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  1. 22701 battles in a year.

    You could also just die in the first 5 mins of each match and go play another ship ;)
  2. People get free stuff (for what appears) not playing for a while. Awesome for them, hopefully brings more players back to the game and keeps them playing. People who play lots get benefits from all the offers, free ships, missions, flags, deals and XP. WG is now handing out its 5th free ship(?): Kamikaze R; Graf Spee; Shinonome; Bismarck and now Duke. Plus all the free British BBs you could get plus all the ranked ships rewards, 10 point captains etc etc. And yet you're still not satisfied?
  3. The amount of entitlement from some people in this thread boggles the mind...
  4. Guys, just enjoy the fact that someone else has got some free stuff. Or is Christmas always about mememememe? I didn't get anything end of, get over it and move on :).
  5. Congrats to those who received these! Sadly I didn't, so I'm ready for my extra salty tears...:'(
  6. Supertest fire duration changes

    Yes shockingly I did read it AND understood it. Its a small change on an already small effect. Therefore very little change ;)
  7. Supertest fire duration changes

    I agree with the change but do the stats actually bare what you're saying? According to these stats (that are old now granted) the story is definitely not as you feel it. I'll say again though, it's a good change :). (original image taken down sadly)
  8. Taking no damage, sigh, shows your situational awareness. I was at 20k hp after having tanked 2 tier 8, and tier 9 BB as Nelson takes Citadels through nose (there's only so much you can angle vs 3 BBs especially). And you charged in when? At the end leeroying into a cap which had a smoked fletcher covering it, a gneis flanking it and I think a Bismarck whilst I attempted to provide some support FOR YOU, to help YOU. I'm sorry if that doesn't cover your team play enough for you. But no you decided to criticise the team member which (according to XP, which isn't always right granted) contributed the most to our team. Next time look at yourself first rather than at others, then often you'll find you win more games :).
  9. Oh yeah you, the one who accused me of being a fail player when I came top of the team, was bottom tier and you and your division mate got less XP than me combined whilst you were top tier in a Lion :P
  10. Why is there no AA below t6?

    *cough* 260AA DPS out to 5.1km and 460AA DPS out to 2.9km :D
  11. PLEASE unify the consumables hotkeys

    As others have suggested permanent / fixed keys for consumables and even better drag and drop that is remembered with the account / preferences (just like HE/AP/AA off etc)
  12. Gun Bloom & Spotting time mechanic

    Dead easy. Use spotted time as a balancing factor on per ship basis. But WG won't do this as it's 'too complicated'...
  13. Ranked Season 7 in numbers

    I can imagine being in a Warspite was a damn load of fun :D.
  14. Ranked Season 7 in numbers

    Really can't be arsed with beyond Rank 10. The rewards were very meh unless you got to rank 1 i.e. lack of flags.