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  1. According to WG own video presenting clan battles "the amount of teams you can have simultaneous is only limited by the amount of players in your clan" so I guess you can have more then 2 teams Also teams from same clan cannot face each other and it takes 1 clan player with enough privileges in the team (deputy, recruiter, etc) to be able to click the start battle (as normal clan players cannot)
  2. 0.6.13

    hum... ship names are white, ship classes are white, ship credit cost is white, ship XP needed to unlock is white, ship tier is white, box around ships you own is white, box around ships you dont own is white (ok you may call that grey but really cant tell the difference), Its confusing as hell to understand anything of it... Cant you use other colors other then white (like maybe make box around ships we own/or background of those boxes green for example... something with contrast so we can tell what we have and we dont with a simple glimpse) White with grey makes no contrast at all...
  3. I dont even understand why cant clan battles run every day (just like team battles did)... its not like clans would be forced to play every single day anyway... today we dont want to play, fine its not like we lose anything (this is not clan wars or stronghold from WoT where clans have to defend provinces or headquarters)
  4. Lets see... clan battles from 18-21pm... (since I have UK time) Leave work at 19pm... drive home... have dinner... yeah I shall be ready for clan battles around the time they are finished Its a good schedule for the unemployed (and I'm sure its fine for the russians playing on EU)
  5. You can... just select the mission you want and press "Enter" For some reason there is no button to accept the missions but the enter key works fine
  6. yeah changing captains also crashes a lot... Had a fun thing as I tried to run integrity check with launcher and found nothing. Then installed that new beta launcher ran integrity check and poof magic 24Mb of files to download. But in the end didnt fixed anything. Pretty much tired of trying to fix it after trying everything I could think of from drivers to reinstalling the game to different drives... but I know there's quite a few people with this bug so... maybe it will get fixed one day. Just annoying that the game gets more and more broken with every patch...
  7. Interesting... thought I was alone in that lol My game have same problem as yours, solo it have no issue at all but once in a division it crashes in port often... It can crash by oppening a container, or clicking the tabs (profile, modules, etc...), readying up the ship.... pretty much everything that involves any interaction while in port. But it also crashes due to the other players in division actions... like another player joining or leaving division, the division leader (either me or other player) starting the game... During the wait in queue game may also crash when MM "finds" a game... (or if the division leader cancels the queue) After entering the battle the game never crashes... unless if I press the "Esc" button that opens the menu (then its possible it crashes) Cant remember exactly with what patch this issues began but should have been 0.6.5 or around that yes. Since the last 2 patches every crash comes with that "BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close" mambo jambo
  8. Really? Islands? You can see enemy shells coming from 20km during a cyclone lol (and yet magically cant see the ship that fire them cause its such a tiny ship )
  9. ye its the only advantage it really gets... the rate of fire Still both ships kill a torpedo boat with 2 shells so in the end it gets down to aiming (with better rof being more forgiving cause you can shoot more)
  10. Actually Anthony with Def AA on have the same AA as Cyclone. And anthony def AA only lasts for 15 secs at a time while cyclone keeps its AA the same the whole game. So when def AA is on cooldown Anthony AA is half of Cyclone... but I enjoy people saying how much better it is cause "it have def AA!!!!" And the biggest part of the AA is about positioning anyway
  11. Come on mate... you should know by now you cant make a CV discussion topic in forum... all it ever achieves is bringing the "omg CV's are OP and should be removed from game completely" fan club to your doorstep. Its too hard for people to understand you cant make the game where each class is equal to another... you will never be able to say a BB = CA = DD = CV Its not about being OP or not... its about them having different roles, different gameplay... and is also not as simple as paper beats rock either. Yet I do wonder how would the "CV OP" fan group would like if CV's became equal to a BB... We could start by removing the mirror MM (to make it just like the BB's one) Then we could also remove the max 1 CV per side (I bet they would love having 7 CV's per side) And while we were at it we could nerf the DD's concealment cause they are not performing according to their class either... DD's were not supposed to counter battleships, they were there to counter submarines so... no submarines in this game? Too bad, nothing for DD's to counter then. (yet feel free to carry those depth charges around) Anyways if anyone wants a suggestion to improve CV gameplay... just fix the damn interface. Its hard to play CV when interface cant keep up with user actions (if a human have to slow down its apm so that the machine can keep up something is not working that good now is it) Not to even mention the damn bugs that last since ever with that class... But yeah back to how OP CV's are discussion... after all thats why that is the most played class out there. Everytime I press battle with a CV I have to wait 10 mins in queue cause there are so many waiting the MM have troubles giving them all games.
  12. Saw first post "omg cyclone AA so bad..." Looked at cyclone AA (double the anthony)... mkay Cyclone AA really bad pls buff
  13. Ye that feature/bug came some patches ago... from what I noticed its some problem with the game and the mouse interface (very noticeable on CV gameplay) Basically while you have aim over enemy ship and are clicking to fire for the game your mouse is over some other part of the hud like the team panels... (Thats why in CV you click planes to go on an empty place in the map and they receive the order to escort some allied ship on other side of the map instead. Anyways when that happens that guns stop firing for me normally holding CTRL key and moving mouse around and releasing CTRL gives me control back of my guns (basically I'm just moving the mouse out of where game think it is) Give it a try next time maybe it saves you a couple minutes of staring at the enemy unable to shoot
  14. I did... cant get those external apps to install from modpack... but if its only me then not a big deal... can just install them on my own and continue to install rest of mods from modpack. Strange that it works perfectly with all other mods unless if I select those 2 as well lol
  15. If I select a mod from external app section (like Matchmaking Monitor or MXStats) the modpack doesnt finish installation... It just gets stuck at "Finishing installation" and only way to close it is from task manager (doesnt show as non-responding... simply sits there with 100% bar saying "Finishing Installation") It still installs all other mods except the ones from external apps... this happened with both #1 and #2 versions of the modpack since patch 6.6.1 Also the extended tech tree mod doesnt work (at least for me)... it removes the ship stats in port and in the tech tree vision there are no ships (just blank pages)