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  1. Yankmyplank

    Suggestions thread

    Flight duration of carrier based aircraft. We all know that if you have a cruiser or Battleship you can launch a fighter or bomber which has a limited flight time. Unless ship is destroyed. However a CV can have planes up all day and not return them to ship. This means CV's have an unfair advantage with spotting mechanics. I think fighters should have a flight time equivalent to other ships fighters, while bombers have a flight time equal to spotting planes. This will add a new dynamic to the game by making CV captains choose whether to reload bombers or leave them circling that DD in smoke, risking his bombers to spot. I have all classes of ships and the spotting CV's can currently do, change the game to the point a DD has almost no effect other than capping. Before dedicated CV players bash this post, just remember yes the CV was the most powerful ship, but it never had planes that did not need refueling, a well documented fact CV's sent planes out without locating the enemy and also having to return to ship when they had located the enemy, simply because they did not have enough fuel to attack!
  2. Yankmyplank

    Question about possible engine update

    Or Wargaming run out of excuses for poor coding
  3. Yankmyplank

    Update 0.6.13 - Bugs

    Game will launcher will not open. Tried to play today clicked on desktop icon for game launcher and nothing happened, viewed running processes and launcher was running but nothing going on. Ended process tried again and rinse and repeat, then I went to C: games wows folder found 2 launcher .exe and clicked 1st one the game launched directly but could not login as version is out dated because of todays update. I have already had to down load this game in its entirety several times over the last few months because of bugs related to poor coding. Memory leaks from this game are still a problem after 2 years. So please tell me you have a patch to launch the game updater.
  4. Yankmyplank

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Clan Battles - General

    winning a clan battle killed 2 enemy ships for 1 loss, had 2 out of 3 caps and map position, then 2 players kicked from battle at exactly the same time, and we lose because they get killed before they can log back in. Random disconnects should be a thing of the past! Forgot to add, clan battles took a long time coming and I for am glad they are here!
  5. Yankmyplank

    Bug Reports

    Ship Z52 laid smoke and remained still, hydro activated and undetected, fired torpedoes and was immediately spotted, closest ship was 9km.
  6. Yankmyplank

    Could you extend the 200% mission for Graf Zeppelin WG?

    Something works fine on it had a GZ drop 3x dive bombers all together and I went from 100% health to 3% health in the blink of an eye in my Tirpitz, while trying to evade them too! I wouldnt mind that too much if I shot a CV with HE and did the same damage, but the weakest hull class has the best absorbing armour!
  7. Game website states update will take place between 07:00-09:00 CEST it is now 10:00 CEST and I still cannot connect to server. Is the update taking longer than usuall or is something else like a bug going on here? Website also states 53 players currently in game! Just logged in so no need to respond.
  8. Yankmyplank

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Every member of my clan has this, how long for a fix WG?
  9. Yankmyplank

    Brilliant WG patch!!!

    Randomly having frame rate drop from 80fps down to less than 10 fps then screen freezes for a few seconds at a time, then client crashes but fails to quit. I have to ctrl+alt+del to close process, this is happening on both dirextx 9 and 11. Bench tested my gpu for 6 hours straight no errors returned all drivers and software up to date. I have contacted Nvidia gone through tons of stuff with them and nothing found, so that brings me back to WG. I wonder if they just repacked WS in directx 11 without running benchmarks with just a few tests on a lightly populated pts server then released to general player base. Every player in my guild is having at least some kind of issue, fps drops being the most common along with stuck in loading screen.
  10. Yankmyplank

    Is fire damage OP?

    you haver a point there but the higher tier cruisers will use AP as well, I was thinking more of the Schors, Myoko, Kutozov mostly upto tier 8
  11. Yankmyplank

    Is fire damage OP?

    That is an outright lie, which WG if they wished could check on my IP address, you on the other hand are clearly not worth talking to, your opinion is of no consequence as you clearly just make assumptions to suit your bias
  12. Yankmyplank

    Is fire damage OP?

    thats a lot closer to the truth than the crap you are spouting about me using multiple accounts on the forum, you really are deluded
  13. Yankmyplank

    Is fire damage OP?

    whatever it was footage of the Exocet missle that hit the Sheffield did in fact explode 2015 examination of the ship has confirmed it.
  14. Yankmyplank

    Is fire damage OP?

    you play battleships less than any other class and your key vehicle is the polish DD, of course in reality you want all the HE buffs you can get and why at stop BBs from turning alltogether
  15. Yankmyplank

    Is fire damage OP?

    If the cruisers want to sail in a straight line then the answer would easy, but as it stands BBs have to get as close as possible to hit, which is not a bad thing but when cruisers can simply dodge salvos from 12km that means the BB is not going to get a chance to pen it, guessing which way she will turn can help but some players even wait to see which way to turn, that is a luxury that makes it easy for cruisers to just stay in the open and pew pew away. DDs too although if a cruiser is close by then the boot is on the other foot