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  1. Clan wars is a coming again, 4 spot left out of 40. Need you to be On TS though when it starts.
  2. 7 slots free ya sea lovers.
  3. Clan Battles are back, Join us for glory!! Everything is now unlocked in our dockyard too, apart from the 50 man extension. We still got 8 slots open though.
  4. We are in the Storm league! So if yer want that lovely gold bit of text in front of yer name, Join up! 9 spots available.
  5. soupseed

    destroyer captain

    Wulf Has just expanded to 40 slots & we are looking fer some more evil blood thirsty.. Players fer clan wars!
  6. Expanded to 40 slots, which means we now have 12 more spots giving plenty of opportunities for glory & death.
  7. Cleared out some more rubbish that was blocking oil intake. 4 more spots available!
  8. Sorry fella, we really need more experienced players now, as we are concentrating on getting a strong clan wars fighting, mean, bubble gum eating bunch of sea monsters.
  9. 2 spots up, Join up fer clan wars!!
  10. Apply & i'll get you in ladies!
  11. More un-oiled dead wood floated away, which means 3 spots open again to any captain who can be arsed to play.
  12. We got 3 spots come available, some oilers have gone to pasture, the lazy gits!