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  1. erkoslav

    Q&A stream next week - send me your questions

    Thanks! I have a lot of time to grind xp on Tirpitz then, and train a couple of captains
  2. erkoslav

    Q&A stream next week - send me your questions

    Hey, As a battleship/battlecruiser captain, my question is, are there any premium BB/BC planed in the near future, what nation and tier? and aprox eta on german battleship line? Thank you!
  3. erkoslav

    USS Premium BB or BC

    Hey guys, it has been a while since I was last on forums. I did some reshearch and came up with this possible ships for US premium line of battleships at tier 8. South Dakota class: There were 4 ships in this class, USS South Dakota, USS Indiana, USS Massachusetts, and USS Alabama. Displacement of this ships was between 35.000 tons and 38.000 tons. Armament consisted of 3 turrets, each turret had 3 16'' 45 cal Mark 6 guns. Top speed around 27 kt. Battleship ''X'' I think it would be good addition to World of Warships as a USS premium ship. Link to wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Dakota-class_battleship_%281939%29
  4. erkoslav

    HMS Warspite Review :)

    I know this is an old topic, but I see no reason opening a new one since I will ask a few questions about Warspite. Where did WG read that BL 15 inch Mk I that was used by Warspite, firing a APC Mark XXIIb, can fire up to max (without spotter aircraft) 16.3 km? That is the only thing that is bugging me.
  5. erkoslav

    USS Premium BB or BC

    Hey! Since my favorite ships are battleships or battlecruisers, and I am eagerly awaiting what new BB or BC might we get as a premium, I looked up a few USS battleships/battlecruisers that could appear in the premium shop one day. Alaska-class cruiser: USS Alaska - Tier VII - VIII Type: Large Cruiser Displacement: 29,771 tons (standard) 34,253 tons (full load) Speed: 31.4 knots - 33 knotsArmament: 9 × 12"/50 caliber Mark 8 guns (304.8 mm) (3 × 3) Armor: Main side belt: 9" gradually thinning to 5" Armor deck: 3.8–4.0" I have some other ideas, I will post them here if there will be any interest in this topic.
  6. erkoslav

    I'm having so much fun since the Tirptiz was in shop again!

    Man, to be honest, I was a little spectical about buying it when I saw the price. People are complaining it is bundeled etc, yeah it is, but I don't regret buying it. I admit the RNG god was good to me, and got me into great MM with my tirpitz, but won 6 out of 7 games straight, and I am having so much fun with the ship....I am glad I bought it.
  7. erkoslav

    Premium BB Tirpitz

    it is available now on premium shop
  8. Thats odd then...Anyway..anyone knows if there will be any more high tier (VII-VIII) BB's in premium shop?
  9. Really.....I am actually amazed by WoT EU department. Their offer in advent calendar so far is very nice. Learn from them WoWs EU department....learn kids
  10. I want only 1 thing......The same [edited] treatment as WoT EU. Look at them, Advent calendar, so far, each day different tank. Why can't we have it like that? WoWs EU WG are simply and honestly crap! I WANT TIRPITZ!
  11. erkoslav

    POLL on idea of a community council

    I agree with Hauptbahnhof. I voted ''YES'', but I am not entirely for the idea that the community sets prizes. I want to see more communication between us, the players of the game, and the WG. I wish they would listen to our wishes and explain to us, why they decided to do something, and why not. Me, as a player, have certain wishes, about the game, premium shop etc etc. Now I am very realistic, something I used to when dealing with Blizz, so I don't have much hope and I am not expecting much to happen.
  12. erkoslav

    Black Friday on EU server

    Was there any explanation from WG about why premium shops are not connected, and if any of the ships will be back? Tirpitz, Warspite?
  13. erkoslav

    Black Friday on EU server

  14. erkoslav

    WG hates EU?

    Haha, I thought about that also
  15. erkoslav

    Black Friday on EU server

    That rufus guy is just a modern age sheep, the only valid arguments, as he calls them are ''get a life''...if you call that an argument. His posts don't even make any sense, and from his replys I can clearly see, that he is WG fanboi, and will go to the grave defending his master, like a little sheep he is... Nothing more to say on the matter from me.