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  1. sarcasm

    Randomly having frame rate drop from 80fps down to less than 10 fps then screen freezes for a few seconds at a time, then client crashes but fails to quit. I have to ctrl+alt+del to close process, this is happening on both dirextx 9 and 11. Bench tested my gpu for 6 hours straight no errors returned all drivers and software up to date. I have contacted Nvidia gone through tons of stuff with them and nothing found, so that brings me back to WG. I wonder if they just repacked WS in directx 11 without running benchmarks with just a few tests on a lightly populated pts server then released to general player base. Every player in my guild is having at least some kind of issue, fps drops being the most common along with stuck in loading screen.
  2. you haver a point there but the higher tier cruisers will use AP as well, I was thinking more of the Schors, Myoko, Kutozov mostly upto tier 8
  3. That is an outright lie, which WG if they wished could check on my IP address, you on the other hand are clearly not worth talking to, your opinion is of no consequence as you clearly just make assumptions to suit your bias
  4. thats a lot closer to the truth than the crap you are spouting about me using multiple accounts on the forum, you really are deluded
  5. whatever it was footage of the Exocet missle that hit the Sheffield did in fact explode 2015 examination of the ship has confirmed it.
  6. you play battleships less than any other class and your key vehicle is the polish DD, of course in reality you want all the HE buffs you can get and why at stop BBs from turning alltogether
  7. If the cruisers want to sail in a straight line then the answer would easy, but as it stands BBs have to get as close as possible to hit, which is not a bad thing but when cruisers can simply dodge salvos from 12km that means the BB is not going to get a chance to pen it, guessing which way she will turn can help but some players even wait to see which way to turn, that is a luxury that makes it easy for cruisers to just stay in the open and pew pew away. DDs too although if a cruiser is close by then the boot is on the other foot
  8. that makes HE OP it is that simple
  9. Thats very true, for the sake of gameplay changes have to happen, but equally having the biggest ship in the game destroyed by targets that can easily dodge a salvo at 12km while putting perma fire on said BB is also not in the interests of gameplay, maybe like we have a spotted notification delay incoming fire alert and sight of shells was delayed to 10km that would make cruisers think twice about just chasing that burning BB
  10. HE still pens from ship that cant pen with AP however you look at it or what reason you give for it, that is still the case.
  11. You have my condolences for your loss. That said a missile designed to sink ships usually have warheads specifically designed to penetrate armour, WW2 HE shells were designed to explode on impact the AP shells had a delayed fuse to detonate a small warhead maximising internal damage. Ships that cannot pen with AP in this game get HE which does pen, how is that right? if the angle or armour is too thick to pen with AP then fires should be on the superstructure which will do nothing much.
  12. if you check it if anything I am predominantly a CA player as more games in cruisers than anything else, but I can guess that those jumping on the BB player for suggestions are all predominantly CA players!
  13. I do know what you mean with torpedoes, having the torps from my shimakaze spotted from the adjacent map it seems. But I honestly do not want HE made useless just reworked, As I said earlier I play more cruisers than BB's
  14. I think I need to clarify something here, as it seems to be the most common reply is to just neg rep the BB player. For one I play cruisers more than BBs 2. I have never said I wanted HE stopped or nerfed into oblivion, I would just like it to have less damage effect but reduce targets abilities as it would irl players that fire HE could be compensated for contribution to damage taken while under effect, that is clearly not taking away the use for cruisers. I did ask for opinions on this matter however I did not ask for personal insults, so please if you cannot be constructive or at least civil then just move on.
  15. IO can give you plenty of answers unlike you I have some decorum