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  1. dragunov54

    wargaming stalin fans??

    thanks for the chatban didnt say one word in the game ... great policy have a crap weekend morons
  2. dragunov54

    AFK's and sleeper ... etcetcetc

    When do you do something abouth afk's and sleepers ( for 4-5 min ) and dont come with your standard answers. The game is useless.. looks like you gave free account to all idiots in the world... 70% hides and is to scarred to fight.. cruisers only run from dd's... germanzzz with nazi names ....can it be worse???
  3. dragunov54

    chat perma ban

    lets keep it simple... yes i'm trolling germans... so what.. but the ingame chat can be helpfull with tactics. and thats my point.. plz do that in english. 90% understands that, even the eastern europe versions.. the spelling is wrong but everyone knows what he means.. but no, a group of germans always think they are something different ( hmm they are ;)) so keep it to tactics etc and in english.. that would be nice
  4. dragunov54

    chat perma ban

  5. dragunov54

    chat perma ban

  6. dragunov54

    chat perma ban

  7. dragunov54

    chat perma ban

  8. dragunov54

    chat perma ban