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  1. Uygar95

    bulusma toktası olabilir

    semm haklı, 15 saat çok be. Kendinize yazık, o kadar oynanacak bir oyunda değil.
  2. Uygar95

    HMS Bounty

    This ship is awesome. My father built this ships model and its in our house at the moment. Last time i saw we have her photos but i lost and i found them. And there is the some of them. Hope you enjoy. RESPECT THE OLD SHIPS!
  3. "There must be a land of this damn whole sea!" "Lets name it Ocean"

  4. Okay firstly i didn't find the right place to post this but i see here is the best place to do that or there is the suggestion. Open sub-forum for historical naval wars. So there is the naval operations for Dardanelles campaign during the WWII. You don't have to read all of them if you dont want to. Just please take some info about that. http://en.wikipedia....nelles_Campaign Belligerents: British Empire Australia New Zealand United Kingdom France Russia - Ottoman Empire Germany Commanders and leaders: Sackville Carden John de Robeck Émile Guépratte - Otto Liman von Sanders Fuad Pasha Cevat Çobanlı Cihan Çildan Pasha Pasha Strength: 31 battleships 3 battlecruisers 24 cruisers 25 destroyers 8 monitors 14 submarines 50+ transports - Various mines and forts; otherwise unknown Casualties and losses: 6 battleships sunk 3 battleships damaged 1 battlecruiser damaged 1 destroyer sunk 8 submarines lost 700 killed (ship crews on March 18) - 2 battleships 1 minelayer 40 killed 78 wounded (land crews on March 18) PS: Well guys plus this is only naval side of this war. Dardanelles Campaing was continued 2 years and there were really really a lot of lives dead. A lot of families are cried. So, war must be only in games. not in real...