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  1. Not HMS Vanguard...
  2. Iconic = Pay Barrier...discuss
  3. Quite right Koenig, So we get a mainly paper Russian/Soviet line of paper ships (including early cold war) that only the Russian servers were really interested in; a French line that although interesting is again a line of minimal impact to the war effort and bring nothing new other than filler, we now find ourselves potentially getting a line of one of the most anticipated tech trees being filled with paper ships with the implication that the plan is to to sell the famous members of that line as premiums. Do us a favor WG, the available lines are more than capable of filling a tree to Tier 8: 6; QE class (Barnham, QE or Valiant) 7; Nelson class (Nelson or Rodney) / 14" KGV (POW, DOY, Howe, Anson) either or as main / premium 8; Vanguard / This paper monstrosity as a premium 9; Lion 10; Conqueror, So why bother with more paper ships unless this is a cynical way of making money from the player base, there are premium oppurtunities here but dont be daft. I'm sure i'm not the only one who is starting to smell problems with this line, be that balance of the ships or the balance of Premium vs main line money grab. I know nothing changes by ranting on these forums but the main player with an numerical and physical impact in the Atlantic and European theaters deserves better than this...Rant over
  4. The Vanguard was able to use supercharged shells; perhaps that mechanic should be balanced in terms of shell velocity and range to make it competitive at Tier 8 instead of just ignoring the whole, actual ship...unless it is another premium plan for tier 8...
  5. My point entirely...
  6. Are WG having balance issues with this line to introduce another paper ship when plenty of good candidates are available?...i hope not, or is the KGV now going to be an odd premium fit...like the OP (?) Belfast at Tier 7...?
  7. I thought the point of a BB was to support the team and tank the damage, assist and cover those capping points and hit hard those fools who push back. I know my stats are not amazing but this is probably because i try and support the CA/DDs on cap points and flanks by tanking damage for them. It appears you get penalised with bad stats if you do your job, perhaps i should just sit back at max range and snipe...
  8. Hello Although not a recruiter, I hooked up with a group called Team Wolfpack (WOLF). I generally play for 2-3 hours a night and can always find someone to div up with or do scenarios; very friendly group indeed. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500139930,Team-WolfPack/
  9. Ultimately, you hit the Random button; you must expect random teams; I felt similar frustrations and being only an average player at best meant i also struggled with some teams as I'm not good enough to carry by myself. I got around this by joining a clan and entering Random battles in a Division; at least I know the quality of at least 2 other team mates and we can at least provide some coordination, ship selection and focused fire to assist the team. Agreed that team battles need reinstating, that at least allows some coordinated team play. The only way to guarantee a good skill balanced fight is to join a clan to play competitive games; these are the only ways around this atm if Random battles are not providing the experience you desire.
  10. Hello Sub, Do you have any plans for a buff to the Prince Eugen; I am having trouble seeing the value of a £35 premium which is just a fat Hipper. I've had it for a while and do ok in it but it is massively underplayed and overlooked according to the stats. The reason I ask is that I am finding myself in a lot of TX matches (see question above about TXIII MM) and feel a little underwhelming compared to my Kutuzov and Atago peers. I know the recent buff to HE has improved it a little but it is not on a par with with Kutuzov or Atago in any respect.
  11. My 2 pence worth, Warspite with a secondary Build - why not, 7.2 km range, you should be playing this as a 10km BB anyway so why not overlap the damage envelopes as much as possible; free fires... - can start hitting spotted DDs outside of a 6km torp range. Its nimble, has a good heal, punchy guns and can hit long with the spotter plane; speed is the Achilles heal here. De Grasse - Love the long range burn with slightly troll armor if used right, excellent torps,solid AA and can flank switch to support the team; i know, team work...? has quite a poor turning circle though so fighting in close is for the brave or foolish... Graf Spee for reserve. Needs some field testing but has utility, good guns (although lacking number), good torps, that German hydro and a heal; problem my be th
  12. I admit i was a fan boy and brought the Admiral package... However, I like it so far; i never thought i would say but i prefer it to my Warspite. I've not had many games in it but these i have played, i have enjoyed the speed and ability to flex to where the enemy appears. The guns are OK and i have not experienced the inconsistencies as yet (might be down to lack of games so far). Tanks like a boss (except through the bow) and is surprisingly nimble for something the size of Manhattan island. It is the 2nd best performing Tier 7 BB on results so far so it must be doing something right. and the HE is filthy...
  13. Agreed, The last few games I have played in a division we lost all 3. However, all three were higher than average Damage and XP with all stats bar win rate showing improvement. More importantly they were great fun enjoyed with friends; games like these make some stats look good but others bad. I suppose it depends on the value you attach to them in the long term. I would rather be consistent on damage, exp and playing for the team over pure K/D and WR. I'm no where near good enough to carry but i like to think i do my best to help where i can.
  14. Principals come at a personal price for both; fair play to them for acting with integrity; disappointing corporate behaviour WG, very disappointing...
  15. £86 and no premium time included...