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  1. I would literally pay hard cash for a battleship grey scheme with bonuses.
  2. Ashitaka is awesome - can we still buff her a bit?

    20 games in and I really like this drunken purchase, she’s far more fun than I envisaged when sober. Plays like a true BC, lots of guns but brittle armour, you gotta move it move it!
  3. U.S New cruisers need Nerf immediately

    Err 11.3 Russian Radar?
  4. Operation Cherry Blossom - Your First thoughts?

    Got threatened with a chat ban because I said we had to save the infantry if we wanted five stars. The critic then sped off north to harvest appearing red ships from the flank. We got four stars, gobshite.
  5. wait just a second

    Fell out of love with the Pepsi, the turrets are now so slow it’s unworkable, loved it at tier 7.
  6. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Won three games in my Shitakaka BB.
  7. Freedom Container Results

    The juice ain’t worth the squeeze, so no thank you WG.
  8. Premium Shop Broken

    Now if only they put Warspite guns on the Hood, I would be delighted!
  9. Ive had enough

    Your 2000 games in and going up the tiers, things just get harder mate.
  10. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Woohoo! I love my indi but she needs all the help she can get.
  11. Remove Straffing?

    Don’t worry it’s all going anyway. Bye bye.
  12. Bought the “ cheap “ package. I have no delusions of being any good in it but it should be fun just for the salt in the chat!
  13. How to fit a radar upgrade?

    Okay Baltimore it is ! Thank you for the prompt answer.
  14. How to fit a radar upgrade?

    I have found in my inventory a Surveillance Radar Mod 1 which I would dearly love to fit onto my NO, Baltimore or Missouri but it doesn’t seem to flag up on any ship. Any help please.
  15. 35 thousand players on Sunday.

    It was the highest I have seen for a long time and I was wondering if it was the Steam impetus or is it more French players getting involved with the new B.B. line ?