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  1. Inappropriate_noob

    What is happening with PUBLIC TEST

    I got this too just now, uninstalled it all in utter rage
  2. Inappropriate_noob

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    You are so right, just uninstalled it in utter disgust as it would not work, getting less and less inclined to even play the game anymore
  3. Inappropriate_noob

    Seriously, how can BB players be so bad.......😢

    Seems you can do no right in BB's when I play mine I like to push forward, seems the last battle I had people just like in WoT's just want to camp, hence one BB sunk very quickly, sit back and snipe if you have the range, or push and die, difficult choice eh?
  4. Inappropriate_noob

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Test server downloaded, no subs, am I missing something?
  5. Inappropriate_noob

    Submarine Testing

    This seem s like absolutely crazy to me, very slack planning, surely the map development team would have picked up on this, this is just straight up stupid design.
  6. Inappropriate_noob

    Submarine Testing

    Not sure what all the fuss is about now, didn't subs get nerfed to pointlessness just recently, as they cannot stay underwater for too long?
  7. Inappropriate_noob

    So nobody notice problem with FLAGS?

    Never noticed anything to be honest, this is an eye opener.
  8. Inappropriate_noob

    Not a happy bunny...

    Done the check and repair thing again, looked in the folder, the above files you mention don't appear to be there, yet I have just had two games in co op, one with the Hermlin, the other with the GK, I am wondering if the ingame setting might be to high.
  9. Inappropriate_noob

    Not a happy bunny...

    Still getting in the task manager game is running like 4 times, this is a head scratcher?
  10. Inappropriate_noob

    Not a happy bunny...

    I have done that many a time, even started running the game in safe mode, doing the check thing now, if I still have a problem then I am stumped
  11. Inappropriate_noob

    Not a happy bunny...

    Just had to uninstall the entire game, I don't know what the hell is going on but if I open up the game the game centre is running like 4 times over the game itself according to the task manager is running anywhere from two times to 4 times over, everytime I clicked battle, I was booted out the game. Going for a re install later
  12. Inappropriate_noob


    Maybe I am missing something with the Lenin and all the love he gets, but with the advent of a plethora of other BB's many with awesome stand alone range or with spotter plane, mine never lasts long, been some time since I played him mind you, it certainly would not be my first pick of ships in the harbour.
  13. Inappropriate_noob

    free commander respec on bbs

    Trust me to inappropriately miss all of that, too much concentration on naval battles, lol
  14. Inappropriate_noob

    free commander respec on bbs

    Just logged in now and my commanders on the BB's looked at all have to be reset, when did this happen and why?
  15. Inappropriate_noob

    Epicentar: Love or Hate?

    I hate this map with a passion, WoW's should take a leaf out o WoT's book and give us the option to block a map or two.