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  1. zordage

    WG: 2 options: Hakuryu torps

    I am not playing her on daily bases but when was the nerf ( change ) on the torp's range ?
  2. zordage

    CV Rework Discussion

    Did wargaming give any comets on the slingshot it feels like a broken gimmick and can not be some thing that was originally intended. ?
  3. zordage

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    @Tanatoy You are a brave chap standing in front of this mess hope there is a paycheck in the end there for ya
  4. zordage

    PT, AA changes

    I only had an idea and a place to drop it how or if the can is more then i know only hope it can lead to some thing good.
  5. zordage

    PT, AA changes

    Regarding the pta i think if you are able to have a version of pta running on the main server you will see more players take part in it. How i see it on the live server add a new battle type where you have random co op rank and so on but one for pta that will make it more user friendly and i believe you get better stats for your tests that way.
  6. zordage

    So whats the next step regarding CVs ?

    Did few runs in cv´s on the test server in the upcoming 0.6 and the aa was a bit better you still lose plains but it was not so extreme like it can be in the current build is.
  7. zordage

    CV Rework Discussion

    Where did i say that i liked some thing regarding godmode ? At the moment i have 170 ships in my port and i am sure i know both sides of this coin. That´s why the original post was made. And if we do not point out the flaws here on the forums wg will continue on the same path with more stupid things. If you are in to simulators there are others then warthunder that do a better job and yea i play that game also. I have no desire to have a fight with you here on the forums if that's what you you are after you have to keep going on alone.
  8. zordage

    CV Rework Discussion

    All classes can be dominating in the hands of a good players. And if you don´t like cv´s that´s up to you i like them but hate the current way where plains drop´s like fly´s there are no skills in this atm you are either in the ring where you lose x plains per sec or you are outside of it. And to top it it is stupid that a wing of 8 plains only 2 go in to attack formation and the other 6 fly after them in a lemmings order to be pick´d down one by one.
  9. zordage

    CV Rework Discussion

    Droping my 2 cents on the current update. First of all the casualty's on plains is way out of control and to be honest if you expect us to buy this crap then get a handle on it and that fast.
  10. zordage

    Savage Battle - How do you like them?

    Like them wish there where some achievements in there but over all fun change of pace.
  11. zordage

    Cv future patc

    Good day and sorry to leave you all hanging i am a cancer survivor and when i take my med´s before sleep i do get a bit drowsily. Back to the point this is the rework that is on the agenda and i was referring to this. Now to Wargaming now that we see that you have a base line that you are going to build on i want to ask that you try to inform your player of why this is the way you want to go and why manly to get players to understand your reasoning for the changes. I am in no way trying to say any thing against this progress i might even agree to some of it but the players need to be informed on what your plans are to prevent another shitstorm.
  12. zordage

    Cv future patc

    Wg had a press release of sort and its on YouTube now any way Som pointers talk with the comity before you slap them with the Nerf bat I think the squarely overall sorry need to ad to this later my sleepiness starting to assist
  13. Glad to see that commonsense is still working and hope you see that the community has the interest of the game at hart.
  14. Wargaming has some thing few company´s do a community that is willing to step up and speak for the game that we play think for a moment if that is worth throwing a way . This Ntc is not a thing we want in this way or any other way so be smart and scrap it.
  15. I like the game and i´m playing it casual i hope to do so in the coming years if i survive hope the do not ruin it before i´m dead first.