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  1. I really want to play wow please let me have access to the closed beta

  2. Blackshamrock

    Open Beta resets?

    I know it's probably been asked a million times at this stage and i'm sorry for asking again but I wanted to know if you pree ordered how long is the wait before you get in game or get the beta tester tag on the forums
  3. Blackshamrock

    Word of Warships with JustforlolzFYI

    Not bad at all m8
  4. iv'e just got the germyadhchiy. I saw the vid jingles put up on it yesterday. And i like it very much and its not bad for it's tir
  5. Blackshamrock

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Glad you got in and had a couple of games. Sorry the server crashed on you. Maybe there's an update or something or else it's just the servers. At lest you got in I'm still waiting for access to the game. Soon hopefully
  6. loving the vids guys keep it up
  7. Blackshamrock

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    i'd say keep trying and you will get in a some stage
  8. Hope to get in by the weekend waiting for my pree order to update
  9. Blackshamrock

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Is there any estimated time before you can log in or do I sit there and keep pressing connect?