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  1. peoplescavalry

    So where do real man play at? ☆ (tier)

    Usually 7-8 where it’s a zingy game, but many times I’m down at tier 5 for weapons of a more innocent time.
  2. peoplescavalry

    Ark Royal opinion (early)

    I’m away on holiday but I’m purchasing this little gem as soon as I get back. I don’t care it’s not OP, ( I loved the emerald!) but it looks like a very distinctive,interesting ship to play.
  3. peoplescavalry

    Suggestion about Thunderer

    Even worse the tier 3 slot is taken by HMS Dreadnought, put HMS Agincourt at 4 and you just need 9 to fill.
  4. peoplescavalry

    Carriers little to no damage on anything

    ONE torpedo! Give it a rest.
  5. peoplescavalry

    Yudachi in the shop

    The torpedo speed/ range Commanders skill might work wonders on this ship.
  6. peoplescavalry

    Yudachi in the shop

    Purchased just for the fun of that skill wall be really I want the Ark Royal!
  7. peoplescavalry

    RN cruisers....

    Whilst the german ones were busy getting scuttled or running away. See how easy it is to be flippant.
  8. I have all five and hardly play any of them , maybe the Nelson a wee bit. But I do know if I had missed one there would be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, but that's just being human.No interest whatsoever for the latest phew phew incarnations.
  9. peoplescavalry

    Stats - a journey to the past

    I think it took me like 300+ games to discover random.i just thought the opposition was crazy YOLO freaks.
  10. peoplescavalry

    Dazzling Camouflage

    I would pay for a XPed plain camo.
  11. peoplescavalry

    Atlanta in current CV rwork

    Why not go sail your ship and find out? It’s fun!
  12. peoplescavalry

    Can we get the new French captain for free?

    This French thing is dragging on forever.sacre bleu!
  13. peoplescavalry

    NEW AA

    Goodbye CVs, hello Subs!
  14. peoplescavalry

    Free commander respec with update 0.8.7

    Thank you, I would have missed it.i will now promptly forget about it because I have the attention span of a gnat.
  15. peoplescavalry

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    It’s a superb ship AT ITS TIER, making a good impression of a Swiss knifes flexibility . Looking forward to the County Class coming out one day.