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  1. xXHPHXx

    World of Warships background

    I don't know if it just me but i cant seem to see the first image. :S
  2. xXHPHXx

    I have a question! (Chat)

    It sounds like a great idea :honoring:
  3. Hmmm i wonder if they add Titanic. :unsure: Anyways i would love to play with the mighty "Bismarck" aswell. http://class56g.edub...ips-24taoy9.jpg
  4. This frigate "Hermenegildo Capelo Frigate" is now a underwater museum which divers can visit. The ship was sunk down due to being old (the ship had no important history). :honoring:
  5. xXHPHXx

    WW1 Battleships and Target Footage

    Awesome vid :eyesup:
  6. xXHPHXx

    Russian Cruiser Varyag (1899)

    Thanks for the post :medal:
  7. xXHPHXx

    HMS Iron Duke (1912)

    I love the post, I didn't know about the history of the HMS Iron Duke. I hope they get it in-game. I love it, :honoring: Thanks.
  8. xXHPHXx

    USS Langley (CV-1)

    Awesome Topic, thanks :honoring:
  9. xXHPHXx

    Hydra Ceremony

    Great Post :honoring: