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  1. RaptorWildfire

    Game started to suck

    ah, gotta love the human spirit :) I know what RNG is lol, but dealing same amount of damage or similar the entire match is kind of a showstopper. shall I add that putting an arkansas (which has no AA at all) in a match with two CVs in each team is pretty funny? there you go.
  2. RaptorWildfire

    Game started to suck

    Dear, WG, how do you feel about your game if you shoot a 12 salvo ARKANSAS in a PERFECTLY SITTING DANAE from 8 km and you get 830 damage? What? Louder, please, I can't hear what's your excuse. Oh, and I believe after <5000 games I do know how to aim.
  3. RaptorWildfire

    King of the Sea - Prediction Winners

    hello, anyone?...
  4. RaptorWildfire

    King of the Sea - Prediction Winners

    I didn't get the email yet
  5. RaptorWildfire

    Looking for Team!

    Hello, I would like to play if some team is short in players. Playing alone I am average player, but I perform better as a team with a clear tactic. I am disciplined, but I can also be stealth. I speak 6 languages, but English or French will do the job. I own many T8 ships, but not Kutuzov. In need I can buy some. My competitive experience in Wows is rather short, one season in Kots 3 and all Ranked seasons. I am available mostly during the evening time (starting 19:00 CET) and In the weekends.
  6. RaptorWildfire

    Edinburgh - decreased concealment?

    Hello, I remember decreasing my ship's concealment down to 8.8 km with all the modules, perks + camo. Now I find it to be 9 km. Has anyone else noticed that?
  7. RaptorWildfire

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    reached rank 9, then in one hour back to 12, now I am struggling for 4 days between 11 and 10.. feedback? lol
  8. RaptorWildfire


    Was 10, not stuck at 12 for two days again. Frustration is what WG gets out of us. Something is not right with this game mode, I just can't figure out what.
  9. RaptorWildfire


    26 games played so far, still at Rank 15. I have no words to describe the feeling I have right now for this idiot system.
  10. I've had better stats than now, but don't care. Need me, let me know.
  11. RaptorWildfire

    [BOLD] Bucharest Old Boys

  12. RaptorWildfire

    Romania players only

    BOLD, Bucharest Old Boys, pt un grup prietenos si fun
  13. RaptorWildfire

    [BOLD] Bucharest Old Boys

  14. RaptorWildfire

    Missouri - Worth it?

    I would only get Missouri for historical reasons. Otherwise, it sinks just like any other ship.
  15. RaptorWildfire

    [BOLD] Bucharest Old Boys