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  1. All as above, I loved mine and regret selling her so I could afford the T10. Will definatly buy her back when I have the cash/credit flow to do so. She's tanky as hell when angled properly, the AA isnt bad and I had her specced for secondaries.
  2. Sorry but I disagree, the Belfast whilst an ok ship, seriously misses having torpedo's and heal. Like all RN CL's she is seriously squishy and once you smoke up, any good player will just charge into your smoke (your team backing you up might help but mostly not :-( ) and take you out. But this is a personal opinion, I know lots of people like her but I don't. Fiji is just miles better
  3. The Fiji is a lovely cruiser to play and to look at too. As VC says she rewards the aggressive, playstyle. My only add to it all would be to constanly think of your postioning and your enemys postioning and to have that escape route in the back of your mind at all times and smoking up in the middle of an empty ocean, whilst it might hide you for your smoke duration, any enemy (mainly thinking of BB's) who wants to wait you out, is going to be rewarded, unless you sneak out the back to smoke and make a run for it. But for a fun filled game the Fiji provides it all. At the minute I am running a 60% win rate in her after 53 battles, she definatly my favourite, just in front of the Graf Spee.
  4. If you need/want to platoon up, give me a shout
  5. Hi HSJ Well as a young boy I was in the Sea Cadets for two years but for some reason when I turned 16 I joined the British Army lol, luckily I joined at a time when there was a lot of opportunities to serve all over the world. I was in the Falklands war, attached to the Rapier AA missile units (12 AD Regt Wksp "T" & "9" Bty), I served in Belize for 6 months on the Guatamalen boarder (Holdfast Camp if anyone here remembers it), I have spent 4 months in Norway with the Royal Marines (3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron), I spent 2 years in Hong Kong with 660 Sqn AAC, just before we handed it over to the Chinese and I have spent over 4 years in Northern Ireland on and off, same with Germany I have spent over 12 years in Germany with various units. Like all Army people, I have exercise all over the world and have been envolved in the following conflicts, Falklands War (as mentioned), Northern Ireland through-out the height of the troubles, Bosnia with NATO, Kosovo with UN and the Iraq war in 2003, just before I left after 25 years. I know its not naval service but it just goes to show, that its not just people with a Naval background who have been bitten by the WoW's bug, though my father in law was a Petty Officer in the submarine service and has a huge list of interesting stories. Regards SKWK
  6. Saw you last night ilhilh, I was in my Lo Yang and you were in a division of Hoods, you killed me as I was tunnelled visioned on an Alabama about 8kms away, whilst sitting in my smoke after 3 kills,thinking where he's going, when I should have looked up and thought "Bugger, wheredid that bloody Hood come from lol" Well played anyway, if my torpedo reload had been 15 sec's faster, I might have taken you with me For me though, the ShineyHorse is my favourite and fun ship, I have the Hood but too few games in her to make any call on whether shes any better.
  7. I voted for DD's but also hoping we see some good Heavy Cruisers, looking forward to seeing how WG implement the Royal Navy's flavour in the heavy line. What will be the sort of stand out chararistic for this group?
  8. The Fiji is probably my go to ship at the minute, for that awesome mix of stealth, power and ability to quickly hide or accelarate out of trouble and heal herself. A very squishy line of ships and you must be aware of your position, the enemy's position and your escape route at all times and do not, i repeat do not smoke up in the middle of open water with no escape behide an island available (unless you have no choice) You enemy will circle and wait, this means you have basically F*%£%"d up and you now are hoping they make a mistake and charge into your smoke and onto your torps.
  9. Enjoy, lets hope the weather is kind to you out there.
  10. Just bought the Hood (Captains Edition), as its finally at a reasonable price and I just couldnt wait another week or so before it drops again, damm you WG take my money lol Looking forward to playing her tonight, havent seen that many around on the EU server yet and havent really been troubled by her on the enemy teams. Still can't wait to get home early and sail into a a sea of shells aimed at me because A. Its the Hood, so lets kill the new ship and B. I tend to play very aggressive, which can lead to over extending, when the rest of my team either melt or turn tail. Have become tunneled visioned on many occasions, only to look up and find myself the centre of enemy attention cos no-one else is in sight
  11. Caught in a landslideNo escape from reality
  12. Mostly on a weekly basis, nice to see my stats slowly coming up after a poor start.
  13. I understand that WG are a business and want to make money but they would have probably made more money if they had released a cheaper bundle, £85.00 has priced out 95% of thier market straight away. I am not rich but not poor but I consider £85.00 to be too much, yes you can argue that for what you get in the bundle, its good value for money its just that most people don't have £85.00 to throw at this opportunity.
  14. £85.00 ffs WG, you could at least sell another couple of bundles, slightly cheaper. To say I am disappointed is an understatement but with WG EU nothing suprises me nowdays. PS - I would buy the Hood but am sure my wife will notice £85.00 missing from my pocket money lol and then she might start looking into what else I buy rofl, can't have that. PPS- Does the 19 day sale mean we won't see a cheaper bundle or the standard ship for 19 days?????
  15. Personally i think we have enough BB's in game with torps, anymore and all brawling will be fraught with worrying overmuch about dodging the torps.