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  1. Please somehow make CVS playable/enjoyable to the majority of players and not just the gifted few.
  2. Stupid Team Killer

    That’s the way to do it, though talking about OP BBs I would class the the Orion as THE most OP ship at its level. Man I love that beast!
  3. Okhotnik in the shop your thoughts?

    Same tier good fun but not so much otherwise.
  4. People hate russian dds

    My karma is a big fat 0 , which says a lot!
  5. 1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    Typical. Just got the mythical beast and she’s getting her claws cut. Damn and blast. Never mind I am sure to still enjoy the experience of being Numero uno if only for a brief moment.
  6. Remove these retarded RN BB*Edited

    But I suppose sailing around in your impervious KM BB with its rail gun secondaries is okay? My sympathies lie with anyone starting the US BB line now,now that’s a challenge.
  7. RN BBs - HE meta sucks!!!

    But apparently it’s great fun and all ok if your sat in a Atlanta, Kutozov, and other irritating CAs doing exactly the same thing?
  8. KGV let down

    Thanks Oscar Wilde.
  9. Carrier Strafe ability?

    Strafing ? Another plate to spin, another reason the VAST majority of players cannot be bothered. Juice ain't worth the squeeze, as our Americans say.
  10. KGV let down

    Yep that's me ! Actually finding things better on this lady after being a little more circumspect, might be keeping her after all.
  11. KGV let down

    I so wanted to love the KGV, even bought the prem camouflage but after 28 games I am thinking of XPing it. I am red in all the stats, the guns seem meeeh and everyone can take big chunks out of you whichever way you are pointing. I can get the Hood to work a treat but on this I am rubbish, maybe less BBing and more heavy CAing might work?
  12. PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    Is it still out? I finish work at 22.00 hrs so I have my fingers crossed.
  13. Verdict on Nelson?

    Troll. I personally can't see myself playing this ship very often as it's only successful impact on the game is as a giant second line artillery piece. Get anywhere near where the big boys are playing and you will get ripped a new one.
  14. Kaga appreciation thread

    My poor old Kaga usually ends up as an endangered species in tier8, with tier 6 planes for some unknown reason. It does not end well, actually enjoy playing my Ranger more! Like nearly every ship it really looks great when it's top tier.
  15. And me too in the last couple of days. 10 FPS and a ping of 30+ makes the gameplay very laggy and jerky, only happening since the last update. All my other on line games are great just unfortunately the one I cannot know play.Never had any problem before but it's really annoying.