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  1. peoplescavalry

    Port queens

    240 I think , was a big whale but my interest has plummeted in the last few months. When I do play it’s seal clubbing in my GC, Hill, Oleg, Vampire and Jingles manning a RN BB. I have dark thoughts sometimes on how much money I have invested/ wasted in pixels. One of the reasons I have restarted war gaming with actual figures is that they are mine once purchased!
  2. Kamikaze, and apparently it’s not in the Xmas crates anymore so that’s my whale wallet firmly closed. Good one WG.
  3. peoplescavalry

    LWM review of Yukon

    I’m a big fat whale with no taste but this pile of poo just doesn’t do it for me.Just no. And I BOUGHT the DoY.
  4. peoplescavalry

    hyuga, where you've been so long?

    Excellent ship with accurate and hard hitting guns ( never used dead eye), mobile and good armour. AA and secondary meh but the auto loader can really surprise people!
  5. peoplescavalry

    HMS Repulse coming

    What’s your problem?
  6. peoplescavalry

    HMS Repulse coming

    Oh well played sir!
  7. They will not change the mystique of none available OP ships for one reason only, their biggest cash bonanza of the Xmas crates. I personally have spent lots of money in a fruitless chase for a Kamikaze R so I know it works!
  8. peoplescavalry

    Your Top Ships for each Class

    Clemson Konisberg Arizona Ark Royal Apart from the Ark Royal none of them I would consider as memorable, but I suppose if you hang round long enough the games do accrue. The ships I love the most I am not very good in!
  9. peoplescavalry

    Can we get Yudachi some love?

    I’ve tried with her but the rarity is symptomatic of how bad she is. The mines are just the worst thing on this really average DD. Thing is I will still take it out now and again to prove myself wrong!
  10. peoplescavalry

    Last resort ships

    Hill, G Cesare, Shiny horse, Sheyang, Massa, Albert and RN cruisers. Apart from a lacklustre grind of the Italian battleships I seem to be playing just for “fun” most of the time these days, which is no bad thing I suppose.
  11. peoplescavalry

    Worst ship in WoWs

    Thing is she has loads of guns and torpedoes, she can be fun before getting obliterated!
  12. peoplescavalry

    Worst ship in WoWs

    Nooooo! Oleg is brilliant!
  13. peoplescavalry

    The lack of AA for low tier ships is a huge issue

    Greatly is a very elastic measure, the vast majority of tier 4 games I play still have the mandatory 4 CV last ships standing mantra. I like to seal club in a captain Jingles manned Orion with AA of 42 but I will struggle to last, to a newcomer it must be upsetting to be constantly sunk by a threat they have no real reply to.
  14. Fuso. If you have two on your team it’s a loss. Hanging around the back like a damp fireworks display. Ironically they usually get the highest score of their team due to longevity.
  15. Er T61? A wonderfully OP ship!