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  1. NoobySkooby

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    They could put the Dreadnought at tier 2, then I would buy her, Mikasa needs some company in port.
  2. NoobySkooby

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Lol yes ignorant of everything, lol
  3. NoobySkooby

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Aha, thank you for that very important piece of info, never knew that at all.
  4. NoobySkooby

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Yes it was me and I salute your skill, lol, I did say hi and this the second time now it has not seemingly appeared in chat, maybe thee is something wrong with my settings, if a forumite says hi ingame then that commands great respect. Pleasure to meet you on the high seas, lol All in all not a bad game, and yes knowing you were there I had to say hello, lol, although maybe my performance was the usual nooby shabby mess.
  5. NoobySkooby

    USS Lexington, vs USS Enterprise......

    Lots of grinding to do then except that in tier 10 games CV's are not much fun, well going on my abysmal performance in the Audacious, my one and only T 10, I still do not see why they cal hat thing slightly OP..
  6. NoobySkooby

    Us line CV looks promosing. I smell nerfs incoming

    Ok wel thanks for that, Iwill see how I get on and as soon as the xp requirement is met, I may change it at a later date, but thanks for the info anyway.
  7. NoobySkooby

    When DDs lost stealth fire...

    Sorry i will just have to disagree on that, DD's do what, spot and cap? Well time for change, and I say this as a CV player now, DD's team up or shadow an AA cruiser, and both go cap,or better still use your sneaky DD to actually hunt down the CV, and kill it with torps, or rapid gunfire, it is all about adapting and role swapping. At high tiers, you get an AA cruiser and DD creating a flak bubble,that for sure will keep the CV at bay.
  8. NoobySkooby

    USS Lexington, vs USS Enterprise......

    What is the best CV in game then, just out of interest, I have all the premium ones and it is always a toss u between the kaga, and the big E, both really good ships.
  9. NoobySkooby

    Question about restoring premium ships

    The whole buy back of premiums needs a re vamp, this contact support guff is pure nonsense, you should be able to buy them back immediately just as in WoT's for credits, this seriously needs attention from WoW's right now.
  10. NoobySkooby

    Us line CV looks promosing. I smell nerfs incoming

    Well I have yet to play a game in my shiny new Lexington, fully upgraded it all,and went HVAR rather than TiT, only because I read it on some American forum that they are better, so I roundly expect toe get mauled by our own esteemed forum CV masters, lol, and roundly hated be everyone else, lol. I also had a game in the weekly op with my ranger, before I got her levelled up, and oh boy I had more fun that I could have though, not a bad ship at all.
  11. NoobySkooby

    Thoughts of a former CV player

    You talk with an essence of hate there dude,it is a game, so adapt, cruiser cap while you in your sneaky DD go hunt the CV, not o hard to do, and with a Gearing I am sure one swift torp salvo, and game over for the pesky CV, people say don't hunt the CV, I disagree, and I say that as a Primarily CV layer now.
  12. NoobySkooby

    Which tier do you enjoy playing the most?

    Are you a DD or cruiser player, I have to admit I am primarily a CV player though if I were to play something else, (something I would only be doing now in a division, I would be asking for someone, probably the teams CV to spot the enemy CV, and do all i could especially if I were in a BB with long range guns, to go after the CV as a priority. many say you should not do that but I think with CV game people need to adapt, just my two penneth worth. As a CV player I now expect in all games to get focused.
  13. NoobySkooby

    HMS Indomitable.......

    Can we have any proper clue as to when she will be released, I am expecting her to be pretty underwhelming tbh, but it would have been nice to see her launched alongside the other 4 premium CV's
  14. NoobySkooby

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    I really feel for you, I do, worse thing is that I love my CV's, in fact only play other ships now only in divisions. Oh and remember pigs are cute, lol, at least you did not mention cancer, having watch a close friend die of that, I get a bit uptight about that word,it is after all only a game.
  15. NoobySkooby

    Thoughts of a former CV player

    Not sure how you are meant to brawl in a CV, like arty in WoT's they are long distance support ships, the old RTS gameplay was boring, but alas that is just my humble opinion.