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  1. Larky2k

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    how about just take away the whole invulnerability mechanic all together that fix things up with the F key abuse.
  2. Larky2k

    Help Me Decide! - Bismarck or Amagi

    Get Bismark and put your Tirpitz Captain in her, don't need retraining. then get Amagi with the credits earn't from Bismark.
  3. Larky2k

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    and when played on I Arctic map is passively heals, also its immune to torpedoes and HE shells do 90% less damage and can't start fires
  4. Larky2k

    Directive bug?

    or have more base XP than the winning team is kind of kick in the knackers
  5. Larky2k

    spotted by plane bug?

    just had a game in my Belfast where was was permanently spotted by planes even those there was no aircraft with in 10km of me? ii was surrounded by team mates and just was lit up constantly hid behind island was still spotted. died due to everyone shot at me.
  6. Larky2k

    Loss of free XP on Cleveland

    I knew it was t8 i was expecting the XP to move with the ship as it was tied to it. I was wrong
  7. Larky2k

    Loss of free XP on Cleveland

    No only just got a new PC so been downloading software and updating games. I jumped into WoWs once updates and wanted to play my Cleveland and noticed my Ship XP was gone.
  8. Larky2k

    Loss of free XP on Cleveland

    What part of dead PC was hard to grasp
  9. Larky2k

    Loss of free XP on Cleveland

    haven't read the notes and never had the other ships that split to know. thanks for the heads up
  10. Just reinstalled WoWs after PC died and was looking forward to playing Cleveland at T8. Prior to the release of the patch i been playing her a lot to accumulate free XP to get the next ship when its released and to buy the modules back. Well its all gone
  11. Larky2k

    can we get rid of the tier 4+1?

    I thought the whole reasoning behind T4 don't see T6 is Carriers
  12. Larky2k

    Operation Hermes

    Well saying that the focus fire ships with less HP is BS. I was behind the convoy with full health with loads of ships with less HP and look at that everyone is shooting me. Smoked up thought ha ha can't get me nope still shot at me.
  13. Larky2k

    Operation Hermes

    Something is broken on this operation as every time i play it the AI single me out. I can do nothing and the AI will shoot at me no anyone else. I can get bad luck but when its every single time i play it then something is wrong.
  14. Wow cause my only T10 is a USN Cruiser my opinion doesn't matter. i shall remember you name and when i see you in game i will give you such an [edited]whooping you wished you never played the game /j Instead of complaining how about not going to where the most likely place the Radar ship is or better use Radar against them. Light them up and get your team to fire at them while you ducking a weaving shots from them and there team cause there most likely be firing at you which means your team can see them. I only use Radar to force DD out of cap or if the DD is last alive to hunt them down.