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  1. VigilanteMerc

    HMS Hood AA test

    Well this is dumb. I'm mostly a BB and CA/CL player, this is broken as all [edited]. Not to mention it does not fit the Hood at all. Her AA irl was adequate at most. Good video as always though Flamu.
  2. VigilanteMerc

    Why WG is so biased against anything British?[Espesialy LEANDER]?

    This and more this, i am British, the RN was not some amazing invincible fleet. The RN fleet had a choice between quality and quantity. They went quantity, which was the right choice considering Britain's strategic situation (big empire and all). Even then, there where some good ships the RN heavy and light cruisers (irl, as well as in game for the most part) where excellent, as where there destroyers. Their capital ships can range from adequate to good, but i would argue (other than maybe when Dreadnought was launched) they where never the best in terms of design, tending to play it safe rather than experiment too much. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for the RN (HMS Hood looks great :b) but fanboys really need to back off on what they expect from these ships. As for the OP and the Leander, the Leander is great. I'm hardly the best player in the world and even i do well in it.
  3. VigilanteMerc

    Limiting number of BBs in a game to three max per team.

    But the ships are already not equally relevant. CVs are already limited. And to be perfectly honest from a historical standpoint they weren't. CVs upended the BBs dominance as the ruler of the waves. That should be shown in game imo. As should the fact that BBs where hard to take down unless you had a CV , another BB or out numbered them (with some leeway for game play, as mentioned above think two cruisers should have a good chance to kill one BB). BBs should be strong yet vulnerable. Otherwise you end up with a circle jerk of nerfs that always occurs when you nerf one thing suddenly something else becomes OP and they nerf that. Still its all subjective, i still think a better way to go about it is to limit the number of BBs and then do minor nerfs to make them easier to kill for DDs and CVs.
  4. Hello, I think limiting BBs to maybe two to there per team will help make the game a lot more interesting. A. I think it allows BBs to be kept strong vs cruisers (as they are historically vs cruisers) whilst meaning a BB cant just yolo rush cruisers as they will be outnumbered. B. It allows for more DDs in a game to counter the BBs. C. It makes BBs fell more impactful imo, these are expensive and costly capital ships that where deployed sparingly. At the moment they just feel like large cruisers with big guns due to the amount of players. Imo the game balance needs adjustment aswell One cruiser shouldn't be able to kill a competent BB on there own (unless they outplay them massively anyhow) , two or more should be able to %50-80 of the time though (which imo currently doesn't happen, a BB can wreck cruisers for days). CVs need buffs in order to counter BBs, with more rewards for defending team mates with fighters in order to stop BB rage. Cruisers should get rewards as AA escorts as well. DDs need buffs aswell, although i have no idea now to fix them tbh. I also think you should get a 4%-5% XP reward for killing ships when in range (say 100-500M) of 2 or more friendlies, excluding platoon mates. Would encourage more team work maybe? In an ideal world (for me anyhow I'm not going to say this isn't subjective) a team list would look like this 1-2 CVs (if 2 only 2 BBs) 2-3 BBs (if 2 CVs only 2 BBs) 4-5 CA/CLs(depending on number of DDs) 3-4 DDs (depending on number of cruisers If there are no CVs in a team then the maximum amount of BBs is still 3 with the slot being taken by an extra cruiser or destroyer. Anyhow just some ideas. Disclaimer: Just a heads up, my highest tier ship is 7 so i base most of my opinion of high tier balance off youtube videos. So what i am saying could be complete bollocks tbh. But the game really does need balance changes for BBs somewhere. They're too common atm nothing else can really hard counter them atm. Every other class has a counter , Cruisers have BBs, DDs have CL/CAs but BBs currently are too strong in every category.
  5. VigilanteMerc

    FPS drop during battle by all players

    I use the steam FPS counter though so maybe it is a bug with that. Also either way the point still stands. Will check the in game one 2 secs. EDIT: Just checked the in game one shows 75 currently so you are right my fault for using the steam one (i am used to it so i didn't think to check the one built in :b). Being locked to 75 FPS is the most random number ever 0.o , seeming as 120hz-144hz monitors exist and are in use (not that i use one i just like the leeway if the frames drop for some reason), unless they are using the frame rate for some animation or physics calculations maybe? which is bad practice anyhow.
  6. VigilanteMerc

    FPS drop during battle by all players

    Just had the same issue, normally get 75ps dropped to 20 for some reason. My specs are: i7 4790K @ 4.2ghz 16gb of ram @ 1600 mhz GTX 970 To be honest i have no clue what they have done , mainly as all they have seemed to do is add the textures for the new camos in . I am trying to update my video drivers to see if that helps. EDIT: updating my drivers seems to have worked for me, might work for you aswell, nothing lost if you give it a go anyhow. (also changed the FPS to 75 as nc_squall81 pointed out)
  7. VigilanteMerc

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned for not smoking weed all day.
  8. VigilanteMerc

    noobs read, im sick of loosing games couse you suck

    The arrogance is strong with this one. Just going to say there is only one constant factor in battles , no matter what tier or what the MM throws at you. And that is the lump of meat behind the keyboard.
  9. VigilanteMerc

    After testing, Carriers need more nerfs.

    I personally don't think there is an issue with CV's themselves (and i don't even play them) , most drops i find easy to avoid as long as i start turning before the TB's can drop there payload (aka spot them using the mini map) and in the process the AA guns shoot most of them down as they try to reacquire there target. The only issue i have with them is when they are dropped close enough to the ship that i cant do anything about it EVEN with turning early and shooting down planes ect. Mind you even in this situation i normally end up only eating one or two torps , which in the grand scheme of things isn't that bad when those sorts of drops are hard against someone paying attention anyhow and so it is normally down to the CV players skill (which by the way is still required in a CV contrary to popular belief) and if the BB player doesn't spot them tell it is too late. In a cruiser it is possible 90% of the time to avoid torps and and in a DD is probably 99%, this may drop to 80% or so in a BB (by the way these arnt official figures or anything just my experience) , but tbh its is a Battleship, seeming as it is a massive chunk of steel 80% isnt that bad especially with its HP pool. I dont think the CV's need anymore nerfs , what we need is a system in which cruisers (maybe even BB's and DD's to a lesser extent) are rewarded for escorting other ships. This will help encourage team play and help counter CV's in one go. Also this system could apply to CV's using there fighters to cover other vessels. Still this is only my opinion on the matter and my highest tier ships are only tier 6 so i have no idea about the real state of balance above that.
  10. VigilanteMerc

    Air Dropped Torpedo Nerf - 0.5.1

    I actually think the base of the idea is pretty good, and makes sense. And this is coming from someone who plays mostly BB's and Cruisers, it would make positioning your ship against air targets important and also give you something to counter the planes instead of just turning in and hoping for the best . I would say some zones on a ship should have more powerful AA than is in game now and some weaker this would reward players for good positioning and also reward CV players for getting a skillful drop in a weak zone . And could be done pretty simply. Maybe changing the defensive fire ability as well, so rather than it effecting all zones the player picks one but it has increased effectiveness than in game now.
  11. VigilanteMerc

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    I think it can be summed up in two words. it released?
  12. Welcome to online gaming, where its all the teams fault and never yours. That is the thing i don't get how do you think you will improve if you never think it is your mistake 0.o.
  13. VigilanteMerc

    Hit ratio

    Cheers for the link
  14. VigilanteMerc

    Hit ratio

    Hello, Just a quick question but what is taken as a good hit ratio? I was wondering as mine is sitting at 33% (granted only after 154 battles) , is there a server average any where? Also what is taken as a good players stats? I know i am not yet a good player but i tend to do better if i know what i am aiming for. Thanks for your time over such a mundane topic.
  15. VigilanteMerc

    Future British battleships and their Tiers

    First , i like your profile picture. Second, i agree she should be tier 6 or 7 (7 with 1941 refit) as at tier 8 she would be outclassed it almost every way.