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  1. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    HMS Exeter

    Hi All Just thought I'd start a general topic on the new Tier 5 Premium Heavy Cruiser Exeter, Looking for peoples thoughts, tips, commander skills etc. One thought from me, after seeing her in the WIP video's from various CC's, I was slight disappointed that they removed the smoke from her, being a heavy gun cruiser, on a light British cruiser hull can make life interesting sometimes. It would have been useful to have a smoke screen to duck into occasionally but saying that with a bit of angling, kiting and dodging it isn't working out to badly but I haven't had the time over the weekend to get more than a few matches in her (6 battles, 83% wr and an average of 33k). Still I am finding her comfortable for a new ship, I like the guns though the AP does seem to lack some pen at range. Looking forward to hearing your experiences with her etc Regards SKWK
  2. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Blue-on-blue torpedo situations

    I do agree with the phrase, "Your Torps, your fault" but (there's always a but) these friendly fire, blue on blue accidents do happen and they are rare but not that rare, I am sure we have all had it happen to us at one time or another. As an idea could not WG introduce something along the lines, that you don't turn pink or incur a team kill penalty unless the person torp'd during the match, reports you afterwards. I admit I made an error last week and team killed a fellow DD, yes it was my fault but purely unintentional, he changed direction and that was that BUT he did understand and said something along the lines of crap happens, don't worry. Obviously if you make a second team damage or kill in a single match then normal team killing/damage penalties apply but the above could be a way to solve a minor problem. Just an idea Regards SKWK
  3. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Sorry, my apologies, I should know better. Regards SKWK
  4. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Oh wow a stat fairy, my we are a pathetic little chap eh. Did we get out of bed on the wrong side mate or are you always this obnoxious. And yes my stats aren't great but I don't hide them and I am improving and I play this game for fun and not to belittle other players. Are you such a unicum player?? And if you are so awesome, please share some tips with us all but I doubt I'll see that here, perhaps some more stat shaming or something new, looking forward to your reply lol. Please try to keep a sense of humour? Regards SKWK
  5. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    This is a Musashi appreciation thread, not a "Agree with DuneDreamer Thread", so we can agree to disagree but I have no idea why the rest of my comment is irrelevant, as its a Musashi appreciation thread??? And I find that I have had quite a few tier 7 matches, perhaps I have just been lucky.
  6. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Sorry can't agree with you, the Musashi gets to meet tier 7 ships and with 460mm guns, that's never going to get stale, I had a great match in her last night, both teams fought hard and it came down to 2 vs 2 at the end, we won and I had 190k damage & 3 kills, not huge amounts of damage, as I know a lot of you guys have more and better but I am very confident that there are few ships that could soak up (when angled correctly) and deal the sort of damage that she can. Shame the rest of my matches that night didn't go as well lol. Regards SKWK
  7. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    Yep, I had to drop RPF (which I take on most of my DD's if they have enough points on their captains) as I found that there were too many times in my grind with the Jutland/Daring that I just couldn't do the damage I wanted/expected and also at tiers 8/9/10 you find that a lot (not all) of the players know to angle against T9/10 British DD's to stop the full pen of the AP rounds, this means that HE & IFHE are mandatory if you still want to do some damage. Not trying to teach you to suck egg's (I know you are a much better player than me and your clan too) but people like me read these forums and if it isn't spelled out in big letters sometimes, then it can easily be over looked/missed or just be one of those facts that hey, AP is fantastic on the T9/10's, so I can use my 4 points (IFHE) on something else. Perhaps I missing something here and some people will get great results from non-ifhe HE but I think the majority of us average joes need it. PS - Keep up the informative posts on here Negativv, you always bring a lot of useful information/knowledge to these discussions SKWK
  8. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    Agreed the AP on the Jutland & Daring is very good but HE plus IFHE is needed too, there are situations when no matter how good your AP is, it will either start to bounce or shatter depending on the target/armour. Please don't give out that AP is all that you need, even though you didn't say that, that is sort of how it comes across (or so it appears to me, no disrespect intended), the statement above needs to be qualified with the HE. Regards SKWK
  9. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    For me I love the FDG and the Graf Spee, a lot of people really dislike them or at least just don't click with them and for some weird reason they both just clicked with me and I enjoyed them both. I sold the FDG to fund the GK purchase which I bitterly regret, will buy her back when I have saved some more credits up. Great post OP Merry Christmas to all SKWK
  10. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    Its just sad that the OP has bothered to come to the forum (had his rant) been given loads of advice, pointers, help etc and still refuses to accept that he's doing something if not wrong then down right counterintuitive to his gameplay. I love the forum, the help, free advice (both good and bad lol), I wish I had found it sooner and been able to put into practise all the simple things you can do to help yourself and your team mates. Come on OP please take the advice offered, anyway best of luck in your choices. SKWK
  11. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    Thanks for the help, I found the purple (or so he/she seems Koala)
  12. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    Hey there Procrastes, where is this damn Koala, spent 10 mins last night going over her and couldn't see it, true I had had a few beers but even so a Koala on a ship should stick out like a sore thumb lol Thanks in advance SKWK
  13. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    HMS Dreadnought and HMS Vanguard: The First and the Last.

    I must say that so far I like the Vanguard, I have a 12 point captain in her at the minute, running PT, EM, AR, SUP, CE and find her a very comfortable ship to use, yes you will get a paddling if you show too much broadside but so far I love her guns, accuracy seems pretty good too and her ruder shift is amazing, the only thing I miss is a spotter plane or Hydro to help with torp spotting but so far (I know its only 14 battles & 64% wr) I like her very much.
  14. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Cossack gets a torp reload buff - Why not Haida (Cossack-lite)?

    A turret buff would be good but I currently run EM (18 point captain) on my Haida and find that solves most of the turret rotation problem, I find her a very nice DD and also think her unique smoke (Perth smoke I know) makes her a much more difficult ship to hit than the static smoke screen in other DD's that force you to reverse back wards and then forwards to keep the people who shoot into smoke screens guessing, I think a lot of players out there (not all I know) are unaware of the 1/4 speed forward creeping smoke screen.
  15. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    I like the Perth very much too, not too many games in her so far and I find the lack of range a bit of a hold back for me (yes we do get a spotter plane) but the smoke I love, creeping forward at 1/4 speed puts off so many peoples aim when shooting at the smoke (as they seem to these days lol), they miss a lot more than when I am in a DD trying to move backwards & forwards in my small smoke cloud.