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  1. Tier7 premium

    Hello AotN Don't bother; grind one of the main lines first to get some experience understanding the game and its mechanics. Once you have found a ship type that suits your play style, then ask the same question; id wait until at least c500 ish battles before you make the call. Spend the gold on some premium time to speed up the process. I would recommend the German Battleship line as a starter for 10... Others will agree i'm sure
  2. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Vanguard Tier 8?
  3. What is the current strongest battleship line and why?

    German, no question; its the most 'user-friendly' one to get started as a first line to TX as they remain strong up the line ...unless you really want that Yamato... I sure someone will right you and essay on the relative merits but German will be the ultimate answer
  4. HMS King George V

    Agreed, I had a Kracken Unleashed defeat the other day by doing exactly what noodle said; cannot account for the quality of my team on a Saturday... Play it like a large cruiser; she is fast and has good concealment; i've been using her like Hood; flank swapping and staying around 12-13 km ish...
  5. Don't we have to wait until Thursday?

    the PTS won't be open now...i don't think they have announced 6.10 PTS yet; 6.9 only dropped last week. They will announce on their website or game portal
  7. Bump +1 Been with these guys for a few months now and always get a Division when on; good bunch and banter try the discord https://discord.gg/X7qcZpt
  8. Free Bonus Code for Marblehead and 7 Days of Premium Time

    for interest: it's not available for apple iOS
  9. Looking for a Clan

    BUMP +1 Been with these guys for a month and always get a game in a division...and some banter
  10. Gamescom Q&A thread

    Q: Having shown off the new Torpedo explosions recently, do you have plans for more varied destruction animations, such as a large catastrophic explosion for a devastating strike or burning ships remaining afloat for a period before sinking?
  11. Calendar for August

    10 RN BBs per side for the first 2 weeks, settling down to 5/6 for the rest of the month...
  12. Preview - Guess what?

    I can see where HMS Vanguard berths....oh wait
  13. New ship preview: Monarch

    By ending the line of actual ships at Tier VII (a questionable VII at that) and the remaining being paper (don't start me on the Vanguard), i find this line hard to look forward to when so many options were there for them to take up to Tier VIII; i sense another premium gab for the Nelson @ VII and a variant of the KGV (like PoW) for VII or VIII (gun dependent) Nelson is a fine ship for very good players, but being in the branch, it has all chances to become a breaking point, where the major part of playerbase will stumble. Also, a breaking point in a ship line...Pensacola?, Izumo?, Yorck?...not a strong excuse WG... #sadface #missedoppurtunity #notsurprisedbythis
  14. New ship preview: Monarch

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ships_of_U.K. is this not the latest list?
  15. British Battleship line

    Here here +1 If people are not happy with a choice of 2 actions, make it a choice of 4 and give them the chance to be versatile outwith a 'gimmicky flavor'; make their gimmick if you must their ability to surprise build an enemy with no limited build options.