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  1. Candarian

    Nice work on rear gunners buff

    u have fighter on a ijn cv?
  2. Candarian


    we usualy have 2 fighter(doesnt matter how many tb/db he has) vs 2 tb and 2 db(same for the fighter) right now its 2 fighter vs 1 tb/db and than they attack the next tb/db but bomber usualy flow in platoons to have a better chance vs figher why not make platoons so that 2 figher have to fight 4 planes that would balance the planes better so if u select more than one plane they fly near each other(faster planes slow down) and give fire support if one of them is attacked and not fly to the target as if nothing happens to the other planes in the near as a tb/db u cant expect that only one of the cruiser in the near fire at u so why should it be different with fighters and tb/db
  3. bad idea most ppl dont like to evade torpedos because its work what do u think they say if they have to evade torpedos more often then no problem its just a little bit damage or damn not again these torpedos i dont want to get spammed with torpedos all the time and if i play a dd i want the one big blow if the torpedos hit
  4. Candarian

    Zuiho - What am I doing wrong?

    planes destroyed 6 u may have to many fighter in your setup but thats only a geass
  5. Candarian

    torpedo spotting

    there are 2 types of torpedos long range and slow and short range and fast some used long range spam but most ships use fast torpedos now to give the enemy less time for evading them
  6. Candarian

    Update 0.4.1 - No 3 TB squads until tier 9

    us 1 6 tb (6 torpedos max will hit) japan 8 tb than(4 torpedos max will hit) us torpedos do more damage us db have 2 planes more and the dive bombs do 2 times the damage of the japanese ones fighter geass everyone know that so us cv are slower have worse camo but better in averything else thats balancing
  7. Candarian

    japanese torpedo bomber need a buff

    ijn cv lose a tb squad soon so 8 tb for japan than = 4 topedos max that hit(and its not likely all 4 of them hit) still 6 tb for us = 6 torpedos max that hit(even if u miss 2 the 4 us torpedos than they still do more damage than the 4 japanese torpedos) so us fighter squad more damage than japanese figher squad us db squad 2 times the damage of a japanese dive bomber squad(40% more damage and 2 planes more might be more than 2 times but lets say its 2 times) us tb higher chances to hit with more damage on top
  8. Candarian

    Welcome to World of Tirpitz

    i geass its a great ship firerate of a cruiser and the same accuracy torpedos and the armor of a battleship a little bit slow but good steering abilitys and ok aa on top sounds like a fun ship a jack of all trades is what they call that in english i think at least thats what i saw on youtube by accident when i looked for something else
  9. Candarian

    new tech tree

    this is the right it change the cv not the bb
  10. Candarian

    new tech tree

    2 bb and that are 2 too much have u played the first 2 bb on each side? they are a pain in the ... most ships i sunk are with secondary armory in range of under 3,5 km because the main guns miss a broadside at under 3 km(half the shots go before and half behind the enemy that shows the side unangled) the secondary armory of bb is far better than the main guns(yes the secondary armory only have 3,5 km range and is still better)
  11. Candarian

    new tech tree

    carrier should get a own tech tree and not one together with battleshits dieing through these useless battleshits is no fun at all
  12. Candarian

    rate of fire buff

    the rate of fire should be twice as fast as it is now battleships will miss most shot and they will miss twice as much after it is doubled but the rare hits will make this shipclass at least not so boring shot miss 30 sec waiting shot miss 30 sec waiting shot hit and a little bit damage and 30 sec waiting all a battleship does is missing and waiting right now
  13. Candarian

    Battleships armor

    battleship armor is fine the guns are trash
  14. Candarian


    be a pirate close the distance to the enemy and than fire your broadside point blank if u stay behind isles u can do it best range for the battleships are 5km and under
  15. Candarian

    Battleships need massive BUFF!

    bb cpt to a dd cpt my guns can sink a ship with one broadside thats the power this little baby has dd to bb did u ever hit? bb no.... but if ...