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  1. Yankmyplank

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Prior to this event starting I bought the 1st gold upgrade ready, I have completed every single directive at least a day before next is released and still, only going to reach lvl 31. WG have taken any fun out the game, I have spent time grinding this backward approach to getting a new ship that has cost me time I could have spent with family and friends over the xmas. Absolutely soul destroying, I will never even bother starting one of these idiotic events again. Putting in 8 hours a day as a minimum is retarded and unhealthy. WG should behave with some kind of responsibility towards it's players base and never even consider anything like this again.
  2. Yankmyplank

    Shima legendary...

    It simply is not an upgrade, actually an insult, shima is an easy target if spotted anyway with the leggy module it means you cannot fire guns or torps at alll in self defence, it would simply be sensible to scrap it and for WG to go away and look at a dictionary to understand the meaning of upgrade. After that they can try again with this module.
  3. Yankmyplank

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    1 day later and still cannot login, also no help from player support on twitter.
  4. Yankmyplank

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    Cannot login so I suppose thats a bug! changed password on test server and still cannot login.
  5. Yankmyplank

    Public Test of Update 0.8.11: Round 2

    I take it the public test has not yet started, because I cannot login and reported it on twitter, got a response back saying I should be able to login no problems if server is running!
  6. Yankmyplank

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    Interface for joining public test is hopeless, cannot login using my old public test account as it tells me wrong email. cannot create a new public test account as it tells me email in use! How ridiculous is that? Update: I cannot even login to report the issue, yet I can login here and login to the game on the live server! I hope this update works better when its released compared to the test portal.
  7. Yankmyplank

    stuck on battle load screen

    Why after the length of time this game has been out, do we still get stuck on battle loading screen. This should have been fixed period years ago! Have to close client and restart but game is still running in background so have to cntrl+alt+del then shut process and wg error reporting process, then try and load game again. Time all this takes means either dead or received multiple reports and puniished further by being pink. This is your [edited] up not ours!
  8. Yankmyplank

    Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

    maybe WG plans to force members to be online more or get kicked. Add to that fewer clans but more activity is the only goal here it seems.
  9. Yankmyplank

    Italian Arc - First part

    Montecucculo SAP shells are pants, hit a bogue with 8 shells for 4k damage, SAP is supposed to have pen chance better than HE in fact 42mm, does the bogue even have anything that thick? Note on shells states richochet or non pen does no damage, shells should not richochet off a bogue at 6km that is broadside. reload is way to slow for the range. gun traverse is no better than a BB. Ship really is poor.
  10. Yankmyplank

    Update Audio Hotfix

    Did not even notice there was an update, but could not get any sound from game at all, checked my equipment drivers and everything, restred game then pc. In the end I thought why not push sound levels up high in game settings and it worked. Wished I had seen this in the news thread in game before not. Sound are a lot clearer now so good work on those.
  11. Yankmyplank

    Ranked Sprint

    I never started this post to troll on CV's it is not the players fault, neither was it my intention for that to happen. That said WG should think a bit more on these battle modes with low ship numbers at low tiers. I know they cannot please everyone but maybe they could reflect and realise there are no other ship class under tier 7 that can do sod all about CV planes except another CV. So all huddle together for the duration, or risk being the 1st 1 out without a shot fired in anger. At higher tiers the CV has to be selective of targets and if he is clever he will simply spot and keep out of range of AA cruisers and BB's
  12. Yankmyplank

    Ranked Sprint

    Played a couple and think I will sit this sprint out. At tier 6 no ship can deal with CV's planes, cruiser with fighter and defensive AA only managed to shoot down 7 planes in whole game. Perma spotted by planes for duration, means no fun for me. 4 Battles played and CV in every battle and the amount of them in queue suggests it is going to be every battle. I will stick to randoms and carry on getting XP on my reset lines. Hopefully the next round of sprints will be an odd tier number.
  13. Yankmyplank

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    yeah, but its not on cool down, the consumable activates and changes colour on countdown until it is used up this is when the fires and floods should be stopped but are not, before the timer begins until next charge, what I will add is I have enabled shadow play, which constantly records the last hour, and it has not happened since, although strange, I will not complain if it never happens again, if it does, I will have both the game replay and shadow play replay to cross reference and share to all.
  14. Yankmyplank

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    As the game mechanics are done server side, it would not be possible to use the repair my end and not register on the server, if that was the case, it would simply be lag or lost packets which spamming the repair key would eventually enable it, but once it is activated on my pc it would have to be active on server unless the issue was server side. As for trying a fresh installation, this is my 3rd computer I am using to play this game, it used to happen a lot in the early days then kind of stopped for a short while, about 2 years ago I think it was the devs even posted they had fixed this known issue. it seems to be happening more frequently as time goes by.
  15. Yankmyplank

    Looking for an active clan

    Hi, I am native UK and only speak English. I am looking for an active clan where voice comms is a must, whether it is discord or teamspeak is a priority. I have all tier X ships bar 6, I do not play CV's at all. I am comfortable in any kind of ship and enjoy playing them all. I am looking for a guild that is active in general, as well as clan wars ranked, clan brawls and divisions. My current clan is full of good guys, but the sad truth is hardly anyone plays anymore, and when they do it is rarely on voice and never enough players to do clan battles. At this stage of the game I would expect most members of prospective clan to have several tier X ships. I am not easily offended by banter and playing with others while on comms is my main priority as said earlier. Message me, if you think I would be an addition to your guild.