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  1. EL_n00b

    Interesting Dutch Videos

    From the times the Dutch had a nice fleet inc a carrier.
  2. Totally disgusting and all because putin takes down a jet and "annex's" a part of a sovereign nation so the EU embargo's Russia and their economy collapses. I bet you a billion bucks this comes straight from cyprus to even out the loss of revenue on the RUS server because of their economy failing. Sad that a bunch of people in paris sell their souls for 9euro an hour and dare to wear " community" tags, gross and spineless.
  3. EL_n00b

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Selling people stuff other clusters get for free and pawning that off as doing a favor, just who in gods name do you people think youre dealing with this is some of the scummiest things i have ever seen in the industry. How HARD is it for you to STOP MAKING "DECISIONS" and LEAVE it just like the other clusters, hell Russia and Asia dont even celebrate christmass for gods sake yet they get it???
  4. EL_n00b

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Holy crapdude cant you see that people are tired of being treated differently than the other clusters! is it realy THAT hard for you to understand that people are tired of feeling discriminated against time and time and time again? REALLY?? We are customers of wargaming we are not your buddy or your penpall, stop treating us as such. you just test out new "ships" act like it instead of walking around the forums like you own the place correcting customers left and right and telling them not to feel the way they feel. Dude be quiet man, if i was the storeowner(wargaming) i would kick you out of my store and not even ask for the return of my right shoe that would be stuck in your butt.
  5. EL_n00b

    fast track to yamato?

    50% xp bonus at tiers 6 and 7,ships for sale 50% 30% etc NA tanks getting spoiled too. its getting increasingly rediculous to play on EU.
  6. EL_n00b

    The Dutch Navy options

    The Dutch with only 16million people spend 500million on games each year, thats a third of all of Russia that has 150million people. Wargaming would be fools not to try and tap into that moneyflow.... its a lot more than the Polish spend too. But then again Wargaming already ignores the 2billion aspiring playerbase from the brittish commonwealth, so yeah...
  7. EL_n00b

    The Dutch Navy options

    Where exactly did i say it wasnt? *cough cough*
  8. EL_n00b

    The Dutch Navy options

    "substandard land reclamation" lol one of the largest and most advanced economies and society of the world is based on reclaimed land, the land being so furtile it has made that tiny country the 2nd largest agricultural exporter of the world. The Dutch spend more money on games than Poland for example so wargaming would make a few bucks getting something dutch into the game. They could add one of the cruisers the dutch operated in their post war fleet, which was built around the CV "Karel Doorman". or even add the Karel Doorman CV as a premium cv. (Yes unlike Germany the Dutch actually operated carriers during and after the war.) Seeing as Wargaming has expanded the timeline outside of ww2, adding "De Ruyter" or "The 7 provinces" shouldnt be gamebreaking.
  9. Russians blow up a jet airliner in ukraine, EU sanctions Russian economy, ruble collapses Wargaming sees their income drop like kim kardashians panties during a souh central block party, Wargaming makes Europe pay for the fallen income.
  10. EL_n00b


    Terrible economy driving free2play players into a horrible fear of getting damaged causing them to camp like this, you often see the same behavior in wot.
  11. To make money in this game they sell flags\signals... to make those usefull they mutilate income for the general population....no not for that top 5% that has no problem making money or grinding their xp were talking bout the other 95%. That 95% will be put under a lot of pressure once they reach tier 8 9 and 10, a lot will resort to buying premium\signals and even silver packaged from the store, a few will actually hardcore grind tier 5 6 7 for silver...but there is also a large part of the playerbase that will give up and leave the game. Wargaming doesnt really care about the ones leaving the game cause thats just not their target audience, blind people dont windowshop so why bother trying to get them in your store. So this declining pop is probably the cause of the economy set up by wargaming to monetize the game, its been 3 4months now? so the general population has arrived at tier 8 9 and 10 and is now ....jumping ship.
  12. EL_n00b

    Dutch Speaking Forum

    If i was a nice guy i would gift you 2500gold for a namechange.
  13. EL_n00b

    Dutch Speaking Forum

    Some "historynerd" lol "realy minor navy" the Dutch lost over 50 warships during ww2 and at least had operable carriers during and immediatly after the war. Waving off "hero's" like Helfrich and Doorman with "..the age of sail is long gone" is just silly. Also Wargaming is only interested in money, Dutch people have enough to spend so im sure that balances out the smaller playerbase.
  14. EL_n00b

    Get rid of doubloons, give us gold

    They want new people or old wot players to draw their wallets again. What they dont want is 10s of thousands of players that are sitting on giant stacks of gold they accumulated by buying inflated stupid "offers" with gold no one needs to play warships and buy everything essentially for free.
  15. EL_n00b

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    Im out of upvotes guys :*(