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  1. Vanguard Tier 8?
  2. German, no question; its the most 'user-friendly' one to get started as a first line to TX as they remain strong up the line ...unless you really want that Yamato... I sure someone will right you and essay on the relative merits but German will be the ultimate answer
  3. Agreed, I had a Kracken Unleashed defeat the other day by doing exactly what noodle said; cannot account for the quality of my team on a Saturday... Play it like a large cruiser; she is fast and has good concealment; i've been using her like Hood; flank swapping and staying around 12-13 km ish...
  4. Don't we have to wait until Thursday?
  5. the PTS won't be open now...i don't think they have announced 6.10 PTS yet; 6.9 only dropped last week. They will announce on their website or game portal
  6. Bump +1 Been with these guys for a few months now and always get a Division when on; good bunch and banter try the discord https://discord.gg/X7qcZpt
  7. for interest: it's not available for apple iOS
  8. BUMP +1 Been with these guys for a month and always get a game in a division...and some banter
  9. Q: Having shown off the new Torpedo explosions recently, do you have plans for more varied destruction animations, such as a large catastrophic explosion for a devastating strike or burning ships remaining afloat for a period before sinking?
  10. 10 RN BBs per side for the first 2 weeks, settling down to 5/6 for the rest of the month...
  11. I can see where HMS Vanguard berths....oh wait
  12. By ending the line of actual ships at Tier VII (a questionable VII at that) and the remaining being paper (don't start me on the Vanguard), i find this line hard to look forward to when so many options were there for them to take up to Tier VIII; i sense another premium gab for the Nelson @ VII and a variant of the KGV (like PoW) for VII or VIII (gun dependent) Nelson is a fine ship for very good players, but being in the branch, it has all chances to become a breaking point, where the major part of playerbase will stumble. Also, a breaking point in a ship line...Pensacola?, Izumo?, Yorck?...not a strong excuse WG... #sadface #missedoppurtunity #notsurprisedbythis
  13. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ships_of_U.K. is this not the latest list?
  14. Here here +1 If people are not happy with a choice of 2 actions, make it a choice of 4 and give them the chance to be versatile outwith a 'gimmicky flavor'; make their gimmick if you must their ability to surprise build an enemy with no limited build options.
  15. Hi Been with these guys for a while and always get a Division for random / operations when i'm online Team WolfPack Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/X7qcZpt We're mostly for division based teamplay, with some cheesy fun on the side! We are looking into getting into clan/team battles in the near future :) Send in an application and we shall review it! http://wows-numbers.com/clan/500139930,WOLF-Team-WolfPack/