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  1. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Ships for clan, when you don't own T8

    I share those thougths, but I reckon it will be a noobfest even with that limitation. If you buy a premium, it's no different.
  2. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Ships for clan, when you don't own T8

    Yes, that's the shortest route. There's no other way I guess.
  3. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Ships for clan, when you don't own T8

    Hi guys, I have a couple of friends who don't own a T8 ship yet, and won't own them in the coming two months. Now, with the new missions, you can get a rental acces to the three TX ships, when you play a battle of 8 or higher. Now, I might have missed it, but is there an option to obtain them as well if you don't have a T8> ship? Thanks in advance! Regards, Jacco
  4. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Want, no wait. Need De Ruyter as a premium now WG!

    Would love some Dutch ships!
  5. True, it's not a sim. Or maybe a simple button which gives you the selection of half AP, half HE.
  6. True. Real radar didn't shined through mountains, ingame it does.
  7. Hi there guys, I am running around with a thought about the main battery turrets and guns. Now, you load a kind of ammo for the whole 'ship', for all the turrets the same. But, what if: You are on a whatever kinda boat, and you have 4 turrets, 3 barrels per turret. You can load each turret differently, so A has AP, B has HE, C has AP, D uses HE. Or: You can load each barrel with AP/HE. Outer 2 barrels AP, inner barrel HE. Or whatever. First thing Wargaming will say it will be too difficult for the players, which is understandable. But how many WW1/WW2 era warships/warplanes/tank/#everythingthathastodowithwar fans/enthousiast are playing this game? I'll guess there is also the term 'OP', because you will fire 2 kinds of ammo, if selected.. Let's sign a petition! ~ Jacco
  8. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    This is not really a topic to post such things in Imperator. Try it at the Ships section. And, those guns from the Chapaev are not really tier V..
  9. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Battleships now useless

    Battleships are not useless. But if you are up alone against a cruiser, not to mention DD's, you have to put up quite a fight with it. I am more a cruiser player, I'm having some good games in the Hindenburg, not like a couple of hundred, but still.. And in a cruiser you are a serious threat to a lone battleship. But there is no reason to call a BB useless. That makes no point. Yes, you need some RNG luck, most of the time, in the Iowa, I get '1310', '1310', '1310', and so on. And sometimes an amazing citadel. What Akula is saying up here, that the BB attracts a kind of player, he is right in that. Most battleships have some major historic value, and have acted in some popular movies, so a lot are choosing to grind the Iowa or a Yamato. Not that the other shipclasses have no historic value, but there are a few who are saying: Cool! A Baltimore! Let's unlock that one. I like cruisers more. Can do massive amounts of damage, I'm playing mainly the German line, quite fast and manoeuvrable, and some do pack a nice HP pool. As for the BB's, you can be a distractor, can deal huge damage, but are so vulnerable for fast enemy ships. And fighting >18km away, I don't like it..
  10. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Kirov does it get any better ?

    I'm having more fun in the Budyonny and Shchors, than the Kirov. Not many battles played so far, but still!
  11. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (26-04-2019)

    .05 works perfect for me. Haven't installed .06 yet. What's installed:
  12. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Game crashes with a CTD, howcan?

    Did some rounds, no CTD's now. Also changed my virtual memory value, maybe that's helping too.
  13. Hipper is great to play. I enjoy it, I unlocked the whole tree, and it's more fun than the Roon or Hindi. About pounding BB's, yes, I destroyed a Tirpitz with the Hipper at about 13-15km range, frequently citadelling. And the Amagi was a paper ship battlecruiser design, so 1+1=2. DD's are always a problem. The German high tier ships are not the most nimble ships in it's class...
  14. 203mm_L60_SKC34

    Some interesting info around the world

    A Dutch ship would be great to see, like HNLMS De Ruyter.. A nice Tier 5-6 cruiser? http://www.netherlandsnavy.nl/DeRuyter1.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HNLMS_De_Ruyter_(1935)