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  1. Schturminator

    Looking for clan

    Thanks all, but I have accepted a slot with another clan, happy sailing and fair seas to all
  2. Schturminator

    Looking for clan

    Hello My ingame name is Schturminator. The last clan to throw a random clan invite at me was a German clan, I am not German even though my ingame name may sound or look like it. I am British. I only speak English, although I am able to speak Total Gibberish also. I seek a english (main language) speaking clan, that currently participates in Clan War activities. I am not interested in any clans that only participate in divisions or operations with no Clan War activity I am not interested in efficiency clans who expect a specific win rate % or other statistics, I play this game for fun, its not a lifestyle. Currently 50% WR at time of this posting. I currently have a Shimakaze with 19pt captain and a Des Moines with a 16pt captain. I prefer DD but happy to play CR At T9 in Harugumo and Moskva lines (Kitakaze with 16pt captain, Dm Donskoi with 15pt captain) Currently able to do any night except Sundays Prefer Discord but able to use TS3 Please contact me ingame, I rarely visit the forums. Please don't send a random clan invite without speaking to me, its rude and presumptuous Thanks for reading