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  1. NoobySkooby

    Hindenburg Floating Citadel ?

    Lol that reminds me of the an Imperial battle cruiser, Darth Vader will be proud
  2. NoobySkooby

    Time for German T10 BB with 48cm Guns :)

    My boss seems to do well in it, mind you he does in everything
  3. NoobySkooby

    Time for German T10 BB with 48cm Guns :)

    Isn't that a cruiser with Bismarck secondaries, I should know having seen it played, but I have slept since then. lol
  4. NoobySkooby

    Time for German T10 BB with 48cm Guns :)

    Why, the Germans are some of the best in game.
  5. NoobySkooby

    So where do real man play at? ☆ (tier)

    Lol, well if WG ever release a premium BB, that can spam like a Neptune/Mino, Seattle/Wooster, or a Smollensk, the can have all my money Actually not very good with the spam, but love keeping on trying
  6. NoobySkooby

    Ark Royal opinion (early)

    Good luck to you and WP. I on the other hand do not enjoy CV's anymore, maybe take some out in a the odd random sometimes in co op, my T 10's I don't even touch.
  7. NoobySkooby

    Toxicity against carriers

    Lol CV players who are beginning to detest CV's are surely just one step below them
  8. NoobySkooby

    Toxicity against carriers

    What is this non punishment you speak off, is your AA turned off, all I see is deathblobs tha i am unable to do anything about, I then go to play other ships which are more relaxing, lol
  9. NoobySkooby

    Toxicity against carriers

    It comes my way when I cannot hit a DD and the team have to kill it, I spot it, if I manage to at all I expect the other team members to do something about it, five minute or more of trying to chase down DD's which i constantly overfly, and I rage sale into the red fleet, slowly but surely my CV fleet are being scrapped, no how many DD players are rejoicing at that news?
  10. NoobySkooby

    Ark Royal opinion (early)

    Did that once in mine, if I got 15k damage I was lucky, t4 planes going up against t8 ships, criminal, ops only now for this abomination, still the camo is nice.
  11. NoobySkooby

    Ark Royal opinion (early)

    In that case then AR clearly needs a buff, not going to happen ofc
  12. NoobySkooby

    So where do real man play at? ☆ (tier)

    Minotaur, Wooster, Yamato (seemingly my new go to ship) Kremlin which is a bit meh art best compared to the GK and Yamato, only tier 10 I have sold is the Hakuru, Midway might follow, somehow leaving a line incomplete for me is just not right go to the top and then please you clan mate by being able to do any battle they so wish to partake in.
  13. NoobySkooby

    So where do real man play at? ☆ (tier)

    Hate tier 7 because of the up-tiering of ships, which is doubly annoying as there are some good ships i there, but the minute I see t 9's in the line up, I just throw my hands up in rage and despair, so for me it is 8 9 and 10.
  14. NoobySkooby

    So, rank t8 ships.

    When does t8 ranked start? Just so many ships to choose from, and ofc CV's, lol
  15. NoobySkooby

    Which premium should i buy??

    Now just for lol's they could include radar, along with smoke, oh my, wouldn't that be a chuckle