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  1. malcheus

    Afternoon/early evening games

    Taking something seriously doesn't make you competent at it though. Aside from that, untill a certain age most kids speak only their native language, which makes it harder to understand the chat and/or tutorials.
  2. malcheus

    how to rule the seas with the mighty Hipper

    I'm not sure anymore, before the german battleships you could quite reliably hurt enemy BBs if they showed you their broadsides, so while they were angling against your friendly BB's you could hurt them a lot if you positioned correctly. But the german BBs with their turtlebacks just shrug off your shells, even the T7's and even at full broadside. And the HE is crap, And trying to torp them will get you wrecked. Against enemy cruisers though, she's (he's?) a citadel monster.
  3. malcheus

    [edited] ship design

    I never understood the Fuso; there's the fuso, kongo and the nagato. They are 205, 222 and 215 m in length, 28, 31 and 29m beam. So more or less comparable size. However, the fuso manages to stow 2 extra turrets + barbettes, seemingly without much payoff, aside from being 2 knots slower than Nagato (assuming wikipedia is right). Basicly what I don't understand is; where the hell did they hide the boilers in the Fuso?
  4. malcheus

    I killed my planes

    sometimes, if your bombers are engaged by enemy fighters, it's better to strafe them; they are dead anyways.
  5. malcheus

    Add damage to result table

    I agree it would be nice! Number of kills doesn't always reflect someones usefulness.
  6. malcheus

    Torp drops close to mountains from carriers

    Would you prefer if he had torped you from the open water side? The effect would have been the same, and you would only have been able to dodge to one side because of the beach, so the second round of torps wouldn't have been very difficult either. My advice would be to pick up a carrier yourself, and see what the difficulties of using one are.
  7. malcheus

    GER BBs - a look at the fantasy upgrades

    There are many beautiful WWI hulls in the game; their only purpose is making players suffer and if at all possible skip through them to the newer hulls. This is not only a waste of time for the designers and the players, but also sad of all the nice looking ships. What WG should have done i something like crew upgrades, where ships get the stats of the modern hulls, but keep the looks of the old hulls. Hull upgrades shoudl have been incoporated further along the grind. For instance now you have 10k XP to the first hull and then 90 to the next ship; should have been 10k XP for the crew upgrade, 40 XP to the next hull and then 50 to the next ship. We would see more ship variety in games, and all those ship models would not just be a waste of memory space.
  8. Just think for a minute before you start calling names. 50% win bonus benefits all winners equally, while a reduction in repair costs benefits those in the winning team who sustained damage.
  9. The thing is that someone always has to die first. Even in two teams of perfect players, someone is going to die first and lose money. Unless maybe if they all shoot eachother untill they are almost dead and then move on to the next target to maximise the total dmg dealt, but perfect players finish off their targets to reduce incoming DPS.
  10. malcheus

    Do carriers ruin games ?

    It's possible, for example: If there are two carriers of two tiers; and the higest tier is AFK. and the other CVs have mixed setups The one remaining CV will be completely supressed by opposing fighters, the two other CVs have free rule with their strike squads. In that case the high-tier CV has ruined the game, at least for the remaining CV, and probably also for the rest of his team. But, any ship type can ruin a game, under certain conditions.
  11. I don't think the sniping battleships would change, uless you add credits for tanking, but it's very difficult to discern between tanking and just taking damage... Remember that sniping battleships are present in both winning and losing teams, so your suggestion would also be rewarding some snipers.
  12. Isn't it easier to increase the income per unit of damage dealt, regardless of win/lose? Why would the players who played well but lost, deserve a higher repair cost than their winning counterparts? I think the credit making system in general is a bit weird; credit gains are only partly in the control of the player; If the enemy team decides to focus on you, you lose credits (either because you don't do damage while dodging, or because you are sunk).