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  1. 35 thousand players on Sunday.

    It was the highest I have seen for a long time and I was wondering if it was the Steam impetus or is it more French players getting involved with the new B.B. line ?
  2. Aigle in the shop

    Bought the package, curse my inherent laziness!
  3. What is your favourite class? (End of 2017 edition)

    Please somehow make CVS playable/enjoyable to the majority of players and not just the gifted few.
  4. Stupid Team Killer

    That’s the way to do it, though talking about OP BBs I would class the the Orion as THE most OP ship at its level. Man I love that beast!
  5. Okhotnik in the shop your thoughts?

    Same tier good fun but not so much otherwise.
  6. People hate russian dds

    My karma is a big fat 0 , which says a lot!
  7. 1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    Typical. Just got the mythical beast and she’s getting her claws cut. Damn and blast. Never mind I am sure to still enjoy the experience of being Numero uno if only for a brief moment.
  8. Remove these retarded RN BB*Edited

    But I suppose sailing around in your impervious KM BB with its rail gun secondaries is okay? My sympathies lie with anyone starting the US BB line now,now that’s a challenge.
  9. RN BBs - HE meta sucks!!!

    But apparently it’s great fun and all ok if your sat in a Atlanta, Kutozov, and other irritating CAs doing exactly the same thing?
  10. KGV let down

    Thanks Oscar Wilde.
  11. Carrier Strafe ability?

    Strafing ? Another plate to spin, another reason the VAST majority of players cannot be bothered. Juice ain't worth the squeeze, as our Americans say.
  12. KGV let down

    Yep that's me ! Actually finding things better on this lady after being a little more circumspect, might be keeping her after all.
  13. KGV let down

    I so wanted to love the KGV, even bought the prem camouflage but after 28 games I am thinking of XPing it. I am red in all the stats, the guns seem meeeh and everyone can take big chunks out of you whichever way you are pointing. I can get the Hood to work a treat but on this I am rubbish, maybe less BBing and more heavy CAing might work?
  14. PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    Is it still out? I finish work at 22.00 hrs so I have my fingers crossed.
  15. Verdict on Nelson?

    Troll. I personally can't see myself playing this ship very often as it's only successful impact on the game is as a giant second line artillery piece. Get anywhere near where the big boys are playing and you will get ripped a new one.