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  1. AngryBear

    What is it with Battleship HE spam??!?

    I noticed it aswell, its because fire is incredibly devastating and i also notice i catch fire far too easily now. No matter how you time your CD's for fire/flooding etc., its almost impossible to stop once they keep firing HE's at you.
  2. AngryBear

    High performance energy settings

    I've already tried that, incl. repairing the game. (but nothing wrong) Its like my system isnt used or barely when its on balanced. I dont see how again reinstalling it would fix something like that. Though this seems to affect people with gtx980's alot, which is either a weird coincidence or truly just a coincidence lol, as i have no explanation for that. Least with googling around you find alot of threads about fps drops and gtx980 in combi with this game and that started around 6.5.
  3. AngryBear

    Battleships are reduced to targets

    I rarely lose a 1 on 1 vs a DD with any BB, unless i came so close i can no longer take action to avoid torps. I love it when they turn thinking i cant hit them, well funny enough i Always hit DD's even at extreme ranges, its all about figuring out how fast they're going, how fast your shells travel and than take a healthy lead on them. Popped so many that way or seriously hurt them that they have to move away into smoke or elsewhere. If there like are like 4 or 5 dd's on either side, its still even, just stay near your cruisers or at least dont be right at the frontlines.
  4. AngryBear

    Server currently unavailable?

    It is down, i think its probably taking a little longer than expected. Though i wish a new estimated time would present itself somewhere faster, perhaps even when trying to log in, rather than saying "server unavailable", you could add a line its in maintenance. (if that happens to be the case)
  5. AngryBear

    High performance energy settings

    Ever since patch 6.5 (or somesuch) im running into the issue that the game performs badly if my computer is set to "balanced" energy settings. As soon as i switch to high performance all problems go away. This is the only game i own (out of hundreds) that behaves this way, and i have no clue what else i can do to get the same results as "high performance" setting would, without actually switching from balanced. So is there a way to get the same results for this game, without actually switching energy settings? I'd report this as a bug, but i did that over a year ago, several times, and nothing was done about it clearly.
  6. AngryBear

    Massive FPS issues in recent days.

    Since the update - i actually get 30fps, sometimes even 18. The Americans reported a similar issue, WG doesnt respond to it there either. I noticed they all have pretty much the exact same setup as myself. i7 5820k, 16gbddr, gtx980 on windows 10 64bit (creators update) Its not the creators update by the way, there were no problems untill the French patch. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/123055-fps-drop-since-update/​ Just 1 american forum thread on the matter from the last week. PS : just look at everyone with a gtx980 here aswell (or similar), cant be a coincidence.
  7. AngryBear

    fps problems

    http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/123055-fps-drop-since-update/ Fix your crap WG. Also unusual they all have pretty much the exact same system, like me. gtx980, i75820k, 16gbddr and windows10 64bit.
  8. AngryBear

    fps problems

    Okay nevermind, this problem now happens with all types of ships. Reboots do help, but no idea why. I've allowed the problem to happen, closed the game, tried other games like nier automata - mass effect andromeda (my face is tired) - world of tanks and Dying light, just a few random games i happen to play. No problems with other games, its so far, exclusively happening with World of Warships, im stumped, i wish WG or tech support would reply lol.
  9. AngryBear

    fps problems

    Nobody noticed weird fps issues with carriers? As i mentioned, i can reproduce it over and over, carrier play leads to FPS issues, even after i closed and restarted the game, with other ships like battleships etc. If i dont play as carrier, there is no problem, whether i play 5 minutes or 5 hours. So.. nobody else with issues? (it started since the French cruiser update, so this is really recent) I have no issues with over 200 other games or any other computer issues.
  10. AngryBear

    fps problems

    It could be related to something else, but ill elaborate on that in a bit. For some reason, especially when i play CV the fps will tank or dip, like from 60-28 or you know just weird fps drops in general. However this never happened before and just started happening yesterday. (i dont think there was a patch?) It gets stranger though, if i close the game and restart, the fps problems will still be there, regardless of what ship i use, only a reboot will fix it. Now to make it even stranger, yesterday i tried the dawn of war 3 open beta, it started happening after i played that game, like it did something to the gpu memory or i dont know what. However that game is uninstalled yesterday aswell for that reason, but today the problem still returned in Wows, again after playing as CV. (before that match i played a BB, no problems then) So you can understand im kind of at my wits end, i have no clue whats causing it, i dont see strange activity, there are no error logs, (windows) event logs, no weird temps on anything.. im not even sure now whats causing it. (dw3 or wows specifically carrier plays) My only and last hope is someone recognising this problem somehow. Running on windows 10 - creators update (which is installed and working fine, literally zero problems funny enough for once) on an i7 5820k, 16gbddr4, 1x gtx980 with the latest drivers, which i think is 381.65. Its either one massive coincidence that it started happening after DW3 open beta, or i somehow never noticed it before with Wows, but i doubt that. (unless it started happening as of the update, hadnt played much CV before or even after that.. so it could be related) Edit : Well it seems reproducable, every time i play CV it will eventually start lagging and like a "virus" affect other matches like BB or cruiser etc. ( Only fix is a reboot, im going to guess something is wrong with the update, it keeps something stuck in memory i dont know how or what or why, but i have no other explanation. There is actually older threads from years ago (for WoT) with the exact same issues, for some it got resolved by fiddling with monitor settings, my settings are however already correct. (monitor doesnt turn off automaticly ie) So it appears DW3 doesnt have something to do with it after all. (still cant rule it out, but i think the French patch was really recent aswell..so.. hmm) No clue on how to fix the "problem" though, seems a game caused error, though yeh, remains really strange. =/ Hope WG takes a look at things.
  11. AngryBear

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Pretty much same problem as above, except different ships i can pick.
  12. AngryBear

    secondaries wont open fire

    Nevermind i am apparently slightly tarded lol. I got confused with the manual AA skill, i indeed have the manual secondary -60% thing. Never realised that was the actual sec. cannons manual skill. =\
  13. AngryBear

    secondaries wont open fire

    100% sure. Its the last one im still working towards. (15 point captain so far) rebooted computer, going to see if files are missing but if it still wont work im giving up, as the game is essentially unplayable without secondaries, certainly at that tier (8) and up, crucial vs pretty much everything that comes to close.
  14. AngryBear

    secondaries wont open fire

    ​Just now again, ship 6km away, i turn broadside for the exact same reason you just mentioned, nothing happens. They simply will not fire from any angle or distance. I tried P and P again lol, so turn off and on, but nothing happens. AA is working though, i dont know what the hell is going on. It was working fine before.
  15. AngryBear

    secondaries wont open fire

    I've run into this twice now, first with the scharnhorst and again just now with the bismarck. I have the 100% secondary / AA module survival installed, i do NOT have the manual secondary / AA control on the captain. They wont open fire, no i havent pressed P lol, they should be opening fire. Ships are well within range (9.3km max range as it is on bismarck right now), so just now in a match, 8km away, they wont open fire as in nothing happens. Naturally i get bombarded lol but for some reason for me nothing is happening. I'll try and keep on playing to see if it happens again and again, but it was working before in earlier games with the bismarck (and ofcourse other ships) and now its like i somehow turned them off.. without turning them off? Its really weird.. dont know how to fix it. =/