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  1. Clan wars MM

    Actually I've seen it before (though it was always after sitting in queue for some time) and was told of similar "events" by friends in other clans (after having a winning streak)... so I dont think its so far from reality... Although pretty rare that could even call it worth entering the statistics or even be mentioned as decisive to anything
  2. Clan wars MM

    My first impression from reading OP was they were already in storm... but if they were actually trying to get in it then yeah I agree that shouldnt happen... You mean gale (squal is lowest league) but yeah... again you shouldnt have to fight typhoon teams to enter storm (at least doesnt make much sense in this kind of league system other then there were no other teams in queue at the time)
  3. Clan wars MM

    From what I understood your team was in storm league and playing the 5 games for promotion to enter typhoon... So its pretty obvious that if you want to enter the typhoon league you need to be able to win at least 3 games against clans in that league to prove your clan rating should be there instead of the storm league... if you fail to do so means your team was simply not good enough... There is no issue with MM whatsoever... this is the whole purpose of having a league system... Now WG already changed this season to help you with your case by adding a new hurricane league which only purpose is the same as the superleague in rankeds. To remove the typhoon league clans from the pool so "weaker" clans can get promoted to it and have a chance to get the stalingrad flag. So basically if you want to improve your odds just wait for the typhoon clans to move to hurricane leaving room for the storm clans to move to typhoon (and so on...) But again... there is nothing wrong with you facing a higher league clans during promotion battles...
  4. hum got one way of it working... apparently need to add some fonts to the alt_minimap mod for it to work... got it from this: Edit: on russian forum author of mod also said for it to work correctly we need to add extra fonts (that are those files from link above): https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/103541-all-extra-fonts/
  5. There is a small issue with the alt_minimap mod... on minimap the CV squadron numbers dont show... instead it displays an rectangle for all squadrons (same as if I change language of other mods to russian all characters appear as that rectangle)
  6. can you please stop with more ideas for CV's restrictions... the queue times for it and boredom are already retarded ever since someone come with the idea for mirror MM...
  7. According to WG AP bombs penetrate "around 184mm"...
  8. Intentional or not... so far it seems to "work" with the ingame armor viewer... so we can kind of guide us with it to know what to bomb. (french cruisers are one of the easiest to citadel with AP bombs) But I still think we should be given the necessary data in port to make this things work properly (things like AP bombs fuses, penetrations...)
  9. Yeah supposelly there should exist a 127mm armor plate between the 32mm top deck and the 19mm citadel... Thing is all AP bomb hits I made on it were overpens... all of them. (same thing for all the other US BB's) And so that made me question if the supposed 127mm that should exist is actually considered in this game (cause so far it seems more like it was removed) So by all I've seen since enterprise release to now (where all high tier US CV's have AP bombs) you can pretty much guide yourself by the ingame armor viewer to know what targets to drop and what damage to except (with 0 exceptions so far) Cause say even if the 127mm was "glued" to the 32mm one and shells arm and detonate before reaching citadel we should be getting normal penetration damage and not overpen damage. Anyways it wont make much of a difference, around 10k more damage between overpen and normal pen... either way you wont ever citadel it.
  10. Its not about AP bombs need more penetration... most of the results are cause of the fuse of the bombs... USA AP bombs need 70mm horizontal armor to arm the fuse, and thats the actual "issue" with dealing damage to some targets and overpen damage to others... For example : The reason for that is cause Henry have a citadel deck armor of 80mm (bigger then the 70mm needed to arm the fuse) and so the AP bombs arm and detonate inside citadel dealing max damage Hindenburg on the other hand doesnt have any armor plate equal or bigger then 70mm... so the bombs never arm and just overpen the entire ship (giving you only overpen damage) Also before is asked again fuse arm calculation is done on each plate armor individually (armor is bigger then 70mm? yes arm fuse, no move to next plate). So you cant say that hindenburg have 19mm superstructure + 30mm deck + 45mm citadel deck armor... the calculation doesnt add up the plates for a final armor thickness of 94mm You have to know the horizontal armor of ships and so choose which targets to go for and which will only take overpen damage. Its not that random as it seems. Though it leads to "interesting" results... like all french cruisers above tier 6 have a 80mm plate so they all take citadel damage from AP bombs, yet a north carolina dont have any plate over 70mm so all it gets is overpens. While bismarck having a 80mm citadel deck... well you can guess what kind of results you will get from that now dont you. AP bombs implementation is not directly linked to doing damage to BB's and not cruisers but to specific amount of armor that can arm those bombs. Yes if you take the fuse arming into consideration they are working pretty much as intended. Keep in mind that like an AP shell even if the bomb will arm it may still detonate before or after passing the citadel and give penetration damage and not citadel
  11. Have you considered then while your clan was in queue for less then a minute the other team from typhoon league was probably waiting in queue for a long time and so MM throw your team against it? Just like CV's MM... when one is in queue for over 3 mins or so and another one joins MM creates a game of 5vs5 with one of the CV's only waiting couple secs in queue
  12. AP bombs logic?

    AP bombs work kinda like AP shells yes... thing is WG dont tell you ingame what its armor pen is... (which is kinda a must know for players so we can use the things properly) For example, enterprise AP bombs need 70mm armor to arm fuse... so if the ship you are hitting doesnt have any layer of armor equal or bigger then 70mm it will only do overpen damage. Now this calculation is not cumulative... for example you hit a bismark that have a single 80mm armor layer and bombs arm, but if you hit a carolina the bombs never arm cause it doesnt have any layer bigger then 70mm (game doesnt sum the different layers... either the ship have a single layer over 70mm or it doesnt matter if it have 10 layers of 60mm, it will overpen them all) Also remember that even if the bomb gets over a 70mm layer and arms the fuse you can still do a penetration or a citadel hit. To get those 50k hits on BB's you need to be doing citadels and not just penetrations. (just like with an AP shell, a citadel is 100% max damage but a normal pen is only 33% of that) Now you can go check ship armors to see what targets you should or not go for with AP bombs. P.S.- And the fact that overpens dont cause flooding is by WG choice... since they think players couldnt handle the extra flooding caused by bombs Also why they removed flooding from being hit by shells bellow waterline... So yeah having an AP bomb overpen an entire ship and coming out of the bottom without causing flood makes no sense but its like that by game choice to "improve" gameplay
  13. Clan Battles

    According to WG own video presenting clan battles "the amount of teams you can have simultaneous is only limited by the amount of players in your clan" so I guess you can have more then 2 teams https://youtu.be/pCHqif9Cs98?t=62 Also teams from same clan cannot face each other and it takes 1 clan player with enough privileges in the team (deputy, recruiter, etc) to be able to click the start battle (as normal clan players cannot)
  14. Update 0.6.13 - Tech Tree visuals

    hum... ship names are white, ship classes are white, ship credit cost is white, ship XP needed to unlock is white, ship tier is white, box around ships you own is white, box around ships you dont own is white (ok you may call that grey but really cant tell the difference), Its confusing as hell to understand anything of it... Cant you use other colors other then white (like maybe make box around ships we own/or background of those boxes green for example... something with contrast so we can tell what we have and we dont with a simple glimpse) White with grey makes no contrast at all...
  15. Poll - Clan Battle Prime Time

    I dont even understand why cant clan battles run every day (just like team battles did)... its not like clans would be forced to play every single day anyway... today we dont want to play, fine its not like we lose anything (this is not clan wars or stronghold from WoT where clans have to defend provinces or headquarters)