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    [Last Chance!] Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    1 or 2 Atlanta battles solve the Plane mission
  2. It's obvious, all Premium ships which are considered above average in combat capability and all rare ships aren't included in the package. And also the latest ones. Vanguard, Dreadnought, Belfast, the Kamikazes, Gremyashchy, Imperator Nikolai, all CVs ... There are many good ships in this package too. Tirpitz, Cossack, Atago, Gascogne, Scharnhorst - just to name a few of the higher tier ones. But more than two thirds of the ships are in a really bad state in terms of combat capability and only of collectors "value". I think, maybe this package is most attractive for guys willing to drop 500 EUR on WOWs, having most of the crap stuff already and wanting to get most of the Tier 8 ships and some doubloons for a reduced price. But this needs to be calculated individually. New players, who want it all most of the premiums, will have a good offer too ... but as usual it's debateable if you should throw a ton of money on a game you don't know for sure you will be committed the next years...
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    german battleships

    Literally all Kriegsmarine surface ships of DD and bigger got radar sets during the war ... even the old Deutschland-class pre dreadnoughts.
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    Fubuki C hull

    Ah thx didn't notice the gun downgrade is no until C hull. So you can get all the goodies!
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    Fubuki C hull

    Boarding this thread, i got a question on the same topic. I just switched from Hatsuharu to Fubuki (hell what an upgrade!) playing the first battles i really think about not to upgrade the Fubuki at all. The Type90 mod.1 torpedos are more than enough in terms of speed / range / damage. So leaving them out, the B and C hull just grant 1300 HP (less than 7% upgrade if you have SE) and a slightly better rudder shift - which is almost perfect already. And the AA stuff doesn't make any sense. But you lose 1/3 of your gun dps and 1/3 of the chance to create fires? So where is the selling point of the hull upgrades? Am i missing something?
  6. Schafmeister

    Murmansk Worth -%50?

    i hope so. Nothing is more citadel prone than Omaha-class Cruisers.
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    man youre awesome. Doesn't change a fact, that both are bad ships, being a worse choice for every role you bring them into a battle .... except the Sims is at least easily capable of stealth firing, the Bfsdfsdfasdfsd is not.
  8. Schafmeister


    Actually this ship is worse than the Sims in every aspect except some more hitpointz.