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  1. "a" times "b" times "c" equals "x." If "x" is less than the cost of a rollback, we don't do one.
  2. malchai

    General Feedback

    Game crashes when it goes automatically back to port after a game, manually going to port works fine. Might be related to aslains mod pack.
  3. malchai

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    I played around a bit and you just cannot hit a cruisers citadel from broad side, dunno if it is an angle problem or if you actually overpenetrate the cit(?!) otherwise everything seems fine. (Setup was Nagato vs tier 6 & 7 cruisers)
  4. malchai

    Phantome und Hexen

    Wenn ihr eines der Schiffe im Gefecht antrefft, müsst ihr einfach versuchen zu gewinnen (ganz egal, ob es ein verbündetes oder gegnerisches Schiff ist). Wenn ihr es schafft zu gewinnen, bekommt ihr als Preis eine Überraschung.
  5. malchai

    Karlsruhe, can I have my paddle back? - Rant

    German crusers get ripped appart by soviet DD's thats the reason why they introduced them at the same time.
  6. malchai


    Thank you for your letting me know, i think "proposing" was not clear enough. I meant he will drag the ship icons around on the map so every player gets a target marker where the admiral suggests them to go.
  7. malchai


    Hi everybody, i had a idea and wanted to get some comments about it. Offer the the three most senior players in each team the role of an admiral, the first to take the position gets the ability to form a battleplan. He can do so by draging each ship around the minimap proposing a target location as well as assigning targets to be escorted. I hope this idea might be interesting for some players, please let me know what you think. Best regards.