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  1. So second impression. You can't lock plane squadrons with Ctrl+fire button. Is that a bug or it's how's done from now on?
  2. Okie dokie :) First of all, nice view from planes......second, you need some time to adjust on new game play, third, really it's huge amount of money the repair service of the ship...........something needs to be done with it.......i hope it's a bug.
  3. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/carriers_rework_starting_pack/ Check this one mate :)
  4. I have a question. Can the selected players stream on eg Twitch game play of the reworked carrier game play or it's forbidden atm?
  5. If anybody wants, some competitive and relaxing game (with fun and laughs) and also chatting and talking with other friendly people as our clan members, HellenicNavySquad is recruiting again! Feel free to find me either in game or here or our recruiting team. We have team speak, discord, twitch channel (with constant streaming) and in near future a website and you tube channel.
  6. Equilibrium1980

    Zao - New class cruiser : Featherweight cruiser

    I can agree with most of you that ZAO is still powerfull ship. Maybe she needs a reload buff, otherwise is somehow balanced cause she has also that trollish armor........her accurate guns are godlike sometimes.
  7. Equilibrium1980

    Abusive or insulting players

    Really nobody needs to pay attention on them. Let them do what they do and continue what are you doing.....
  8. Equilibrium1980

    Server lags?

    It's not local problem from anybody.......servers has the issue!!!!!! Maybe wg would compensate us for paying them to play or they will blame once again our ISP's!!!! It's totally unacceptable that right now!!!!!!
  9. Equilibrium1980

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    So.....0.5.3 patch.....well.....mixed feelings, Mogami for me is unplayable.....the majority of games i'm in with that ship is T9 or T10.....with that range nerf i'm always at the optimal range of really big guns that screw my ship and end my game. Fires.......second pain in the [edited].......as a BB captain (yes i love BB's) it's really outrageous to set up fire after fire after fire after fire (and with that RNG that BB's has) u end the game making just....let's say 25-35k dmg and be sunk cause you have lost 80% of your HP pool (maybe more sometimes) due to FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Yamato suffers a lot from that........and we know everyone how's the economy of T10 ships......you pay more! Invincible DD's.........Jesus help us......these DD's are even harder to get spotted, cruisers aren't anymore their natural enemy......can't hunt them down (same mistakes WG as u made on WoT, u nerfed Light Tanks and never nerfed arty and by my opinion making over and over again the same mistakes on all of your games u lose "customers" to other games) Can i make a suggestion to all of WG game developers, stop thinking that nerfing a specific class either on tanks, or planes or ships will balance the game, on the contrary it will make other areas of the game OP and you will make players to leave.......try to think how you will re-balance things........make changes on classes or on specific ships.......not nerf the crap out of them........enough is enough......Be creative. On a conclusion.......the only nerf i approve is on high tier CV's.......cause they really mess up things (but again.....they got nerfed.......stop that......)
  10. Equilibrium1980

    Kongo Research bug

    True....i can confirm that.
  11. Equilibrium1980

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    On that i can add that the max firing range of your ship doesn't match with the actual range u see on the target......on sniper mode you see that you are on the firering range but the marker is way down from target.
  12. Equilibrium1980

    PT resource amount

    I also bought preorder pack (all 3 ships) and got 35.500gold and 2.3m credits....yet not one of the 3 premium ships i owned or new american prem BS