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  1. Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    Thanks, seems I did wrong. I will test the 9,2 km ones ASAP :)
  2. Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    Can anyone give his opinion about the Loyang torps. I use the 6.7 km ones and also I like the added speed the added dmg seems even more important.
  3. Can we please stop the T10 spam?

    @ KubusSc7, lets say you are right (you are not, but just for the sake of argument) one can say its the same for everybody. You are not unfairly treated compared to other players. Furthermore you have ample means to get out of your misery. Play T7 or advance to T10. Instead you choose to dig in, whine big style and insult people. Fine, go ahead!
  4. Yes, but slow down and only then smoke is part of the RN CA gameplay. Or just approach the enemy at 3/4 speed. Dont think that need to be changed!
  5. Hi Schumy, would like to join either. I havnt underwhelming stats but can bring some Tier X to battle :) Like the idea of an international clan!
  6. I own two TX, Minotaur and Shima. Also Shima is fun I would much prefer a Gearing or Kaba. Minotaur, on the other hand, I really like. One salvo of ten 152 mm AP shells every 2.8 seconds, ten 10km torps per side (giving you more torpedo power than many DDs have), unmatched AA,best T10 cruiser stealth, great manouverbility, super heal and smoke. However, you get oneshoted more often than ever, Never get caught broadside. You better eat one or two torps while smoked rather than leaving it. And the constant firing makes you oblivious of the action around you.