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  1. Inappropriate_noob

    New player experience and state of CVs

    So they nerf this premium then, won't expect any refunds anytime soon, would sell mine if it were not for the utterly stupid six month buy back thing.
  2. Inappropriate_noob

    New player experience and state of CVs

    Lol, go buy a kaga and tell me how you like getting your squads swatted in T 10 mm, in my mind it is still firmly a tier 7 ship, as she used to be, some players maybe OP, not sure the ships are.
  3. Inappropriate_noob

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Hmm, no room for potatoes so I will give it a pass, lol
  4. Inappropriate_noob

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    I don't have this ship (a million miles away from it in fact) but probably the day after I get it,if I ever do
  5. Inappropriate_noob

    Weekends are terrible for randoms .

    Omg, are you paid to do this? weekends can't be that bad, had some games in my CV's, undecided yet whether to sell the lot of the, if it were not e for the stupid 6 month buy back thing that WoW's has in lace, they would all be gone, apart from tier 4 they are useless, torps to slow, this on the GZ where you are merely a nuisance to the red team, Lexington and Kaga not much better where BB's a cruises can out run the torps with the greatest of ease, as for the new line release, I have never been so uninterested in one ever before, as for flak being weak, oh no it isn't.
  6. Inappropriate_noob

    What is your reason for potatoing?

    Erm , er, well I am one, the king of potatoes in fact
  7. Inappropriate_noob

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    So they nerf fxp income, and yet want you to spend more money, h,, sounds legit, NOT!
  8. Her secondaries are about the only useful thing, if she is anything to go by then people have nothing to fear from these German CV's, thinking of selling all of mine, get it in a tier 10 mm, just press W and go for a dump, pretty much sums up the GZ.
  9. Inappropriate_noob

    What do you guys think of the hideous new ship screen?

    Well it is hideous and confusing, a coup[e of time I have had to check that I have got the ship unlocked.
  10. Now you know why people like me love the Hosho
  11. It tells me ingame I have done one out of the four directives to get the first container, but have looked and looked, and cannot find said directives?
  12. Inappropriate_noob

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    My Hosho don't miss that much (still the best CV out of all of them)
  13. Inappropriate_noob

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    We could but as WG has gone to the trouble of releasing the new ones, we want to give them a go, although for me the interest is the tier 4 one, , the T8 just seems a copy paste of the GZ, the T6, hmm, does not really interest me although I have to admit, nothing at tier 6 interests me that much, T& seems way better, as for the T10 when it comes, I guess no one knows, and the premium when that comes along again not so sure.
  14. Inappropriate_noob

    August Von Parseval dealing no damages...

    Wow, now that has to be bad, has anyone got the tier 4 CV, seeing a lot of them now in games.
  15. Inappropriate_noob

    How you know when they are just good or cheat ?

    Wonders what the difference is between a pro player and a unicom, or is this the wrong thread for that?