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  1. Unofficial

    Lunar Missions

    B-but they have to translate it to the 48 different languages of this region, before they can publish it, otherwise it would not be equal for all the players. Or something like that, clearly being on schedule has never been part their concern.
  2. Unofficial

    IJN gunboats

    Well yes but in case of the IJN gunboat it's not gonna be an easy run without a div, but to preform optimally requires a lot more skill to be capable of making an active impact as a ijn gunboat ratter than torp spamming, and yea the fire chance might be better but your reload is also terrific in comparison and therefore others are a lot more forgiving if you miss, therefore it would properly be that last thing people should try out. And its pretty amazing that this forum is filled with this IJN gunboat idea when it is clearly a bad idea for like 70% of the players. Also 30k is easy with flags, camo and prem like 4 games, even with avg performance i would say that if you need more than 15-20 game and not using flags at least, you're properly in the wrong tier.
  3. Unofficial

    IJN gunboats

    Ofc you don't I'm not that stupid, but if you end up in a fight where he is shooting you in the back, he is still gonna have one hell of an advantage because he has that insanely better reload and much higher chance of critical damaging your modules, where when you miss a salvo you are gonna sit and do noting, you have shitty range compared to all other DD's so at long range your arch is gonna be useless, and there is usually a cruiser nearby so that mens the closer you are the worse, unless you waste your game hunting lone ships. The only time i would ever say that a gunboat DD can be used imo is in divs, otherwise without backup you normally cant afford to reveal your position without backup, because if they know where you are its simple to avoid your torps, so you wont be having much of an impact on the outcome of the game, I fear a shima thats unspotted more than one thats trying to set me on fire form smoke, where every other DD is gonna do a better job at that either way. Now i know it's easy to farm the "Special People", and I also know that there are lots of them, but against an experienced player you're more likely to lose the encounter. also 30k xp is like 3-6 battles, not to mention you should properly try saving up your xp for modules
  4. Unofficial

    IJN gunboats

    I don't get this, every other DD will have a much faster fire rate, that means that they will have a much higher chance of hitting and damaging your modules, and therefore also much more forgiving, plus you got the shortest range on the shima. The only times a gun boat build on IJN is workable is against the special people that got no clue what they are doing. Also the only good torps on shima are the 12km
  5. Unofficial

    German BBs+ tier 6 premium French BB Dunkerque stats in 0.5.9

    properly part of the prem camo
  6. Unofficial

    Some interesting info around the world

    They already added it so nope.
  7. Unofficial

    0.5.5 News (Supertest)

    Such a small sample size is just plain stupid, would be like me telling people that the Fujin is OP, because I got an avg damage of 90k over a total of 7 battles, all I have to say about the hatsu is, that it is not a ship I ever enjoyed, and Imo it's terrific, but if you look at warshipstats it is the second worts DD of it's tier, so cleraly not the worst but still bad overall.
  8. Unofficial

    Stop nerfing DD's

    Got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard, do you even understand the point in the IJN DD line? clearly NO. It's their concealment and Torpedoes, now the reason people get rekt by it is because they have no clue what they are doing, and they need to learn this instead of coming to the forum and getting their stupid wish, firstly this patch is utterly stupid, just tells you to suffer through the USN DD line instead of wasting your life on the IJN DD, now I know you won't understand this since looking at your stats you are a part of this "BaBBy group" that got no clue or will to learn the game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect read it. What this patch brings is yet another useless DD balance, that in the long terms fixes nothing, now you want the guns to be buffed on the IJN well a traverse buff is utterly useless. Edit. Not to mention the mid-tier IJN dd's (6-8) that are literally just a downgrade of each other, the only good part is kagero's torps and Shimakaze's insane torp spam, but untill then they are utterly crap in comparison to anything, you might as well just get a Zao and max the concealment to max and you'll preform even better. People learn the more they play (Most people) and combined with the spotting range and the fact that every plane too spots them of the IJN torps they turn useless due to this, Their specialty is not guns but your torps, comparing to the USN that actually get something at high tiers.
  9. Unofficial

    Tirpitz and it's citadel.

    Well it's the forum it tends to collect baBBy's complaining and lazy people that what everything served on a silver plate, now secondly I want to know where you get to enable to ability to battle recordings? I cant seem to find it. now when it comes to Citadel hits on a Tirpitz it will never be easier than long range since you will going through the deck, and not the Belt, that is where I have best success in doing so, now getting a Citadel through the Belt of the ship you have to be lucky or a really well aimed shot, only a idiot would expect anything otherwise, doing 10-20k though is still easy you just need to know where to hit.
  10. Unofficial

    say no to racism

    Seriously how lonely/depressed kind of person do you have to be to scout such things out on the INTERNET, like quite literally I doubt that not even 1 out of every 100 insult have any real seriousness from the perpetrator, mostly it's just meant as an insult from people far away from reality drunk in rage, and why do you think that Fx. it's the german guy that gets called a nazi? maybe because some German players refuse to communicate in anything but English, going off on his "Muh glorious German languish", and whats the easiest most effective insult against him?. Literally what this thread is.
  11. Unofficial

    Tirpitz and it's citadel.

    Yea there is times when things just get more than just coincidences. However when you look at the changes they do to premium Tanks/Planes/Ships, you will see that they almost never change anything, unless it is clearly overpowered in comparison to its tired non prem Tanks/Planes/Ships, and the reason is because they will have to refund of they do so.
  12. Unofficial

    Tirpitz and it's citadel.

    "Immune to citadel hits", you already lost me there, you clearly have no idea how to counter it, and you have absolutely no motivation to do so, instead you go to the forum and [edited] about it in hope for it to be nerfed, you clearly lacks experience since you expect to citadel it just because you shot it on a broad side, then there is the part of it being "immune to citadel hits" part, that is complacently BS, I have made more successful Citadels on the Tirpitz than any other BB, even managed to hit it for 44k at a range of 24km, now go learn the position of its citadels instead of wasting time here.
  13. Unofficial

    Tirpitz and it's citadel.

    Tin foil much? I really doubt they would do that, it may be nerfed but it is gonna be a minor nerf if anything, in case they do people are gonna demand refunds in masses, now if you read this thread people are complaining they citadel a ship that is a excellent brawler, it makes absolutely no sense at all, the ship clearly excels at close combat, and they are complaining about it. At distance I have never seen a BB that I have managed to land as many citadels on as the Tirpitz.
  14. Unofficial

    what COULD make high tier DDs viable...

    1. Remove the ability for TB's and DB's to spot torpedoes, give fighters an ability (like scouting), where they would go into lower altitude allowing them to spot torps, making them vulnerable to AA and and lower their speed while in that mode, personally I only see one plane that should be able to spot torps as the game mechanics currently are, and that is scout planes clearly its purpose is to scout. and generally lower the air detectability for DD's for anything but scout planes. As high tier DD's are now you might as well get a Zao and up its concealment to the max, it could easily out preform any DD of it's tier. Not to mention how god awful the Fubuki is, the torps are just way to slow for it to be able to do anything, not to mention it's speed.