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  1. hi, i want to make a sound mod with some old french comic movies, does someone know where i can find a tuto plz ?? i did it previously with world of tank so if it's not too different i think a can make it :) ty ! bye
  2. Hi, does anyone know where we can download Majorrenagade's historical flag mod ? His tumblr is down and i can't ask him on NA forum... TY !
  3. Mikeldj

    rant ( when *edited* make a devision ) CV topic

    so much stupid answers ......
  4. Mikeldj

    discussion derveur down !?

    Hi, cannot invite friends or find them ... is there a crash or do it come from me ? me teammate have the same trouble ? ty !
  5. Mikeldj

    rant ( when *edited* make a devision ) CV topic

    all cv at tier 9 or 10 are way much too powerfull ... too many planes, indestructibles planes . I have a gearing with full AA option 2 torp squad of a midway come, i'm full hp and then ...i''m dead.... there's just noting you can do ... can't avoid torp (in smoke or not) can't destroy only ONE Plane .... and thta's it . back to port ... ans WG still think this is normal ???? Cv are always first of the team at this rank... and even if you find them the CV go 30 kNO, once he's spotted ... 2squads of torp and good by DD .... really .... just pppffff
  6. Mikeldj

    To many invissible ships

    invisible ship ... ??? but just so lol ...i play a lot of DD and we are not invisible anymore.... HYDRO have ruin this game more the every other stupid things implemented .... you can be at 11 km or in smoke...you're visible for minutes... 2 guys with hydro in ennemy team and nothing can be done, you're visible all the time !
  7. Mikeldj

    Listening to own Music

    No it's just coz that kind of music are small in time. 1 minute or 2.
  8. Mikeldj

    Listening to own Music

    hi, i got an issue with personnal music. i have near 400 mp3 in userMusic but it seems to me that only a few are played... (hard to say cause it's only immediate music, 2 steps from hell, audiomachine ...many sound the same but ...) anyway i'm sure that all are not played as they should be ... anyone got the same ? bye
  9. Mikeldj

    huge fps drop

    so as i supposed, it do not come from me .... another strange WG stuff ..... ty !
  10. Mikeldj

    huge fps drop

    PC. I7 6go ram old graphic card and old PC but ALL the other game including FPS are running just great ....
  11. Mikeldj

    grosse chute FPS

    j'ai un i7 920 6go de ram. ma carte graphique est pas top mais à part ce jeu tout fonctionne nickel .... les FPS genre COD 3 etc bourrinent, j'ai aucun soucis. Il n'y a que ce jeu qui déconne .... en gros je comprends pas ce qui arrive, il n'y a rien de logique ....
  12. Mikeldj

    huge fps drop

    i have just try to reinstall the game : WORSE the before !! i have slowed all the option (all is now slower then it was before my problem) and now i have 10fps ALL THE TIME !!! Seriously : what's wrong with this game ????????
  13. Mikeldj

    huge fps drop

    Hi, since last update, i have huge FPS drop during game. all start well, as usual, 40 pfs so far and suddenly i go to 3 fps during about 1 minute then it goes normal again. and it start again randomly..... and so on ... it the only game in wich i have this problem. a CoD MW3 go well for example ... is there an option that i musn't use or something ? smoke drawing maybe ?? TY. Mikeldj
  14. Mikeldj

    grosse chute FPS

    Salut, depuis la dernière màj, j'ai de grosse chute de fps pendant le jeu. Tout fonctionne bien comme avant pendant plusieurs minutes et d'un coup ca passe à 3 FPS pendant 1 minute puis ca redevient normal et ca recommence. Je précise que c'est le seul jeu qui me fait ca. Un CoD MW3 par exemple tourne sans soucis .... une idée ? une option à décocher ? les limites de fumée peut être ??? @+ et merci Mikeldj edit : je me suis dis "tiens reinstall le jeu, on sait jamais ..." C'est pire qu'avant !!!! maintenant en baissant tous les réglages que j'avais avant, je fais du 10 fps tout le temps !!!!! purée mais c'est quoi ce jeu ??????????
  15. Mikeldj

    [] [MOD] Smoke boundaries

    6 games so far and it seems that it's working quite fine . no crash anymore ...