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  1. peoplescavalry

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    Played just the one game before work, she worked well. The thing is there was a BB on our side called Guino Bruto, it must be testing because I have never heard of it!
  2. peoplescavalry

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    Bought as well, haven’t got the time unfortunately to do the mission. Money well spent!
  3. peoplescavalry

    Never seen this US BB before?

    It’s new to me, I think it has six 18” guns.
  4. peoplescavalry

    Cv rework chatter

  5. peoplescavalry

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Haha £57 for the CHEAP version! If it had been a County Class maybe but that’s just crazy money for a ship that’s basically a Baltimore. Computer says no.
  6. peoplescavalry

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Well it’s nearly 10 AM and still no ship, maybe they have realised nobody wants to buy it?
  7. peoplescavalry

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    HMS Hood is now the ship she should have always been, with Warspite quality guns that hit where you aim and actually hurt when they hit.the AA is struggling a bit but that will get fixed.
  8. peoplescavalry

    Kaga uptiered is just not viable at all

    In T4 /T6 I do not seem to influence the game whatsoever, the squads get savaged by anything afloat and the damage inflicted is paint scratching. I have 3 tier 8 CVs and they are staying in port. The tier 10 may be well balanced ( well spotted that’s the one they show) but the lower levels seem very underpowered. But I am loving my new Hood!
  9. peoplescavalry

    PEF guns really suck, cant overmatch BB armour

    It’s a decent tier 6 BB.
  10. peoplescavalry

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Oleg, the black snake. One of the most beautifully modelled ships in the game.
  11. peoplescavalry

    my internet die and this is what i get

    Yep I was AFK a couple of times and got tangoed a few weeks ago but it was MY isp fault not WGs. Just get it fixed and so some co op.
  12. peoplescavalry

    RL for Destroyers.

    I have one on my furutaka from the last ranked, it’s main use was a a bluffer DD to the enemy. Waste of 4 points but good fun.
  13. peoplescavalry

    World of HE Games

    Have started playing my Conqueror with 18” AP, it doesn’t do as much damage as in its HE 406 guise but the damage she does do sticks. Just one tiny inconsequential fight back against the mantra but I cannot complain about HE when I am sailing one of the worst culprits!
  14. peoplescavalry

    West Virginia in the shop

    Only one game in co op so no idea but she looks lovely.
  15. peoplescavalry

    West Virginia in the shop

    And she looks very nice indeed! Take my money WG!