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  1. Mikeldj

    Constant client freezes when entering battle

    i have the same thing . very random . pretty annoying !
  2. Mikeldj

    Meniu access fails after game update 12.18

    same. nothing is working unless random
  3. Mikeldj

    Calendrier de l'Avent World of Warships

    pareil 403 forbidden !!
  4. ok. so i have to do it again thank you !
  5. Hi again. i made it works but i have one question : is it possible to 'open' a created mod without using rve or rvm files? it seems that the autosave i have are old and i do not have my entire mod in it... maybe by using directly the xml ?? thanks a lot !
  6. hey . i'm going to the wwise download page but it's just impossible to dowload the version needed. if you have the install file . should be great ! than k you !!
  7. Mikeldj

    Deconnections en boucle

    même problème ici . content d'avoir la solution...merci
  8. perso je pensais qu'il y avait des beta test des MaJ ... faut croire que non ....
  9. Mikeldj


    ce qui me fait le plus marrer c'est qu'il n'y a pas si longtemps, dans un bulletin des développeurs, un de ces derniers disait que NON Jamais il n'y aurait des sous-marins dans le jeu ..... WG a du le virer ...je vois que ca... et pour mon avis: ils auraient du le garder ! je sens que je vais retourner sur WoT .....
  10. Mikeldj

    user music game crash

    ok ty but if i have to choose between mod and music, i will take the mods. Game is ugly without them ;)
  11. Mikeldj

    user music game crash

    Hi, just to report that user music is making game crash. Noproblem before checking the option, 2 crashes with the option, no more crash when cut it off ... You have work to do to make it work !
  12. Mikeldj

    shoot in smoke with DD .... bug

    if it's hydro so there's a problem with hydro icon cause in thoses cases "normal" icon were showed, not the hydro ones...
  13. Mikeldj

    shoot in smoke with DD .... bug

    Hi, one report : i have done several games with different DD and i had the same bug : i'm spotted in smoke when shooting in excessive distance. kamikaze : i'm supposed to be spotted at 2.2 km . spotted at 4km akatsuki : 2.6 km -> a bit more then 4km fletcher : 2.7 km -> 4.5 km .... seriously .....fix it ! thanks
  14. Mikeldj

    AA focus Key problem

    Hi, i got an issue: i want to put the "space" key instead of "O" key for the focus of AA. i do it. close the game, come back later and i have to do it again. Each time i lunch the game i have to do it again. Pretty annoying ! Is it an issue or something ? Do someone know how to fix it ?
  15. Bonjour, histoire de pas à avoir besoin de bouger ma main gauche du clavier, je souhaite remplacer la touche "O" du focus de l'AA par la touche "Espace". Pas de problème a priori sauf que je dois le refaire à chaque fois que je lance le jeu, il ne le garde pas en mémoire. BUG ?? et si quelqu'un a une solution, je prends aussi ! merci !