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  1. Hopeless_Guppy

    General Submarines related discussions

    Oh my oh my, been away for some time, and still premium subs in the game, so when can we buy subs in the store?
  2. Hopeless_Guppy

    Schnellboot S-100

    I always loved the look of them, but adding these, would that not be like the EBR effect in WoT's?
  3. Hopeless_Guppy

    My feedback and improvement idea's on submarines

    Oh I disagree depth charges always do a ton of damage to me
  4. Hopeless_Guppy

    Nice T10 matchmaking for the DD's

    This maybe a bit off topic but some high tier games I have seen tier 7's in tier 10 games, is this anew feature of fail divisions?
  5. Hopeless_Guppy

    A very weird effect.....

    When in full screen, the in game colours are a faded blue and green, now some little voice inside my mind tell me this is something to do with something in my PC dying a horrible death. Yet when I go to windowed screen, in game colours are back to normal, also tonight I found my PC to really be running hot, yet I a running most of my setting s on medium, Antialiasing TX AA is off, AMD FSR is off and game Browser software acceleration is off. Now I admit I have no idea what most of these things do but the colour thing is recent as in like the past couple of days. I would have posted in the technical bit but I couldn't seem to start a new topic there, so sorry to bother you chaps, you all seem to know far more than me which to be fair is not that hard, lol
  6. Hopeless_Guppy

    Epicentre needs to go.

    Just had a very quick game on epicentre no one I think wanted to play it so the red team got it real easy
  7. Hopeless_Guppy

    Is something going on with the server?

    Ok thanks, I will do that
  8. Logged in, booted out 3 times in less than 10 minutes, control alt deleted after the third attempt, this is getting commonplace now
  9. Hopeless_Guppy

    General Submarines related discussions

    I guess you are right, if the sub is stationary when pinging or turning or even sailing backwards, who knows really until they bring it in?
  10. Hopeless_Guppy

    Poll about Cv spotting.

    Exactly this
  11. Hopeless_Guppy

    What ships you play lately?

    Whatever takes my fancy really, 'cough, cough' subs and CV's (don't worry folks I am lousy in both Sometimes have a run of cruisers and DD's though, and finally some Long distance BB's.
  12. Hopeless_Guppy

    General Submarines related discussions

    Do you think all this greifing about subs reaches WG? I mean didn't they just announce the ping will now give away the subs location, is that a substantial nerf after all tha pages telling them wha twe think it is hardly surprising now they bring out the nerf hammer.
  13. Hopeless_Guppy

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.4

    A possible balance to that would be to allow the subs to recharge their batteries whilst at periscope depth, bt no surprises tha they will nerf the subs, maybe the many pages of hate for subs has filtered through, who knows?
  14. Hopeless_Guppy

    Walk the Port: London

    How do you work that out, checked on Google earth and it is on the North side, having lived there in my time (London, not the tower) I am glad it hasn't moved On the south bank and to the right slightly if you were looking from the Tower is HMS Belfast, shockingly in my time down there I never went aboard, please correct me if I am wrong. On another note WG may have many faults but their art department carries the company.
  15. Not sure about he ping but I am getting disconnect after disconnect, making the game totally unplayable.