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  1. Liquiel

    Ranger totally underpowered

    Yeah... well... that is exactly the problem I have, no? If you are doomed to lose against equally skilled players nearly all the time, then something is wrong. That is not a competence issue. It is a balance problem. (Those carrier players who line up all their aircraft for me to strafe are no problem for me, of course. Or those who kill their aircraft by following my attack aircraft into allied AA) And I can deal some damage even against equally skilled players(unless I play dumb). But even if I do equal damage my team will still lose as my enemy fighters can spot my team while my aircraft, well, can't do that constantly. If you can't see that having less squads, slightly less fighter capability and slightly more damage capabilites is is imbalanced... If it were the other way around(fighter superiority, worse damage capability BUT less squads) now that would be more balanced as you could be outplayed by the number of squads.
  2. Liquiel

    Ranger totally underpowered

    The problem is not only not having fighter superiority. (and I use strafe, but 1 7 squad with strafe against 2 4 squads with strafe yeah...) The problem is that my enemies have slightly better fighters, and almost equal attack aircraft. I cannot stop their attackers with just one fighter squad. I AM careful, but that means less damage than the enemy, currently. I would have no problem with losing fighter superiority if my enemies had much worse attack aircraft. They don't.
  3. Ok, I might not have the best stats. But... the current Ranger is so underpowered... here is why: Your squadron has one fighter squad, with max 7 fighters. Your enemies have two with 4 fighters. You will lose out against those fighters if your enemy knows how to strafe. Your enemy has two torp fighters, and if it is the overpowered Kaga they have lots of torps. You have only an advantage in bombers. Here is what will happen everytime you go against a competent player: The enemy uses their superior fighter position to block your attack aircraft. If you escort your bombers the enemy will simply kill your escort and then kill your Ranger while your fighter is in cooldown. You can try to evade the torps and concentrate fire, but your AA isn't strong enough and you are too clumsy. If you leave your fighter near to your own ships you can prevent those things most of the time, but now your attack aircraft will get shot down. Either way, you are dead or you do nearly no damage, while the enemy will simply avoid your fighters and makes more damage. And yes, my stats might not be the best. But I am losing way too many fights against those who don't have a Ranger then against those who do. Plus my stats are dropping. With the new patch I have simply an insufficient number of fighters while still being stuck with one torpedo bomber, two dive bombers, AND horrible AA.