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  1. for me the game file path is C:\ games\world of warships
  2. Yankmyplank

    Walk the Port: London

    You cant see Trafalgar square from the water and no tall modern buildings have been built since the war in between either. In fact from this position the river is a few hundred yards in the direction your looking
  3. Yankmyplank

    Walk the Port: London

    Not really an accurate map! The tower of London is south of the river not north!
  4. Yankmyplank

    [ALL] ModStation

    For some reason modstation is showing I only have version 10.3 installed and says play without mods, yet my game is 10.4 all updatses done and modstation is not detecting that even if I try to add it again, any help?
  5. Yankmyplank

    Update 0.10.1 -Clan Battle Season XII

    The sooner ship restrictions are in place the better, fighting 2x BB and 4x Mogodor is not much fun
  6. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    List all purchase references on the one ticket
  7. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    I asked for a refund on the 12th december, got a reply saying okay they will manually remove the items and refund me, since then they placed ticket on hold and have ignored my messages. So I guess my next step is to request a refund through my bank, if WG lock my account for that I will seek legal advice on how to resolve this issue, as over the years I have spent thousands of £s on this game and if I am denied access to that because WG have mislead me I will not be a happy person.
  8. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    I would have agreed with you some time ago, but enough is enough, I play less than I used to already and I already have plenty of ships to play for fun, with this revelation on how WG fix the crates so you cant get the decent ships means enough is enough, I am not a child and know when to put my adult head on.
  9. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    I just put a ticket in for a refund of all the santa containers I bought total almost £150. Thing is I would have been happy to buy them if WG was honest and fair, the fact they have handled this whole thing in such a poor manner (punishing players for losing all progression) I have decided to continue playing the game but without any financial input from me any more. I still have over 500 days of premium from containers and purchases made from last Christmas, if I had known then how WG have mislead me I would not have made those purchase either. Over the years I have spent around $5000 on WG titles, now they have upset me and that means over the next few years they will be several thousand pounds down just from one player! If other players took it the same way then WG would have no choice but to change their ways into something closely resembling being even remotely honest. Or face the fact they actually need paying customers more than the customers need them, as they would all be looking for a new job.
  10. Yankmyplank

    New Rewards for Prime Gaming Members

    My amazon is linked to WG account already, I logged into twitch claimed container mission successfully and nothing in game ??? Very strange, I logged into twitch again and although it told me successfully claimed the 1st time, I could claim it again, now I have the mission!
  11. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Truth is the only honest way for these containers to work is this, if you have already got the ship that is in the Santa container short list so it appears as a super container. Then the super container should contain a ship that is in the shortlist but one that you do not have already. Anything else is basically underhanded and daylight robbery, especially when you can buy half these ships with no risk at all!
  12. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Just more proof that WG have no [edited] to give!!
  13. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    They should do the refund without penalising player progression, pure and simple. They deliberately misguided the player base and have damaged player relations once again. Any loss from this fiasco should be met by WG not the customers.
  14. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    This whole thing is a fiasco created by WG need for greed. I bought 4x lots of 8 containers, in total I got 4 premium ships all from super containers, probably because I already have the makarov. I did get the Hood but the other 3 are total crap ships that no one ever plays. When WG say it is a low chance what they mean is, the player base who WG consider to be scrubs and cash cows get shafted with crap. This is obvious by the amount of Makarov drops that have been posted. WG are heading into another PR fiasco, the greed they have wanting money based on promises of what ships are included, while they know they will not actually include those ships is mind boggling. This is WG biting the hand that feeds it once again.
  15. Yankmyplank

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Will the roll back be for the whole account? As in losing all ships and commanders? or just rolled back to before the containers were bought?