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  1. Thank you a lot for the answer
  2. It is happened to me just now. I'd like to know if in random battle 1 clan can stack over the 50% of 1 side team in a match. is it work as intended ?
  3. Thank you a lot @Aotearas got the marblehead thank you a lot , but i can't find a way to use more Google account on it... i've figured out to do, need to unistall and reinstall again.
  4. No, the name was Duca a'Aosta, and sister ship is Principe Eugenio di Savoia , like Prinz Eugen subsequent evolution was Duca degli Abruzzi an upgraded variant
  5. Why DD cannot die in one salvo from a cruiser ?
  6. could WG put this information to the tutorial fo the game, maybe in the video on youtube ?
  7. Do you update the pack of your skin for the latest patch ?