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  1. lonigus

    Up to 500 ping and 3-4fps

    ROFL! My phone has a stronger GPU chip... Srsly... My PC is very average for current standards with a 570 and I run the game on max details with 50-60 fps stable. Honestly WoWs for a beta is the most stable and well performing game I ever played and holy crap I played alot of games and betas/alphas in particular...
  2. lonigus

    Best Defeat simulator i have ever played!

    Steam like ratings are best ratings! I r8 8/8 no h8 m8!
  3. For solo brawling I found the Destroyers to be the best. It imo certainly has solo carry potential. Its the "medium tank" from WoT in the form of a ship in WoWs
  4. Rofl I had like 20% HP left and rammed a 90% HP Miyagi and oneshot him! Totaly worth it imo And I didnt see an invite. I wasnt playing much the last days tho . I kinda feel like wasting my time with any further progression tbh. The beta fulfilled all my needs already. I got a feel for the game, learned that I same like I hate arty I hate the Carriers if not more and that Cruisers will be somethimg for me and if they dont nerf the Destroyers to much then that too. Reminds me to medium tank gameplay in WoT. Iam gonna grind more in the OBT coz Iam mostly interested in high tier ships and the amount of ppl playing is to low for excessive high tier testing.
  5. Ahahaha games change, but this never changes! Sounds like my usual WoT game... Sunk two IJN Destroyers in a 2 on 1. Was a fun game at the end Also met jingles, Ik and QB yesterday. Saved QB and he even noticed me saving his badly crippled ship
  6. lonigus

    The Sims in WoWS? My experience so far...

    Well untill you try to Ambush a Battleship lol. The secondary gun fire tears you apart. Even a Kongo ripped me apart in few seconds the moment I got into the 5km torp range.
  7. lonigus

    The Sims in WoWS? My experience so far...

    From what I observe during my gameplay and after I die is mostly the same... The IJN DDs in 9 out of 10 cases hugely outperform the American DDs in the after battle report. Cant be just bcoz of the players playing them I would asume... I like the Sims torp speed and their torp arcs, but effectively getting into torp range is the problem I struggle with. Great to opose and counter the enemy IJN DDs, but I miss the "carry" ability of a Battleship or partially a Cruiser one.
  8. lonigus

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Exactly. Make the game run only trough the installer and it will sniff out the mod files and removing only one key asset usually breaks the whole script.
  9. If you guys thinking about getting the Sims I would reconsider that tbh. Its a great anti Destroyer destroyer (lol...), but other then that Iam quite unsure how to feel about it... Yet... It shares the typical US destroyer torpedo ranges, but holy damn... Anyone that isnt totaly brain dead in a Cruiser or Battleship can wreck the Sims. Even more any Battleship above tier 4 totaly wrecks it with the secondary gun fire. I cant really ambush a battleship bcoz the autofire from them starts exactly at the Sims max torpedo range. I did try to use small island for cover and then ambush. I did land two or three hits, but then the adventure ended due to the secondary gun fire. And to my surprise the AI accuracy was very decent... Even tho I saw and heard Jingles say that they are very inacurate, but I witnessed quite the oposite lol... I had great results when the game was already shifted on ours side and we were stomping them, but other then that doing the usual IJN DD tactics with rushing a cap, launching the 10-15km range trops on all sides and gtfo isnt really an option for the Sims. I kind of have the feeling that it is not really well placed on its current tier 7... Halp!
  10. lonigus

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    Yes the "tokens" are a placeholder currency. It is quite unclear tbh atm... It was said that bought stuff will be given back when it launches or wipes, but what if I buy a premium ship and sell it? Will I get the ship back? The gold? Or technically nothing bcoz I sold it and recieved normal currency? What about the premium time? Will I get the gold worth of the premium time back or the full premium time purchased? Meh...
  11. lonigus

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    Correct me if iam wrong, but arent these ships beta limited? Even tho we ofc know how much the word "limited" means for WG by now, but anyway... The Sims is a T7 premium which equals to the E25 and as I recall I bought the E25 for 20 Euros without the gold/piasters/whatever. The Kitakami is a T8 premium cruiser/destro mutant. Not talking about the quality of the ship, but T8 tanks are 40+ Euros nowdays... Whats your point again?
  12. lonigus

    balance ships

    The hell m8? Watching Ectar yesterday Kreygasm over DDs makes me think that its the last thing to buff tbh lol
  13. lonigus

    Mogami upgrades

    So you went as close as 500m to an Amagi? Well your Cruiser tactics are very interesting tbh. That or he was a total potato head lol. Or was it a situation when the Amagi was being peppered by 4 other ships and it was almost over? Those are situational encounters and prove nothing at all tbh. Ive oposed brain dead Battleships where I scored 2500 exp games and then Battleships that denied me in two hits.
  14. lonigus

    Mogami upgrades

    Wrong. The Pensacola plows down enemy planes like candy, the Mogami gets one kill while the Pensa scores 4 or even more if a squadron dares to fly by. Even the Cleveland STOCK!!! Does a better job regarding the AA. And if an Amagi lets you turn the [edited]towards him then he deserves to die. Its SO EASY to spot a Japanese Cruisers torps being prepared to launch...
  15. lonigus

    Blatant Teamkiller "wolfmanforfreedom"

    The replays arent available yet and a screenshot prooves nothing. Ive got killed by accidental torpss numerous times.