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  1. Isitari

    Yamamoto heal bug?

    Sadly not.
  2. Isitari

    Yamamoto heal bug?

    I was at 10k HP when I received Kraken. No heal received sadly :(.
  3. Isitari

    Bug Reports

    Yamamoto heal bug:
  4. Isitari

    Yamamoto heal bug?

    Before posting this in the bug section I want to check with you guys if you can replicate it as a bug or as something else :). So, possible bug in question lies with Yamamoto's heal buff on receiving a kraken award. In game in my Atago using Yamamoto and I get a kraken, all the buffs kick in except the heal. After the battle I go to check the commanders profile and it lists all the buffs except the heal reads in red: 0 (see attached picture). Am I missing something? Is there a reason for this? Yamamoto isn't trained for the Atago but should that matter as it's a premium? Many thanks, Isitari.
  5. Isitari

    British Camouflage, not very British!

    Ships with that camo need to be blaring out rule Brittania! Every time you get a kill the poor sod and you need to hear 'colonised!' in a unreal tournament style voice. ;)
  6. Isitari

    Less is sometimes more, as the saying goes...

    Though I'd like to put 'None' I feel radar is just odd especially through terrain. I feel dirty when I use it...
  7. Isitari

    We need more reports

    I compliment once every 2-3 games. Can be for small stuff (saying sorry etc) or carrying a game :).
  8. Isitari

    We need more reports

    It already goes up to 11 compliments and 11 reports a day. I don't know what the required karma is for the increased amount as I'm currently at 254, I can't remember when the tipping point was sadly.
  9. Isitari

    World of Warships lacks atmosphere

    Sounds like you want an entirely different game, pretty sure you'd have figured this out after 4K+ battles? The scope of change you want would require an entire change to well, everything.
  10. Isitari

    Can anyone explain this to me, please?

    You could quite easily receive 0 XP. Some examples I've had happen to me, started capping a point as a DD right at the start and then dying to a torp without spotting, doing damage or completing capping. Being spotted by CV planes and then blapped by unseen BB etc etc. Hasn't happened in a while though that its been 0 so maybe they fixed that and only now apply it to totally AFK ships.
  11. Isitari

    The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    Was that second spike on the KM line when a large number of people were given Bismarks?
  12. Isitari

    The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    I think something as complex as an online game explained in a 1000 or so words is pretty simple. Also I think the difference between Einstein's simple and yours may be exponentially different ;P
  13. Isitari

    WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    Needs to do something more than just launch an .exe, at the moment just feels like something else that needs to be updated.
  14. Isitari

    Awesome changes to Shimakaze and Prinz Eugen

    Use Arkansas Beta, it's far more effective :P
  15. Isitari

    Midway hard Buff

    To make you happy: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/2045245625801774