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  1. Gizmoduck

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    The concept is Flawed, its a Team game made of solo players forced together and relient on each other. If it was ranks based on the points/damage/rating the individual scored in each game it would work or if it was pre made teams/clans this format wold work. the mix we have is just doomed to cause heartache, simple as!
  2. Gizmoduck

    Cyclone Additional Notifications

    I really like the Cyclone effect, but making them to predictable, especially the end of them will remove the fun factor and the benifits to the game. Oh and im NOT a supertester in any way i am on the EU server..just saying
  3. Gizmoduck

    German Starting Battleship (Proposal)

    Sister ships like Tirpitz/Bismarck I always thought they were battlecruisers or Armoured cruisers though. 11 inch guns at tier 7?
  4. Gizmoduck

    World of Warships background

    Nice work,
  5. Gizmoduck

    USS Monitor

    Nice post, like the history
  6. Gizmoduck

    Last of the Greyhounds - HMS Cavalier

    Nice post, on my list to visit!
  7. Gizmoduck

    HMS Belfast WW2 Cruiser

    Been a favorite since I went on her as a kid..nice write-up +1
  8. Interesting read, paddlesteamer carrier is another new one on me
  9. Gizmoduck

    Battle of Preveza

    Nice post, liking the history
  10. Gizmoduck

    Animated Gun Turret

    Very nice find, interesting stuff
  11. Gizmoduck

    Battleship on a truck

    That's really impressive.. Nice find
  12. Gizmoduck

    USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000)

    Very futuristic looking but would seem to be a white elephant in terms of bang per buck.. Nice write up
  13. Gizmoduck

    Admiral Hipper

    Nice post
  14. Gizmoduck

    The Best Destroyers of World War II

    Very nice post, I learnt something new once again, cheers :Smile_teethhappy:
  15. Gizmoduck

    Belgrade-Class Destroyer

    Another good read, learning about navy's other than royal,us or is cool