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  1. Gorenor

    ST - changes to test ships

    question: Is it too difficult to create in Agir an "icebreake" bow of 32 mm to make that shipp at least usefull?
  2. Gorenor

    Selling ships question

    Every free exp ship even the most terrible to play , worth (after you bought) its port slot
  3. Gorenor

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    At least this time WG have done a good thing and communicate it in a smooth way. So Thank you
  4. Gorenor

    Bonuscode - Twitch missions European arc EP II

    only mission for week 2.
  5. Gorenor

    Bonuscode - Twitch missions European arc EP II

    second code: i got mission, but no container . i've redeemed 10 min ago first didn't work for me
  6. Gorenor

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

    so the japanese Heavy cruiser loose their heavy deck at low tier ?
  7. plz WG allow it against you staff during the official streaming to prove the point of the player about how well is the CV REEEEEEwork
  8. The Nevski should get 27 mm of casemate or lower , otherwise is OP Light cruiser, and Petropavlovsk looks like a copy pasta moskva on armor.
  9. Gorenor

    Need buying advice

    Check Boise on youtube and Wichita those ships are interesting to play as a trainer
  10. Gorenor

    Jingles voiceover

    it is because of this link
  11. Gorenor

    ST, Upgrades changes

    The kamikaze sisters are probably the one that will enjoy it.
  12. 67 - Hi i'd like Massachussets
  13. Gorenor

    H-44 project

    in the past they said no bigger than 460mm but you know, thay said also no submarines....
  14. Looks a bit terrible , but at least give you a guaratee about receive a ship instead of hoping in RNGesus
  15. ma il pacchetto ricompensa per una donazione da 1000 $ garantisce di ottenere le navi ? oppure dà la poassibilità di ottenere le navi ?