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  1. ellua

    Wg already have an integraded Aim assist?

    As a new player ( 400 games only ) I found that indicator info very useful. It's great help when I try aim on my battleships on long distance.
  2. ellua

    Gun / torpedo max range info mod.

    Yes thx all, I found if I turn "alternative interface on" that distances appears permanently on minimap, so ALT pressing is no longer needed. Big help.
  3. Good stuff. Thx again for new names and confirmations about the best.
  4. I know bots are dumb but I must practice and learn a lot. I m testing ships limits and typical deadly situations, trying push as much as I can. Bots are good at killing me by torps
  5. That looks very promising, thx.
  6. I m looking for good material to learn more, got around 200 battles only and having a lot of fun in WoWS. What I need : - English language content - updated content: 2016 year videos because many patches changing game, mechanics and perks etc... - content crated by persons who plays WoWS a lot ( many battles experience are very important ) and have good results like win ratio and ( don't know even name of it ) "WoWS Wn8" also - recommended streamers ( Twitch mostly ) in English language who like to explain things and answer questions. I don't know WoWS youtube community a lot, watched some Polish language video tutorials but want more. WoT youtube is great: Zeven, Quickybaby, Circonflexes, Foch, Orzanel but WoWS is like "terra incognita" for me now
  7. ellua

    Why not gold = dublons in Patch 0.5.8 ?

    This is sad. I dont think player total numbers in WoWS increasing so this is bad marketing decision. Captain retrain by dublons only looks very retarded too.
  8. After WoT stress and tension I currently enjoy a lot co-op mode in WoWS. Its rly relaxing and easy, great for having nice refreshing break from WoT. Only one thing bothers me: how much less exp I got and credits? I have feeling rewards are worse, but want know how much it is. Anyway I slowly proceed to tier 6, and want stay at tier 6 very long time. Maybe I try pvp later if I learn WoWS better, but this is not my priority. PvE looks very fun and great pain relief
  9. I don't understand why WG still not making this basic thing. From my observations WoWS and WoT communities are mostly separated, so that convenient thing is only for very small minority of players.
  10. I'm looking for very simple mod showing in small rectangle area numbers of my ship gun max range and max torpedo range. It's kinda hard to remember how much that numbers are for different ships and I know I can right click on ammo to see it, but always visible small info window will be great help. Not sure is any mod providing that kind of help? It will be great if that mod will automatically update values if I buy better gun range module.