ways (barely accuracy bonus + rate of fire bonus)
  13. Gorenor

    Update 0.10.3, High School Fleet

    Harekaze 1 solo ship on armory will be available?
  14. Gorenor

    PT 0.10.3, balance changes. (DB 135)

    Wrong they are nerfing 2 Special ship. They stated several time since the bear of this type of ship, that they will be subjected to any type of buff /nerf cycle like tech tree ship. Go and check the ship even the ARP YAMATO and the FDR are of the same type Smolensk too
  15. Gorenor

    Rejoice! WG is fixing the CA/CL population!

    It would be so easy to fill the lacking class inside a game mode. Give twice the reward to play that class in that game mode. Easiest solution...............