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  1. ArcheX

    Tirpitz selling well then?

    apart from that, WG still hasnt implemented any form of reward for team-play. so if you wanna score you cannot escort, scout, or pin.... man yeARS of experience and nothing transfered from WoT to WoWs. it boggles the mind, or at least you suspect the infamous slavian alcoholic beverages....
  2. ArcheX

    Daily Mission

    or you play a fighter carrier just for that.... just saying...
  3. ArcheX

    Veteran players dropout

    it is always hard to guess what makes players stay or go. though putting out more ships (ie content) isnt the solution. Neither is clanwars, as WoT proves a few big clans rule the important areas and rake in the gold... My suggestion is work further in ranked battles, include rank 4 and 5 for now and give us some fresh objectives, like convoy protection, or hunting, make in a team a special ship that gives extra points. But most important: give rewards for team-benefiting actions. spotting doesnt give Xp protecting BBs or CVs neither. AFAIK neither does capping or decapping. So teamplay is out of the window, as most want points so they go lone wolf to shoot. I just noticed that the result screen now remains like i put then in Xp value. That is nice, somebody listened... but a big failure is that they did not mention they listened. feedback is a community's lifeblood. Communication is important! i told that the other game (WT) and they reacted fast within a year they even had patchnotes... enough ranting... they need decisions and fast... lets see...
  4. ArcheX

    Do you still play ranked battles?

    i tried them a bit, but the rewards are awful as you DONT GET ANY POINTS FOR HELPING THE TEAM! I think i will start sealclubbing to encourage new players to keep trying the game.... umikaze, here i come.
  5. ArcheX

    Ranked: Balance the goddamn destroyers!

    Not that im supporting any nerfing, in my eyes, a lot of DDs actually need buffing.... but that is another thread. Though i can support the mirroring. It is something which bothered me in normal battles too, as it introduces unevenness in battle which should be eliminated. Im a great fan of skill being important, not hardware. And though certain thing needs rebalancing, a simple solution would just be mirroring the sort of ships on both side, like they did with CVs. They did that for a reason, in my opinion those reasons go for BBs and cruisers too...
  6. ArcheX

    loading the game..

    got kicked due to in-activeness got in again, first game started 2 min 13 secs late.... sigh
  7. ArcheX

    The Russians are coming

    they will be like the russian tanks in WoT, playing like their propaganda told the sovjets.
  8. ArcheX

    loading the game..

    sorry forgot that some people sarcasm detectors need batteries.... next time i will add that... really it isnt your computer... try to use an AMD processor and see what sound and lag suddenly appears... i flutter between 2 and 76 FPS in certain games continuously and already play without sound as i cannot stand the continuous stuttering anymore.... my pleasure is decreasing steadily if they dont do some major changes soon, i'll give up... Which i really dont like, as the game is really promising.... just the headhoncho's calling the shots are... erm how do i say that without getting banned... not i guess.
  9. ArcheX

    loading the game..

    yup definitely your computer, cannot be wargamings programm that is 15 years old, or their programming.... yup your computer...
  10. First of wargaming is in it for the money, not to please the players, and as long as they dont get that you will get shafted in the game, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoNSWvDNC3c. all your suggestions are counter-productive.... to wargaming earning money. You need gold to even exist above level 8 (that is why i stopped at level 6. guess my cleveland might be the first ship with 250000 Xp). Furthermore, i will not promote a product which clearly is not finished and not left Beta for a long time. Wargaming need to work hard and ASAP.... but i fear i know what will happen.
  11. ArcheX

    loading the game..

    the worst i had yesterday, wanted to take my nicholas for a spin it took the game 2 min and 17 secs before i was allowed the enter the match after start. domination match of course...
  12. ArcheX

    loading the game..

    Its just the fault of the game, wargaming is just to lazy to get a modern engine.... and then you get a advice to buy something expensive just to correct their fault. As i fear that profits are declining. just watch this video, the guy knows what he is talking about. and i knew a lot of things that are wrong, but know my progress will stop at tier 6 i guess and i maybe will grind out ONE line due to our huge number of portplaces....:
  13. ArcheX

    Genral ergonomic suggestions

    instead of my pictures where you can see i capped 3 times and the result table says 0 it just puts in an X..... really confused here. Made the picture smaller so the program would takem, but it will not show them...????
  14. ArcheX

    Genral ergonomic suggestions

    there should be pictures here....WTF?
  15. ArcheX

    Genral ergonomic suggestions

    i mean in the after battle result. though for instance i capped twice, nothing shows up in capping results. (actually with help 3 times) x