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  1. Totally unplayable!!! guns firing short ships that won't turn deadly gunfire turrets blown off engines hit 3 or 4 times in a row. Ships that weren't accurate are now deadly. Useless ping makes it almost impossible to play light ships. Horror now I'm scared of a st Louis in my DD What happened the closed beta was fine. I quit for a while until they fix it. Only problem is I payed money for this.
  2. Shipwreck50

    another day of ping and fps jumps

    Also have shells dropping short even though the target is well within range. My Kuma has a gun range of 12.4km I cannot get any further than 8.5km
  3. Shipwreck50

    another day of ping and fps jumps

    Ping has double since update it was bad a few days leading up to the update now it is just a bad ping all the time.
  4. Shipwreck50

    Lag, FPS drops and sound stuttering

    Ping has doubled for me since change
  5. Shipwreck50

    Increased Latency

    I would agree really bad double what it was before
  6. Shipwreck50

    Engine crits .... really .....

    Its called feed back that's why you beta test
  7. Shipwreck50

    Engine crits .... really .....

    I never got past tier 6 and it is happening in tier 4 now so I don't think its that.
  8. Shipwreck50

    Engine crits .... really .....

    I get it in Cruisers as well and rudder damage. I have played these ships all in Closed beta and it didn't happen so why make it happen now?
  9. Shipwreck50

    Rudder - made in china?

    Don't know whats happened since closed beta but I keep having my engines knocked out in my destroyers or the rudder gets jamed . Didn't have this problem in closed beta and I'm playing the same ships.
  10. Shipwreck50

    4000 players online and cant get into a battle

    How can they start open beta if we cannot get into battle on closed beta and meanwhile I have premium days going by without being able to use them or the play has so much lag I cannot play. Sort it our Wargaming!!!!!