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  1. Blaffer

    Battleships from smaller nations

    [edited] is broke, all ships your nation have are paid by the Germans or the Dutch, humor us and payback the money. Suggestion sell those ships to the Turkische. And till your countrys pays it bills i suggest u be less proud of what u dont have.
  2. Blaffer

    De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate

    It's main function is seapatrol and not heavy sea battle. It has one gun for seacombat and not a great one either. As a good Hollander i can just say that we waisted 4x 600 miljoen on a floating heap of metal witch we never use. Goes we never have problems in our sea and international we are not allowed to use them beside showboating with them for the coast of Somalia. Would be much better if we had kept more subs instead of this rubble.