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  1. Saw first post "omg cyclone AA so bad..." Looked at cyclone AA (double the anthony)... mkay Cyclone AA really bad pls buff
  2. Ye that feature/bug came some patches ago... from what I noticed its some problem with the game and the mouse interface (very noticeable on CV gameplay) Basically while you have aim over enemy ship and are clicking to fire for the game your mouse is over some other part of the hud like the team panels... (Thats why in CV you click planes to go on an empty place in the map and they receive the order to escort some allied ship on other side of the map instead. Anyways when that happens that guns stop firing for me normally holding CTRL key and moving mouse around and releasing CTRL gives me control back of my guns (basically I'm just moving the mouse out of where game think it is) Give it a try next time maybe it saves you a couple minutes of staring at the enemy unable to shoot
  3. I did... cant get those external apps to install from modpack... but if its only me then not a big deal... can just install them on my own and continue to install rest of mods from modpack. Strange that it works perfectly with all other mods unless if I select those 2 as well lol
  4. If I select a mod from external app section (like Matchmaking Monitor or MXStats) the modpack doesnt finish installation... It just gets stuck at "Finishing installation" and only way to close it is from task manager (doesnt show as non-responding... simply sits there with 100% bar saying "Finishing Installation") It still installs all other mods except the ones from external apps... this happened with both #1 and #2 versions of the modpack since patch 6.6.1 Also the extended tech tree mod doesnt work (at least for me)... it removes the ship stats in port and in the tech tree vision there are no ships (just blank pages)
  5. Not to mention that even if it did, you would need to have your CV damaged to benefict from it... hardly any use unless you plan to be the frontline of your team. Same as expert rear gunner... it will give you what 6 dps more (and dropping with each plane that dies from your squadron)... its one of those useless skills that are in there to use space and waste points So you can save the points from that to use on something else
  6. Premium account gives you 50% more credits and XP over normal account... Basic math will tell you the difference you got extra: 210.000 credits earned, 50% of that is 105.000... 210.000 + 105.000 = 315.000 (exactly what you got with premium) 1771 XP gained, 50% of that is 885,5... 1771 + 885,5 = 2656,5 so rounded up to 2657 (exactly what you got with premium) Now the modifiers (flags, first victory for the day, etc) are applied over the basic value received (credits and XP) so since with premium account you have 50% more base your modifiers will give you more then with a standard account. Not really rocket science here... (also repair and ressuply costs are the same with or without premium time... so the higher income and keeping same expenditure gives you higher profit)
  7. I cant for the sake of me even understand why would someone wants to be rewarded for losing Playerbase idea of a competition... next ranked season you win a star by winning a game... and win a star by losing a game... lets make everyone happy and spread the "I play for fun" mentality And a new WG feature... WoWs lotery where if you dont get the right numbers you still get the prize anyway (just like in real life )
  8. hum... normally after countdown reaches 0 and game actually start you can just press left mouse button to release camera lock and then click the squadron you want to spectate (1 for ship, 2, 3, etc) Sometimes I also have to zoom in at max and press "shift" (so I get normal ship view instead of map view) before left mouse button works to unlock the camera (if you use left mouse in map view it only sets waypoints) So basically, after countdown: get in ship view (clicking shift) press left mouse button (to unlock camera) click the number of the squadron you want to spectate (2, 3, 4, etc) Now in some replays for some reason this doesnt work and game doesnt allow me to "free" the camera... like everything in the game is a bit RNG but give it a try maybe it works for you...
  9. So you want to reduce the gap between good players and potato ones by nerfing good players ability to play? And want our opinion on it? Thats like giving autoaim to all BB's and saying that now closes the gap between the people that can aim and lead and the ones that cant... I dont call it improvements autodrops are no fun at all... dont even know what is relaxing about it... and yeah they are easy to dodge
  10. ye I got it too since that time... though for me game only crashes when in a division I can play solo all day without a single crash... the second I join a division its a crash every 2-3 games... They only happen in port or in queue (not when in a match) And ofc tried all and all even the whole game reinstall... when that didnt changed anything just gave up and took it like another patch "feature" that may one day randomly be solved by some other patch... After all whats another rng feature like opening a container and game crash... or someone leaving division and game crash... lol
  11. Lexington is perfectly fine... except for the totally useless 2-0-2 deck (if it was replaced with old 2-1-1 then you may even bother researching it) That being said its not user friendly and takes a lot more work/skill/effort to do well then a 2-2-2 shokaku that every bob can easilly play... If you run strike lex you can pretty much do well whatever the game you get... even tier X games are not a problem (good luck going tier X with shokaku's planes that get desintegrated as air goes through their wings let alone AA)... but yeah its highly dependant on player skill and most of all awareness. Also is not a gamestyle that even all the good CV players like... you'll see very good IJN CV players that dont like lex gameplay... (for example, me personally prefer lexington over essex or midway... those feel pretty meh after lex). Up to you to decide if its your cup of tea or not... balance wise yeah it is in no way inferior to shokaku
  12. problem or not aside.... cant you just contact WG support as ask them to reset your account? I know you could do it on tanks... not sure about wows... and I dont know if the reset let you keep the premium ships bought... If it does, would be a lot cheaper then rebuying same premium ships over and over as you would simply reset account and start again...
  13. WG gave you two choices on those tiers: 1- You are too experienced and so sealclubbing... 2- You are too new to know what manual attacks are and too dumb to learn how to use them...
  14. Unless I am mistaken that was a mechanic during beta (cant remember for sure if it was part or thought about it)... the idea makes sense, not only overpen but a normal pen bellow waterline should cause flooding... We're not talking cruisers only but any BB (or any ship class for that matter) that got penetrated bellow water line would get flooding as well.. Idea was how ever discarded for final release of game since WG thought players couldnt handle the extra floodings... kinda like ships are limited to only having 1 flooding max (even if you hit a BB with 5 torps each side of the ship you can only get 1 flood)...
  15. Tier 1... you have a +/-0 almost mirror MM no radars/hydro's no hard choices like what ammo type to use (you only have HE) no CV's you should try it... its the perfectly balanced world that you seek