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  1. peoplescavalry

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Unless their Russian .
  2. peoplescavalry

    California in Shop

    Played a few games, overall not as bad as I feared, and you get a lot of ship beautifully rendered. The slowness is a plus if your a player with YOLO tendencies, she shoots straight ( citadels on a ambushed Iowa) and lots of Dakka Dakka if the red CV gets brave. Overall however she is a very average BB with far superior peers in its tier, maybe because she was real and not some fantasy RU concoction.
  3. peoplescavalry

    California in Shop

    I only went and bought it! Fool!
  4. peoplescavalry

    California in Shop

    LWM ouch! Hard pass.
  5. There seems to be a dearth of mid low tier premium ships lately, I know the big bucks are further up but I’m just wondering if there are any nicely priced premiums on the horizon?
  6. peoplescavalry

    New line to be announced this week

    Another line split of RU cruisers with no armour, no citadel, 40 knots, 24X 180mm firing out to 25k but an average turning circle.
  7. peoplescavalry

    Most cursed ship I think I've ever had...

    My first premium and it shows 45% WR, not the ships fault at all just my lack of skills.
  8. peoplescavalry

    What is your biggest purchase regret! (edited)

    Alabama. Not a bad ship but why bother when you have the Massachusetts.
  9. peoplescavalry

    How many Russian Cruisers?

    With the latest premium ships and the new split forthcoming, how many cruisers from the mighty Russian navy will have made an appearance? 25?
  10. peoplescavalry

    Buy Ochakov and pyotr Bagration

    So if you have an old MK sat in your port there's no point in getting one of these?
  11. peoplescavalry

    Buy Ochakov and pyotr Bagration

    More HE spam? How original.
  12. peoplescavalry

    Why VE camo on previous event ships ? WG

    HMS Duke of York sunk a German battleship, does that count?
  13. peoplescavalry

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    My tier 8-10s have been gathering rust for a while now, the gameplay of HE/ camping has turned me off. Further down is more engaging, win or lose.
  14. peoplescavalry

    Hayate impressions

    Way too costly, not a chance.