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  1. Yankmyplank

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    yeah, but its not on cool down, the consumable activates and changes colour on countdown until it is used up this is when the fires and floods should be stopped but are not, before the timer begins until next charge, what I will add is I have enabled shadow play, which constantly records the last hour, and it has not happened since, although strange, I will not complain if it never happens again, if it does, I will have both the game replay and shadow play replay to cross reference and share to all.
  2. Yankmyplank

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    As the game mechanics are done server side, it would not be possible to use the repair my end and not register on the server, if that was the case, it would simply be lag or lost packets which spamming the repair key would eventually enable it, but once it is activated on my pc it would have to be active on server unless the issue was server side. As for trying a fresh installation, this is my 3rd computer I am using to play this game, it used to happen a lot in the early days then kind of stopped for a short while, about 2 years ago I think it was the devs even posted they had fixed this known issue. it seems to be happening more frequently as time goes by.
  3. Yankmyplank

    Looking for an active clan

    Hi, I am native UK and only speak English. I am looking for an active clan where voice comms is a must, whether it is discord or teamspeak is a priority. I have all tier X ships bar 6, I do not play CV's at all. I am comfortable in any kind of ship and enjoy playing them all. I am looking for a guild that is active in general, as well as clan wars ranked, clan brawls and divisions. My current clan is full of good guys, but the sad truth is hardly anyone plays anymore, and when they do it is rarely on voice and never enough players to do clan battles. At this stage of the game I would expect most members of prospective clan to have several tier X ships. I am not easily offended by banter and playing with others while on comms is my main priority as said earlier. Message me, if you think I would be an addition to your guild.
  4. Yankmyplank

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    Why would you assume that some one would go to the bother of posting a fabrication? Unless you yourself lie all the time so expect others to be of similar class!
  5. Yankmyplank

    CV Rework Discussion

    Strange how a high tier DD takes over 2 minutes to load torps, yet a CV can load refuel a whole squadron of planes and get them back in the air in a 1/4 of the time, also strange how ship fighters and spotters have a flight time limit and a really long cooldown, yet a CV can leave planes up forever, no need to refuel as long as they dont drop ordinance they have no limit to how long they stay up. This is very annoying especially to stealthy ships to be in a battle where they are permanently spotted because the air is always full of planes.
  6. Yankmyplank

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    Not had this tbh, usually if I DC I get back in game to hear my ship blow up before game renders
  7. Yankmyplank

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    absolutely no mods installed, it is a fresh install on fairly new hard drive, but this has always happened, how can it possibly be on my side? if the server recognises I have used the consumable but game fails to do the repair, that is surely a server side issue! Ran wgcheck a thousand times or more tbh and it comes up with no issue. I am also not the 1st and certainly will not be the last to have this problem either.
  8. Why has the repair bug not been sorted out yet? , all too often my ships are either put on fire or flooding and when I hit the repair button, the consumable is used but has no effect! No repairs done in fact. I know this has been reported so many times yet still this is an issue. Really guys maybe work on fixing what is not right before adding new content, I guarantee it will keep more people happy rather than rage quitting!
  9. Yankmyplank

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    Well at least WG seem to have addressed the OP idea of putting 2x CV in high tier battles with this update!