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  1. peoplescavalry

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Hawkins and Devonshire sold never to be played again, Exeter is far superior to both. Onwards to the Surrey!
  2. All directives done, even bought a couple before I realised I was being a [edited], for the sum total of a lonely Hawkins which is inferior in every way to my Exeter.
  3. peoplescavalry

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    Three directives completed and one lonely Hawkins is the sum total . Meh.
  4. peoplescavalry

    More T6 premium CVs? (At the risk of being burned at the stake)

    A tier 7 CV might ease the problems like an Illustrious or Wasp but the idea of a Saratoga and it’s bi planes at tier 6 would have my money thrown at it!
  5. peoplescavalry

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    Even the lowly Oleg down at tier 3 is a superb model.
  6. peoplescavalry

    Poll: Imperial (doubloon) Bundle drop chance

    Spent 3000 for a bunch of flags just to confirm I’m a idiot. Don’t be me.
  7. peoplescavalry

    battleships with worthless secondaries secondaries

    Over 7000 games.
  8. peoplescavalry

    Four DD's per side now....

    Just had six in my last game against five of ours. They wiped each other out!
  9. peoplescavalry

    Your top 3 ships that you look forward to play with

    Ark Royal, Hill and Exeter. Fun but challenging.
  10. peoplescavalry

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    I have all the premium CVs. I have nearly every single RN ship. Like a great big whale I should be the perfect customer for this ship but alas no, even I can be enticed. Such a pity really, could have been great fun.
  11. peoplescavalry

    Indomitable in the shop

    There are some great RN ships, some mediocre and some plain bad, but that’s the same for all the lines ( Russia exempted obviously). And Warspite its one of the best BBS in the game!
  12. peoplescavalry

    Low Tier Ships - Whats your favourite ?

    Orion with its 42 AA can upset the seal clubbers, Oleg is beautifully modelled and the PA IV DD is sweet.
  13. peoplescavalry

    I am sorry

    All of them seem to involve far too much RL time for me as a family man to ever get too finish. Managed to get Hasley done when I was poorly though!
  14. peoplescavalry

    Rename the tier 8 British Heavy Cruiser

  15. peoplescavalry

    Have you won Missouri, Musashi, Benham or Belfast in any crate??

    I have both sometimes around a cap the Belfast is untouchable but for general play Fiji shades it ( maybe!)