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  1. Patax2

    Getting rid of Cimarron's christmas look

    Wow, that's something I didn't consider to be related :D Thank you very much, time to switch back to Hawaii :^)
  2. Hi, As the title suggests, I've gotten a bit tired of seeing the christmas containers on the supply ship 5 months into the new year. :^) Originally I suspected my mods to be responsible for that but it appears that even in vanilla state they are still there. See the image below for reference. Is there any way of getting rid of the decorations, preferably something other than a complete reinstall? Cheers and thanks in advance for your tips
  3. Patax2

    Upgrade of Ship Spotting System

    they are trying to cater to the lowend pc users as much as possible in WoT too, but after they removed the render-delay there, there wasn't any outrage from ppl about the game becoming unplayable for them because of that. Edit: Because of that I very much doubt that it massively cripples the performance on lowend builds in WoWS.
  4. Patax2

    Upgrade of Ship Spotting System

    I hope the devs will actually fix the current spotting delay instead of that eyewashing by just adding another delay, calling it a job well done afterwards. The devs of World of Tanks also managed to get rid of that rendering delay properly, so I don't see any legitimate (technological) reason why it won't work in Warships.