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  1. Gutterblade

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Must be a special kind of lazy/fucked up bureacracy to have EU differ again, in a worse way.
  2. Gutterblade

    battleship ap deals too much damage to destroyers...

    Aside from all the good arguments of the people above me.. Strange right how this hurts. V
  3. Gutterblade

    Event Calendar November

    *Throws money at screen for anything even moderatly attached to Steven Seagal* I love myself cliche action flicks....
  4. Gutterblade

    HMS Belfast release date

    As a Dutch person with also a fantastic naval history, i always have one thing to say to my British friends.. *points to signature*
  5. Gutterblade

    New coordinator reporting for duty

    Welcome! Hope you'll love the job & i'm glad to see more staff joining on the EU side of things.
  6. Gutterblade

    [POLL] What's your best Tier 10 BATTLESHIP?

    Thanks for your tips, agree!
  7. Gutterblade

    Where is König Albert!

    No need to be such a whiner about it. Didn't have that link on hand, nor the time to google. Next time i'll just not write anything, how about that.
  8. Gutterblade

    Where is König Albert!

    The only thing that's obvious is that we have no clue what's going on because Wargaming fails to communicate clearly to her fanbase, instead we are left to scrounge for information. So all we can do is wait, and continue to hope we'll see her soon.
  9. Gutterblade

    Where is König Albert!

    It was during a community event with iEarlGrey on Twitch where you could win some camos and stuff with battleship combat. MrConway was so kind to answer a lot of questions posed by people watching and one of the questions was about the Albert, and the source is me/everyone else who was there. So firsthand.
  10. Gutterblade

    Where is König Albert!

    MrConway commented on a stream that they are "unsure" what to do with her, and that's causing the delay. So seems we are screwed i guess.
  11. Gutterblade

    [POLL] What's your best Tier 10 BATTLESHIP?

    Well written! So well that i feel a bit stupid running 420's since it seems so obviously the wrong choice. I won't engage over 21km either way aside from potshots while i get there. I'm up to IX on German Battleships ( with 420 .-. ) and about to hit Iowa on my US line. I must say ofcourse German line was tons of fun, i loved the semi OP VI, i adored the gneisenau for being a Scharnhorst with more punch and Bismark does what he does. IX got me questioning tho wether i'd want to commit for my first X on US or Germany tho, since well, it's indeed huge and [edited]awful looking. You finally cleared the impasse and i'll continue on the N Cal i guess! ( any tips on her ? I preffered the Colorado over her, even tho i realise it's a worse ship ). IJN is kinda not on the table, since i love the Nagato, might like the Amagi, but i really don't see myzelf having fun in either Izumo or Campato.
  12. Gutterblade

    World of Warships 1 Year Anniversary Special - "ALL IN GUYS"

    I wouldn't consider getting the Konig Albert premium this weekend soon, rather on-time/too late.
  13. Gutterblade

    Where is König Albert!

    I think this friday it will be exactly nine days since her NA appearance, and Wargaming said recently they aim for a maximum of nine days between appearance of a new ship and it being avaible in other regions. TBH, it fits well i guess, with the Birthday Weekend, and gives the Hippe- i mean Prinz Eugen a chance to "shine" as the sole new German ship. But yeah, can't wait and all that.
  14. Gutterblade

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    This is awesome, thanks!
  15. Gutterblade

    Tier 7 Premium Russian Destroyer Leningrad

    She looks fun! Nice quality of life differences from the standard line, like torp range and detectability. Not sure that's worth buying her for me personally tho, since i have a Kiev with perm camo allready and a Blyska. Thanks for the video anyways, very clear and well brought.