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  1. zordage

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    After the first 2 rounds all stock planes on tier 8 are way to weak the drop like fly´s from the AA BB´s and DD´s are downing the whole squads with out them getting in range to drop. More testing later to day.
  2. This part of the cv test is good over all the control is a bit rough but i´m sure that will be on the to do list. Antiaircraft will be nice to see it in it´s final form with commander talents and modules. Regarding the squads setup i think it will be a good idea to have the option in game to chose your load out on all squads in the fight instead of having one preset for all squads on carrier the used to have both He and Ap bombs on the ship.
  3. To Start with I think this will be fun to play if there are 3 carriers in the map max. The one squad control is a bit tricky and its easy to do mistakes like starting your run sec to late and so on. The AA from ships is brutal and you can focus fire on larboard or starboard side. Over all i think this can be a way instead of the old RTS and in the end thatch the aim.
  4. zordage

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    Like this almost over all there is on Con that is annoying when you get to the Hall of fame that´s the getting the kill snipe for some extra points for the kill might be a way to change that some way.
  5. zordage

    General Feedback

    The Space battles are a good flavor to the game for those who want to play it i´m sure. The ground grid is so hard to not focus on it´s to bright or some thing so other parts of the map and game play are to hard to see good option be a tone it down. Over all the Space battles look like a game that can run on its own IP
  6. Yes if the option to use mods is open there are always players who miss use the option to get the edge. But there is nothing to stop wg from improving there game and take in those anty-glere and flags and so on in to the game to take out the need for mod´s.
  7. Best way for fair play get rid of all mods from 3rd party.
  8. zordage

    Need some cannon fodder

    Heya PLD is a casual clan doing this for the bonus from the buildings only so far we are only 4 and all members get the recruiter rank when the join up so you can invite your friends also
  9. zordage

    Good way to make the mm work

    vell yea t10 will not be seal season
  10. zordage

    Good way to make the mm work

    Hello my idea is first and only thinking random battles. To start with rank 1 and 2 get this one all for them self. And now the rank 3 ship will play with ships from pool of players that fit in to the fromula. So here i is rank 3 ships will get rank 2 ank rank 4 Rank 5 ship will get battles with the system few rank 4 and rank 6 and son will make a old man happy when some of the stuff i say gets used
  11. zordage

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Good day this is a nice event. I like to join the raffle. I wish for any of the new premium carriers and doubloons and premium time is always welcome.
  12. zordage


    PLD is casual guild for the oil bonus only apply if you want to join.
  13. zordage

    Paladin of the red skull

    Hello for the moment we are only 2 members in this clan that had it´s golden day´s in the first years in eve online. Our aid is to get players who play on and of nothing hardcore and it´s better to have age range 25+ sum of us hitting 40. The main plan of the guild is only to get the bonuses there are no plans on any formal activity so if you are causal 35 years or older and only playing this for your own fun then PLD will be a fine fitt. I will log on daily now so send in applications and the get sorted out fast
  14. zordage

    Flame in fight chat

    Hello from what see in the few ranked battles i go in to there are always players calling and name shaming and so on . What i want to ask is when we report player x for ranting in chat naming us all noob´s and downhill from there what effect will my reporting for chat misbehavior have in the long run ?
  15. zordage

    super containers

    What are the % to get super containers be nice to know