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  1. Is Minotaur fun?

    Not everyone sits behind an Island and spams SAP at everyone, believe it or not there are a few RN CL players who are quite aggressive and tend to hunt DD's and support caps, yes smoke is a tool and RN cruisers being extremely fragile, we'd be a bit thick not to take advantage of the smoke (not the best smoke around even) and take a few shots and then plan an escape route before someone deletes you. Treading the fine line between controlled aggression and over extending and getting a spanking is fun. Perhaps you should try it before you knock it. Just a suggestion to take with a bit of salt
  2. Is Minotaur fun?

    Mmmm, you don't own the Minotaur and you haven't even been down the British cruiser line, so I think we should take your opinion with a pinch of salt.
  3. Finally got a supercontainer.....

    Got my first SC of the New Year last night and my first ship in one, the M Kutuzov , so thank you very much WG and a happy New Year to you too lol
  4. Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Great review LWM as always, never thought much about the American line, have concentrated on the British and German ships but I got the Atlanta in one of my Santa Boxes and whilst I have fought against many in game, I have never played any US cruisers. I have looked at the build and built her as a AA ship and escort and took her out for a quick match last night. Good god, firing at max range, I thought my shells had gone to the moon and back before they came down. Well that didn't go well, as said above the skill level is high for this ship and she's very unforgiving of mistakes, i.e. getting caught in open water and being chased down by every man and his dog, could I dis-engage last night, could I F@*$ LOL. Anyway time to re-think and get some research done on how to play her effectively for myself and the team. I sadly miss the smoke that I get with my Fiji . Looking forward to reading tips etc from you more experienced guys & girls. Thanks in advance SKWK PS - I got a 10 point captain with her, so I have a build of Priority Target, AR, BFT and AFT. Can I do better with 10 points?
  5. Mighty Mo, only half way there, what to do?

    If you don't want to convert your free xp for cash to buy the Mo, have you thought about using your free xp for HMS Nelson. Worth a thought I love my Nelson, insane heal, good guns (HE is great and AP is very solid), armour is good, you have a citadel that above the waterline, so don't show too much broadside but that's normal lol, she's definitely worth spending your free xp on.
  6. Recommended all in one Youtube for Novice CV player

    Many thanks, this will keep me busy making notes when I get home from work.
  7. Hi Guys Thought I would ask the experts and rather than inflict myself onto the player base in real time, can you recommend an all in one youtube vid for me. I have tried playing a few games against bots but am struggling a bit. Thought I would try CV's to avoid the HE spam fest a bit and learn something new. Had a few good cv players hand my [edited]to me in DD's by either continually spotting me and making my life hell or cross dropping and sending me home early. Thanks in adavance Kind Regards SKWK
  8. Verdict on Nelson?

    Quite agree with you, spent 3 battles last night ducking in & out of Islands and ruining the enemys ability to push in. Love the speed of the turrets but more importantly the power of the guns and accuracy are just great. I only have 17 battles so far (real life keeps interfering lol) but she's my favourite ship at the minute.
  9. Nelson or Hood

    I prefer the Nelson too, the guns are so much more accurate and hard hitting, espically to CL/CA's. The armour is so so but the heal more than makes up for that, all you really have to do is try to avoid over extending by yourself and coming under massed HE spam, also there's the lets kill the new ship syndrome too lol.
  10. Nelson or Hood

    I have both, though havent had much time to play this past month or so, due to work and life commitments but I played 3 battles on the bounce last night with the Nelson and she feels very very nice, great guns, plenty of damage output (I averaged 90k over the 3 battles) and had 3 wins. Yes I know 3 battles are no were near enough to form any conculsions but she felt good, reasonable rudder time and the armour didnt feel as bad as is being described and I did come under an awful lot of fire (New ship syndrome lol, lets kill the new ship) and the heal definatly saved my butt on at least one occasion. Look forward to divisioning up with my clan mates and taking perhaps a couple of Nelsons out, now that would cause some problems to the enemy team.
  11. The Best T10 Destroyer?

    Thanks Flamu, I watched this on your Youtube a short while ago, much appricated and has given me some idea of whether to continue with the IJN line or finish the US line. Keep up the good work
  12. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Have WG given any idea of the time scale for release? Have my xp waiting and just want to press the button lol
  13. HMS Gallant

    Hi Op Just to say wow, have rarely seen such a wall of text about a ship, now this is not a judgemental post and I am like you an average joe but whilst I respect your right to a opinion I think you'll find the vast majority have nothing but praise for this ship, yes its not the best but by no means anywhere near as bad as you imagine and say . A lot of your problems seem to be from picking fights with DD's that you should be avoiding, she's not a gun boat, though a 5 sec reload is nothing to sniff at. Have a look at some of the vid's on Youtube, Flamu, Notser etc, they will give you some better hints at what and what not to do with her and in some respects DD play in general. PS - One point I will mention, is that if you are playing WoW then abandoning games in randoms should not be the norm, either make the time to play without interruptions (family emergency not withstanding) or don't play, I think your attitude there really disrespects the players who make the effort but thats a purely personal opinion. Anyway good luck with the Gallant and fair sea's. Kind Regards SKWK
  14. [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Hi In WoT I have been in TEC for as long as I can remember but I have switched to playing WoW's as I felt the Gold ammo creep/New Premium tanks were ruining the game. Anyway TEC have a presense in WoW's but really never play or do anything, so I am looking at switching to a more active clan and was wondering if you are interested in taking on a relative noob but one who is steadily improving. My histrorically interests in the Naval side of things, all stemmed from reading and re-reading the complete Hornblower series many times and my favourite line at the minute is the RN CL line, espically the Fiji and Minotaur, although I do like the Shiny Horse and Graf Spee. Anyway looking forward to hearing more from you later. Kind Regards SKWK
  15. Friedrich Der Grobe advice?

    All as above, I loved mine and regret selling her so I could afford the T10. Will definatly buy her back when I have the cash/credit flow to do so. She's tanky as hell when angled properly, the AA isnt bad and I had her specced for secondaries.