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  1. 0.6.6

    Can confirm; same issue. This night (28 May) We (7 man division) played 6 rounds in different scenarios and won all 6 of them. I/(We) have 0 Wins for the Mission though.(Reward on main account #2 mission)
  2. 37 Hunt for Bismarck- premium lootboxes, 120 or so daily mission containers, the rest; 90 or so secret santa presents/containers
  3. When i get a 'lucky drop' it contains 20/20/1, not one more set of 7 signals (see picture attached to this post):
  4. OP might grind a regular line up to to tier 8 and 9 first and gain some experience that way before jumping into T8-10 battles with premiums without any real experience.
  5. Category 2 winner! Thanks and looking forward to the prices
  6. The navigator mod (ship direction indicator) is not working in the latest version for me. I rolled back to an earlier version, after that it was working again.
  7. Well, at least the alternative permanent camouflage that gives you a +10% bonus to your Credit earning is included in that package...ooh wait
  8. Woot! Any idea how many players reached 260 pearls and more?
  9. If you hover over/ click on Anshan's Type 11 camouflage you will see: +100% to free XP earned in the battle -3% to detectability by enemy ships +50% to XP earned in a battle Datapoint: first win with 50k damage: 500+ free exp granted
  10. Curious, how do you only get 945 exp when over 100k Damage and with 3x decaps. Checked my last tier 9 games and have: 50K damaga = 1559 base exp 90k damage = 1486 base exp 105k damage = 1636 base exp
  11. Pearl count is not irrelevant. It's pretty well known that the Project R will either finish on the 24th or when the 10 million pearls have been collected.
  12. Tirpitz or if you find that one to expensive or not available the HMS Belfast
  13. Yeah it seems the progress during 2 hours or so is missing because if you play a battle now it adds up just fine.
  14. Progress is partially back. Did they used a backup from an hour of 2 ago?