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  1. Yea, the title is quite self-explanatory for my peculiar introduction. I just started playing this game again after recently being vowed by the micro-intensive role of the current figuration of CVs in this game, I have weird -soft spot for overwhelming possibilities and strategies and the general mind-game between friends & foes. After two all-nighters to prepare myself for the midterm exams and playing World of Warships I've grown quite bored to have only myself, some weird bloke on the thing called internet, and the occasional stampeding herbivore creature I call roommate to play with. About me: A 21 year old East-Gothland farmer that suddenly found himself 1100 km straight North from home with no money and in a class for space engineering. Other things: Netflix & chill with the regular heat of the moment and playing Il2 Sturmovik Wings of liberty. Prefer using discord and won't say no for some competitive gameplay in all kinds of Blizzard titles, DS titels and that game kids call League of focking legends. Hobbies?? I somehow found myself on a plane to Tokyo [This was under the Wows CBT] with my weeb friends and got all kinds of ship models 1:700 but never bothered to finish 'em. Now that was possible the longest post I've ever done on this forum, on any for that matter as well. So to round up this extremely private and weird biography I'm just looking for some group that plays at least a couple division battles. Links to crapif you don't think I qualify for some absurd standards or something, I don't really care or I don't really know, who knows:
  2. After the release or in OBT, that's the question.
  3. Well what you are saying is true, Wows got a lot of RNG, but i wouldn't say it's filled with it. I mean dispersion is true, but for clarification of your statement that 10 AP shells did 800 is pretty explanatory in my opinion. You over penetrated the enemy vessel, your shells went through like a hot knife through butter. That 10 Ap shells did 46k damage is not impossible, after all most BBs got a maximum damage per shell at 13k hitpoints, and adding to this those shells could have done some critical damage to modules (guns, propulsion, steering etc.). I'm stating this from a couple of streamers and forum-posters that the armor value of several ships are literally broken, they need to be fixed as this is game breaking. The panicking airplanes factor is what i believe when torp/bomers are under attack from hostile AA or fighters, their hit-radius becomes much larger and when up against fighters i can personally state that my torp/bombers tend to zigg zagg towards the enemy vessel. Think that was the core critics of your post, now to the last one. E-sports attract a lot of new players and literally is a gold mine ready to be harvested. Sponsors are willing to pay a lot of money for ads and this is how WG keep their very well developed PR-team fed. I believe from my personal opinion that wargaming have become to big to just aim for good/satisfying gameplay. I have no experience with companies of this size so you should ask a PR-guy via any of the social medias (including the forum).
  4. You have to remember that Wows is going for a arcade feel.
  5. Green_Tracker

    Premium content

    Well touché. WG will implement the premium content in due time, you'll just have to wait until then. The game is still in Beta, which in my dictionary is a unfinished product. Edit: Didn't mean to represent my statement as something hostile.
  6. Green_Tracker

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

  7. Off topic: Axis & Allies is a game that never age and have been played by many (myself included). Back on topic: But i think these minor events would be against Wargamings initial goal. They are trying to bring Wows to a level of eport-ish, and competitive games don't really work that well with RNG. World of warships is trying to be something between RNG and static results, too much of either will make the game boring or just a dice rolling game. It is true that regular players that don't invest much time and energy with the results and what is actually happening in the game will notice anything, after all it is a win or a lose for them (and grinding towards that epic thingy). I wouldn't mind a game like wows with nice physics and that you can use listing to shot even further than 20km-ish, and to add to this, such mechanics might bring players like myself to watch competitive gameplay of wows. What y'a think?
  8. Well there are a lot but let's take it with a bit of salt. There are many reasons why the games don't use mechanics that could in first hand break the immersion of the game, other reasons would be that the game would have a learning curve. -> You'll have to RTFM Edit: Fixed a mayor grammar error, sorry.
  9. Green_Tracker

    ORLY applying

    To sign off this thread and ship it off to the scrap yard. Keep an eye out for the THIRD wave, especially for your clan members, friends and such. G'Night
  10. Green_Tracker


    It is still in Beta, there will be plenty of patches that will be all about optimizing the game for everyone. I would say from my own observation that Wargaming is doing the best they can to literally ship this game to your computer (which is as old as EXP). *Input shipping gif
  11. Green_Tracker

    Premium content

    They have stated somewhere that premium contents will be fixed for CBT. This is of course a 2nd hand source so don't quote on me.
  12. Wargaming staff members said in a Developers answers (can't remember which one, and won't give a sauce on this post atm.)video that they wouldn't create mechanics that in return would make the game more complex/harder/advanced. Short answer: They are doing it as arcade as possible, it attracts a greater audience than a simulator of this kind would. To be heard i found their answer a bit harsh towards all "gamers", I personally find it very disturbing that developers speak highly of their restrictions towards the game they've created and its engine. I wish there was listing, 2 buoyancy points, wind effects, what you mentioned etc.There is currently no rivals on the market for Wows, and the fact that wows is so hyped it doesn't need any fancy mechanics to engulf people. I probably railed off somewhere in my post, still knocked out after a very big exam.
  13. Green_Tracker

    The Person Below me (GAME)

    Yes, 400+ hours TPBM Love playing CV
  14. Green_Tracker

    ORLY applying

    It wouldn't be fair for many other clans, players, communities if a WoT/Wowp Clan just received roughly 100 new codes. If your clan members have followed the instructions WG gave us (the players) about how to get a code, then there is nothing else to do. In worst case you'll have to wait until OBT which (hopefully) should be in the near future. I understand your frustration to our answers but there's a lot of beggars visiting this forum, they come up with ridiculous stories (some worst than others) in hope to be spotted by a WG PR-man/woman and later receive a unique gift (aka CBT-code).
  15. Green_Tracker

    Carrier based aircraft, the movement.

    But something must be done with the animations, planes (dive bombers) are literally diving through the sea and fighters tend to fly with some very peculiar aerodynamics. I understand that the WG-team wants to have the arcade feel but that goal shouldn't effect the animation / handling of the planes and such. I believe that WG can fix this and remain the arcade feel.