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  1. you could expect 3x3 on bourgogne Hull
  2. Gorenor

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    About the name of the Cristoforo Colombo , theoretically is not a bad choice. It is a Fact to be one of the 4 Caracciolo Battleship laided down pre WW1; plus of it is a very famous name for the history in general. But as pointed out Italy built in the mid fo the 1920es 2 sail school ship to train the crew of Regia Marina one named Cristoforo Colombo. So pointing out this instead of Colombo another quite famous name in Italy would be one of the others Caracciolo's Battleships Francesco Morosini or Marcatonio Colonna . Francesco Morosini was an outstanding Admiral of the republic of Venice . Marcantonio Colonna was the Admiral of Lega Santa and he lead the battle of Lepanto against the ottoman Empire.
  3. i hope that they demount for free the upgrade...... at least
  4. how interesting on the change of the Stealth radar capabilieties of 2 ships...........
  5. Gorenor

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    technically in the time frame that WoWS taking care, it was one of the real European port PRE WWI Austro - Hungary Inter WARS Italy After WWII Yugoslavia
  6. Even with the change to Incapacitation of the Engine, CA/CL without Last Stand is quite harsh settings... Example are IJN easy to break Ruddder (when IJN CA were used in Clan Battle every commander use Last Stand to avoid unnecessary use of Damage Control Party) Will you make the actual easy to break Engine and Rudder of CA/CL more reliable ? Will you do something for these things or just avoiding?
  7. Plz WG at least leave the opportunity to do it ith a huge amount of silver..... The way you put it is too harsh for too many players
  8. for the Hizen: will it be ballistic wise an Amagi or a Izumo?
  9. Gorenor

    Any luck in the "sale"

    1 bug santa, i got dragon flag (i don't remeber hich one)
  10. Gorenor

    [Dockyard Nerfbat] ANCHORAGE

    Can i ask you how do you come to this idea? Just to point out there are so many premium that outclass the techtree representative. Some example : Massachussets, Georgia, Musashi, Jean Bart, Mikail Kutuzov, Thunderer, Puerto Rico, Lo Yang, Leningrad and so on.
  11. Gorenor

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships (DB 62)

    Thank you for the answear @lafeel @wot_2016_gunner . So they introduce a semi BB line that make them "immune" to 152/155 IFHE & 203 HE spammer ? And that line of ships will be slow as Colorados..... ? How a line of ships like that could survive to the spammers? Only when they finished the Ammo ?
  12. Gorenor

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships (DB 62)

    i'd like to know if possible The reasons to pump up the Bulge and side armor to 38 mm. Why dont you improve side armor to kansas too ? Or just the Deck of Kansas ?
  13. Is it possible to put again a test on live server as submarines mode at Tier VIII ? Would be interesting to check some results.
  14. Gorenor


    HSF Arashi
  15. Gorenor

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    I know that is useless or next to useless complain for this update done to the UU by WG. But at least for the Zao UU the change is so terrible for the ship, that probably is easier to rebuild completely the ship by the keel. If WG want to put more effort on making extreme side grade should change not the rudder shift time, but the range and dispersion, maybe even the reload. Unfortunatelly it is nearly unbelivable that they come up with some changes that are not exactly a side grade, but just a reduction of efficency of a ship. But as they have stated the sidegrade fo the UU it was practially mandotory for some ships, MAYBE they had created a ship a lot better than the original and the original ship was so much inferior to the UU ship. P.s. WG stated is possible to check statistically the data of ship with a particular upgrade mounted... interesting ..