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  1. Isitari

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Same for me :S
  2. Isitari

    How many Solo Warriors do you have?

    0. one I've never managed to get in all my games, think I play too aggressively XD.
  3. Isitari

    Chat bans

    If you think someone needs chat banning for something serious, don't rely entirely on the reports system. I had an issue two days ago with someone who was being 'unpleasant' in the match to me and then in port after game (dude was on my team and I came top in that match, not that it should make a difference). I ended up contacting support and included a screenshot and replay of the game, guy was duly chat banned for a fixed period. To be fair, it is only the second time I've had to do this since CBT.
  4. Isitari

    EU servers bad connections

    On an SSD. I started running SSDs in RAID 0 over 10 years ago, £200 for 64GB XD. Sadly the reliability of SSDs back then was atrocious so I stopped. :P
  5. Isitari

    EU servers bad connections

    I've been getting random disconnects to the server whilst the rest of my internet and connections stay up. Maybe a bad hop somewhere?
  6. Isitari mini patch good???

    Only issue I have with this update is the 'stealth' AA from Mino and Worcester i.e. you spot them you are instantly under fire. For a tier 8 CV that's a death sentence for a squadron, now apply this to the Saipan which takes 15mins to replenish that squadron. Where mah balance? :S XD
  7. Isitari Hotfix is here

    Normally I'd agree for most USN CVs. Sadly my Saipan's dive bombers normally get wiped out by doing just one drop and replenishing the squad takes ~15mins, so the only viable alternatives are Torpedoes :S.
  8. Isitari Hotfix is here

    Sadly american torps are dropped point blank. You have to weather all the AA ranges to get within drop range.
  9. Isitari Hotfix is here

    Quoting one persons stats from a time when they were very much OP. I was averaging 115K in my Saipan in 0.8.0. It wasn't massively hard. Now, I make a single mistake (or even not sometimes) my entire squad dies and I'm left waiting ~15 mins to get all those planes back. Nice mechanic hey?
  10. Isitari


    Outside of the effects of CV's as that is still all very much subject to change, I find the Z-39 very strong. Maybe it just suits my play style but I'm currently sitting at these stats: Granted only small sample size but I absolutely love it :).
  11. Isitari

    Whats your average dmg on T8 CV?

    My average damage in my Saipan pre hotfix was 115K (unicum levels) but since the hotfix its dropped rapidly to around 70-80K. The current environment especially with Saipan planes is really really rough. I've now learnt how to not be deplaned in the first 10mins in tier X matches but I'm still out of planes normally by the end of the match.
  12. Isitari

    ouch this patch for my Saipan. I'm a unicum Saipan player under the 0.8 but has left me almost every single game being deplaned because even my planes that have dropped their ordnance are still being shot for several seconds due to the altitude change so I often get very few if any planes back. Combine this with 2+mins to prepare a new plane (no not a whole squad) I'm left doing sod all damage or damage that I deem ineffective (too late or not to 'useful' targets).
  13. Isitari

    70 air kills in a Repu...without AA build

    My Saipan is being deplaned more or less every game since the hotfix and I'm technically a unicum in it...this result does not surprise me sadly
  14. Just to make sure we know what S_O job actually was. He is NOT a CM, he is a dev who sets time aside to talk to us and on top of that he translates it too! Yes criticise WG, but jeez stop with the vile vitriol and threats that some people are using.