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  1. Anulmentor

    Wake up, WG: you lost 50% of players in 5 months

    Looking at the numbers given by the graphs, WG achieved a new low in players on server, it is now settled in the below 20k area. Since I do not play at the moment my guess is that the MM is going overboard. Watching at WG's way of handling this turns into some kind of morbid fascination for me. And without some kind of serious change even the simple goal of getting a quality game in the near future out of this is not looking too good at the moment.
  2. Anulmentor

    Explanation and apology

    If i read correctly you had to do something IRL, and when you came back this, intended as humorous, thread had taken on not only a life of its own but apparently became sentient and self aware. Good luck with trying to solve this, +1 for the effort. P.S.: I would advocate caution in trying to be funny about these things in the future.
  3. Anulmentor

    The End

    Wow, is this stuff still going on??? Maybe wait on an actual answer from Ducat1st0 on the subject first before going completely ballistic? And without time stamped images of his mod-folder content nobody but him can say what mods he used or did not use. And even then people will come and say what they want to because reasons... (my foil-hat sense is tingling) On another note i can not think of any reason why he would use mods(other than visual mods) besides testing? makes no sense to me. If I were testing stuff and installed third party mods wouldn't that screw with the results i get? Hm....
  4. Anulmentor

    Warspite on sale - but in a bundle

    You think they are that cheap? 70€+ is my guess.
  5. Anulmentor


    That is true, it looks like the tier 6 is one too, but do not go to tier 7, it really looks painful.
  6. Anulmentor


    There fixed that for you. I have not skipped a ship other than the Karlsruhe and in WoT not a tank above tier 3, mostly played from stock to full equipped and i have to say it took me some games but in the end i skipped the Karlsruhe because it got too painful to play. Apparently it got buffed afterwards, probably the German AP buff but when i played it I had games with over 200 hits of AP and HE with less than 20k damage. The new way to play it seems to be long range AP fire, because if you get too close even DD's can hit your citadel and everything bigger than a DD turns you into a submarine very quickly.
  7. Anulmentor

    Wake up, WG: you lost 50% of players in 5 months

    Maybe a bit off-topic but why is "sealclubbing" bad? Is the economy in top tiers not made extra bad so that players HAVE to play lower tiers for income? The dev's want the experienced players in the lower tiers fighting with the new players, so ...
  8. Anulmentor

    Festive Bundles week 1

    There fixed it for you.
  9. Anulmentor

    Forum Structure Changes - November 29

    Scratch this... Forum just became less... obvious.
  10. A WG premium store without bundles? WG listening to complains about premium store items? You must still believe in santa.
  11. There is a difference between dead and dead. Dead as a game does not necessarily mean 0 players. Look at WoWp for an example. Would you say that the game is flourishing, dead or just barely surviving? The MM is already struggling for good matches at the moment imagine how it will be with half the ammount of players online. I will probably enjoy a game or two of WoWs in the future but not the same way as before and not as often.
  12. Anulmentor

    Festive Bundles week 1

    1-2 years? you seem to be an optimist. Looking at the number of players it is more like 6 to 12 months.
  13. Anulmentor

    Would you migrate to NA server if possible?

    Voted no, mostly because primetime issues. Playing on an otherwise empty server would suck more than playing without events or any kind of comunity management.
  14. Anulmentor

    Wake up, WG: you lost 50% of players in 5 months

    The competition is there, just not in the same genre. FO4 is drawing players away, so are other titles that are more interesting.
  15. True, but we are a growing minority. Not because there are more active forumites but the other players are leaving in droves.