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  1. Don't ask me why but all I need to do is open dockyard (spinning wheel for eternity), Alt+Tab to desktop, then Alt+Tab into game and it loads instantly. Pretty strong features
  2. SunSkaRe

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    WG should hire you after that very detailed and constructive feedback... Finally we found the playerbase WG is caring for with this rework
  3. Good players complain they have to play with the "bobs" and its tiring... (so bobs complain how elitist that is and how they have the right to play how they want...) Bad players are matched against good players and complain how the skill gap makes the game unfun... (so by now they would be happy to even play in their own bubble) Then there is WG that have the matrix complex of balance where in case too much complexity and skill gap between players they remove any skill base and dumb down everything to pretty lights and smokes. WoWs in a nutshell
  4. SunSkaRe

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    yeah feels like a dumbed down version of CV's to the maximum... and then replacing rts with some bad arcade plane flight game... I liked the new AA effects... I liked that planes now have HP instead of that rng aura... and thats about it (and both of that could go with the current CV rts style) Carriers have a complete different gameplay... you cant just want to make it equal to other classes, doesnt work that way. What is fun about current CV gameplay is the planning and strategy you put into it... and ofc skill have to matter This new version brings nothing but boredom (took me 3 games and I was done... if this was some new game I was testing to decide if I wanted to play or not those 3 games would be enough to make me not play at all... and that cant be good) It doesnt feel fun or confortable... I dont even feel I'm playing with other players... more like I'm doing some co-op scenario On the other classes point of view... feels bad and boring as well... I mean other then manouvering there is nothing you can do about planes. You can almost pretend planes are not present since you cant really "interact" with them at all (and this boost left/right AA is not working... it might on the old system where carriers would strike from one side but not now when CV's can make multi drops from all sides with a single squadron) Controling the planes is also unconfortable... if you want to give plane control then give it full control... not this keyboard/mouse pain (why cant we change altitude as well?) but then might just call this world of warplanes... All in all there is nothing here that is improved over current rts system... more like removing everything that made CV play fun (and no I'm not talking about raw alpha damage) Just this idea that you must balance players skill by removing all sorts of mechanics down to the bare minimum is getting old...
  5. SunSkaRe

    Ranked Battles Season 1 Flag

    No there was no flag given for pilot season... even rank 1 didnt give anything (jolly roger flags only come with season 2) WG after gave some credits reward and allowed us to test kitakami for 1 month as rank1 reward but gave no flag whatsoever...
  6. SunSkaRe

    New Clan competition - Supply Lines!

    or maybe cause proships.ru site monitor the players stats and article says it will match clans based on "skill"... also maybe why it says players cannot have hidden stats to participate
  7. SunSkaRe

    Stalingrad Flags.... Exchange for steel

    You needed to get 30 wins in typhoon in all 3 seasons... When they introduced steel they gave you 6k for each flag (from season 1 and 2) and 3rd season was worth 10k steel... Your 16k steel is 6k from 2nd season +10k from 3rd Season... unless you also got steel from ranked battles (or SC's) you cannot get stalingrad from just 2 seasons
  8. SunSkaRe

    My hopes for the new cv ui

    Everytime the same... always the same example how one always gets the potato CV while enemy team got the unicum one... for years thats the same justification for how OP CV's are... And still that doesnt mean the ship is OP.... it means one player is better then the other playing that ship. And no there is no way to balance it other then nerfing the ability of the better player down to the bad one (hello removal of manual drops on lower tiers) Cause you cant make a player better if he doesnt bother to learn at all. Yes WG is very bad at teaching people how to play a carrier... as in they wont tell you anything about it. But there is enough comunity content avaiable to teach you everything you will need to know to improve yourself (but we all know vast majority of playerbase dont care about learning... they just want to shoot stuff) And so WG does what they always do, they nerf everything down so that we are all equally bad at playing this game. Even with their latest CV addition (Graf Zeppelin) it could be seen at work... any good CV player could had look at it and see it was total garbage when it was sold... Yet after being pulled back I wonder what feedback were they listening to change it cause again any good CV player would tell you how not balanced it was... But ofc I know who they listen to... its obvious, they try to balance a ship based on feedback of people that have no clue how to play it... (but this is not just CV related... its like that for everything) And comunity is one of the big problems of it... years have passed and people still complain about how CV's can carry games alone when 2 AA ships can simply block a CV the whole game Now how WG plans to fix/rework a class when its biggest problem are the people playing it/against it is always fun to watch... (lets make it equal to everyone... nerf it all down to its most basic operation so we are all equally matched) I'm not against a rework... god knows the amount of "nerfing" a player needs to do to its apm's just so the interface can mostly keep up with the minimum "errors"... Think my problem is with who are they reworking the class for.
  9. SunSkaRe

    Sharks still winning?

    Exactly... for the worcester camo it doesnt matter what team you are (only what camo you want eagles or shark one) For Des Moines or Salem camo... doesnt matter what team you are either... its all about maxing loyalty points that have nothing to do with winning... As for the containers as you sugested the only difference in being in winning team is 1 extra per day (and since you dont want camos) then its irrelevant to stick with eagles team (only cause for it would be if you really wanted the worcester camo from it) so you could just change to sharks after noticing the roflstomp since day 1... All I was saying is that this contest "Go Navy" have nothing to do about either of the teams winning... and so I dont get why people are angry about why dont red team wins any game...
  10. SunSkaRe

    Sharks still winning?

    Not really cause if you want to go containers then can easilly change to winning team after 1st day (when it was obvious what team was gonna win)...
  11. SunSkaRe

    Sharks still winning?

    Yeah... but even in that case the difference of the winning team to the losing is a single container... hardly anything worth the hassle of so much complain about how team chicken cant win a single round...
  12. SunSkaRe

    Sharks still winning?

    Come on guys... WG made this event as noob friendly as possible... a competition where winning or losing is irrelevant... All that matters are tokens, which you get by farming loyalty points... and that have nothing to do with any team winning whatsoever... All everyone needed to see was what camo they wanted for worcester (the shark or the eagle one) and then go with that team farming loyalty points... Or you all want to go argue about the possible 1 container per day worth 400 coal? lol If this was a real competition winning team would have to get some reward in the end out of it... and then it wouldnt make any sense to give any bonus to the losing team for... losing...
  13. SunSkaRe

    Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    For me is still same issue as other seasons... CB's is nothing more then team battles were but with alot more restrictions to play time (with all this 4 days per week and prime times) So in a competitive point of view (that personally is what I like) it gets boring very fast... (with same map/spawns frequently and without any end game objective which makes every game as important as any random game...) Add to it that you get nothing from being on top league (cause who cares about some extra containers)... unless you want your clan to have a different clan tag color And not forgetting the main "prize" here was supposed to be the stalingrad (that you get after 30 wins in the second top league) that makes clans focusing on having to "grind" it for its clan members more then focusing on having a good score (cause again being top league and competing for more points gives you nothing) Now with the change to steel and arsenal coming certain players (like myself) already had enough steel to get it even before this season started so why to play at all? hum... to get even more steel I guess? And yeah, middle of summer and with season duration shorter then any other season didnt helped much either... But I still think this CB (team battles) thing is something that should be running every day as a different game mode while real clan wars are added with the competitive prime time and rewards thingy going on (but yeah thats just me)
  14. Yea and I also play Bismark cause I support the regime it was built to defend and so support concentration camps... guess it follows same logic pattern On a serious note, people in forum like to be offended by everything and pretending something never existed is the way to go. So you can either take it that WG wanted to add more content to the game and thought that ship would be interesting playwise or you can assume they just decided to introduce prision and interrogation as the new game mode. As for me, despite learning something new about a possible new ship from OP post (had no idea what that ship was used from) dont have any problem whatsoever to have it introduced to the game.
  15. As opposed to all the other warships that were designed to kill people? (by sinking enemy ships)