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  1. Sorry yes five, well done........ need to get myself a Mo !
  2. 45 mins to do all three tasks? That's good time management, give up after twenty goes at the last task (2kills 1000 thou). I will probably achieve most of the targets through normal gameplay but actually looking forward to playing the RN BBs in the lower tier. Plus if I can't do 100 I ain't never going to do 150!
  3. Thank you it's all much clearer now. Can't be bothered anymore.
  4. Everything but the last task, 2 kills and100 thou. Kill steals, MM Co op and random have worn me out today. Twenty odd goes and the closest I got was 99725! Grrrrrrrrr! Bedtime.
  5. Thanks it's working now, that's a lot bettter!
  6. I can't do it in co op for some reason
  7. Nope still won't do co op. This is going to be a bit tougher than I thought.
  8. Fixed itself, must have been the patch.
  9. It won't let me do it in CO-OP? I have it selected but when I go onto the mission screen it starts as random?
  10. New Orleans. Knife to a gunfight. Mikasa. Match to a bonfire.
  11. To paraphrase LOTR "how did it come to this?"
  12. Watching some NA twitch gameplay ( I know get a life!) and they were talking about the Nelson coming out Monday/ Tues at 400 xp. Ouch.
  13. So instead I buy the Murmansk that's been in the store like forever. My timing is rubbish.
  14. It's a lovely tier 3 ship with super accurate pop guns and probably OP torps, but she does need looking after and pick her fights carefully ( my normal fail!)
  15. Started playing CVs a couple of months ago because they were/are a dying breed. Hardest class to play even badly due to so many concurrent things to control so I would say yes AA builds are a waste of time and please rebuild now this very minute!