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  1. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    New Codes

    Thanks Kind Regards SKWK
  2. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    My first random for the weekend - and prolly my last. 😫

    I always try to avoid the weekends unless I really really need to grind something out but yeah, even though I am a potato, there are so many so much worse than me at the weekends lol Safe sailing Regards SKWK
  3. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Most frustrating moments for you.

    CV players who actually know what they are doing and making your life miserable no matter which class of ship you are in. Safe Sailing Everybody. SKWK
  4. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    new code (20 December)

    Thanks for the code Regards SKWK
  5. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Yay! 25% discount voucher on coal/steel ships has arrived

    Just got Napoli, now have to wait till I get home and can log into the game and check her out. Must admit to giving WG some of my hard earned dosh but just had to have the Repulse, got her last night and she really doesn't disappoint, so fast and very accurate, only 1 game but 89k damage wasn't disappointing for a first outing. Stay safe guys and good luck out there. Regards SKWK
  6. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Will you get Marlborough?

    Not my cup of tea or saucer of milk if it comes to that. I don't do the dockyard events, too . Regards SKWK
  7. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Birthday conundrum

    Hi Ship Mate I'd recommend Cold Waters, a submarine game but very well done and some of the updated mods for it have introduced a huge range of different nations sub's to play with. Regards SKWK
  8. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Another Coal Question

    Hi All I have accumulated enough coal to get either the Napoli (in 12 days time when i get my next discount coupon) or I am considering buying Gunther Lutjens, I have the Japanese special commander Isoroku Yamamoto which I got doing the missions (took me ages lol). I quite enjoy cruisers, though I am playing DD's a lot recently (Elbing, Vampire 2, T-61 & Halland) and I have quite a few German premium and non-premium boats to use Gunther on but I want both lol and I wondered which might disappear from sale first, as it will no doubt take me a while to save up enough coal for one or the other again. Thanks in advance for the advice and help. PS - I am a average/to below average player, just to make that plain before I get some unwanted comments, I don't have a clan, so nearly all my random matches are solo, which makes life quite difficult , as I have no-one to back me up, I must look for a clan willing to take on some one and help them improve. Kind Regards SKWK
  9. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    What is your 'rarest' ship in WoWS?

    Looking through the various posts, I see many that I own, so here is my list and yes I do spend too much money on here, I was a bit of a collector but am learning to control myself now to ships I am interested in, rather than everything lol. Thunderer Musashi Enterprise Mikhail Kutuzov Tiger 59 HSF Harekaze Flint Belfast Kamikaze Giulio Cesare Agincourt Konig Albert Vampire (Tier 3) Regards SKWK
  10. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    New Codes

  11. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    If you were to have just one ship

    Vampire 2
  12. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Codes from Massivelyop

    515 left and thanks for the link SKWK
  13. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Hidden code in plain sight

    Thanks SKWK
  14. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Agir or Azuma ?

    I would go with the Agir too.
  15. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty


    Ok wishful thinking on my part, thanks for the quick responses. SKWK